b'Field Advocate NetworkComprised of over 34,000 volunteers, AFSPs Field Advocates make a difference for suicide prevention and mental health across the country.With support from the Public Policy Office, advocates are guided in howto educate and build relationships with public officials at all levels of government to shape new laws and policies that can prevent suicide. Advocates contact their public officials on legislation that needs support through the online AFSP Action Center. Field Ambassador NetworkThe Field Ambassador network is made up of AFSP chapter Advocacy/Public Policy Committee members who serve as local liaisons between AFSP and public officials at all levels of government. Policy WebinarsPublic Policy webinars help AFSP advocates, staff, and the general public learn the basics of advocacy and public policy, gain a better understandingof AFSPs public policy priorities, and learn advocacy best-practices from policy and other subject matter experts. Webinars are recorded and available online for viewing and sharing. Learn more at afsp.org/advocacy.3 FY 2022 | Program Priorities'