b'Stronger Communities: LGBTQ Suicide Preventionand/or suicidal ideation. The audience for this program is loved ones and Stronger Communities: LGBTQ Suicide Prevention is a full-day conferencesupporters of those with lived experience. Available virtually. sponsored by a local chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Physician and Medical Student Depression andThe goal is to raise awareness about LGBTQ suicide risk, bring research findings to the attention of professionals and the public, and explore strategiesSuicide Prevention for LGBTQ suicide prevention in local communities.Featuring a guide, slide set, and two films, Struggling in Silence and Out ofthe Silence, this program addresses the high suicide rate among doctors andFinding Hope: Guidance for Supporting Those At Riskmedical students, and encourages greater self-care and mental health practices. Finding Hope: Guidance for Supporting Those At Risk is a 90-minute presentationthat provides practical information for those supporting someone with livedEnhancing Mental Health During COVID-19 experience, i.e. those who have experienced a prior suicide attempt and/or Enhancing Mental Health During COVID-19 is a 45-60 minute presentationsuicidal ideation. The presentation includes information and resourcesthat includes a personalized introduction to AFSP as an organization, andregarding the process of recovery after a suicide attempt; recognizingdiscusses the potential impact a local AFSP chapter can have on its communitywarning signs; crisis response; how to help support someones treatment;through virtual education, loss and healing, advocacy and other programs, andplanning for safety; and self-care. The audience for this program is loved physically safe AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk events. The presentation also ones and supporters of those with lived experience.includes strategies for protecting mental health, practical self-care tips, and helpful resources. This presentation is available in Spanish. Available virtually.Introduction to Supporting Those At RiskLearn more at afsp.org/education.Introduction to Supporting Those At Risk is a 60-minute presentation that provides information and resources on how to support someone in your life with lived experience, i.e. those who have experienced a prior suicide attempt 23 FY 2022 | Program Priorities FY 2022 | Program Priorities 24'