Our community service projects fall into one of two basic catagories - work details or donations.

Work details include such projects as street cleaning in our local 'downtown' areas, providing free vision screenings (school children & adults), reworking an elderly neighbor's garden, publishing area street maps (for free), or telling the stories of freedom while distributing American flags to our first graders.

Donations include our annual scholarships to deserving high school students, funding eye exams and glasses to our school children, providing needed goods during the community Needy Family Drive, and supporting area youth in their musical and athletic endeavors.

To support our financial contributions, we work a number of fund raisers like golf tournaments, contracting with the County Fair to man the demolition derby, sales of any number of goods (trash bags, Big Ten Books, etc.), and, beginning in 2004, operating the annual township Street Fair - an event that doubles as a community service project (having been part of the community's summer tradition since the 1970's) and a fund raiser for other club projects.

Some projects we undertake are simply too big for our club to manage alone, so we participate in projects with other Lions clubs, at district, state and international levels.

Internationally, projects such as Sight First work to restore precious vision to underserved peoples around the globe, Youth Exchange allows tomorrow's leaders to experience other cultures today, diabetes programs, vision, hearing, speech programs, and an International Foundation to help fund these and many other global service projects. (visit the Lions International site for a comprehensive review)

Here in Indiana, the clubs in our state have joined together to purchase unique and cutting edge cancer treatment equipment housed at the IU Med Center - equipment that is so unique, people come from all over the country to receive treatments only we can provide. Just one example of our many statewide projects. (links to some of the Indiana Lion Project sites: Cancer Control, Eye & Tissue Bank, Leader Dog, Speech & Hearing)

And the clubs in our corner of Indiana, district 25 F, have banded together to build and operate a permanent camping facility, Camp Woodsmoke. Just so happens, ours is the only district in the world of Lions to operate such a camp.

Started as a facility for handicapped youth in the 1960's, it has grown to include picnic shelters, full service cabins, showers, dining hall, playground with accessible equipment, paved trails (for wheelchairs) into the wooded grounds surrounding the camp, a chapel, and accessible outdoor ampitheather. Our club even 'owns' a cabin there - ours to remodel and maintain with our labor and project moneys.

Having worked a number of projects in our 35 year history - like providing bleachers at football fields, basketball courts at a local park, snowmobiles to the local fire departments for winter emergencies, and many others - we're always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you have one, please feel free to let us know.

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