b'The U.S. Department of Veteran AffairsCorrections Systems AFSP is working together with VA Suicide Prevention Coordinators aroundthe country to educate communities about firearms and suicide prevention. National Commission on Correctional Health Care In partnership with the National Commission on Correctional Health Care Healthcare Systems(NCCHC), AFSP created an authoritative guide to preventing inmate suicidein jails and prisons. The guide provides a road map for navigating the SafeSide Prevention Primary Carecomplexities of suicide prevention behind barsand can help save livesSafeSide Prevention Primary Care is a video-based suicide prevention trainingby identifying suicide risk assessment principles, approaches to intervention for primary health providers. Created by SafeSide Preventions founder, and treatment, a training curriculum guide, real-life case studies, and facility Dr. Tony Pisani, it involves expert instruction combined with skill demonstrations design considerations.to teach clear, practical actions that physicians can take when a patient maybe at risk for suicide.Talk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention in theCorrectional EnvironmentEmergency DepartmentsTalk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention in the Correctional Environment is an introduction to suicide prevention for corrections staff.ICAR2E: A Tool for Emergency Physicians for Suicide Prevention This module includes information about what corrections staff can do to createin Emergency Departmentsa safer environment for people in custody, as well as content that corrections In collaboration with the American College of Emergency Physicians, AFSPstaff can use to better understand the resources that are available to help themdeveloped ICAR2E: a freely available, online, rapid-use tool for treatingtake care of their own mental health. Planned launch: Fall 2021.patients at risk for suicide in the emergency department. The tool is structuredas a set of guidelines, informed by the latest science, with clear steps to help prevent suicide among patients. The tool also links to additional resources for emergency department providers to use such as safety planning, lethal means counseling, and other follow-up materials.27 FY 2022 | Program Priorities FY 2022 | Program Priorities 28'