b'INTERACTIVEThe Interactive Screening Program (ISP) connects individuals to mental health services before crises emerge. SCREENINGISP is a web-based program utilized by mental health services at institutions PROGRAM of higher education, including medical and professional degree schools, hospitals and health systems, law enforcement agencies, and organizations and workplaces through their Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). AFSP partners with organizations and institutions to provide a customized program website/platform, which offers an anonymous way for individuals to take a brief screening for stress, depression, and other mental health concerns, and receive a personal response from a program counselor with the mental health services available to them. Individuals can safely communicate with the program counselor to ask questions, and receive recommendations and support for connecting to available resources and services. Listed in the Best Practice Registry for Suicide Prevention and the AccreditationCouncil for Graduate Medical Educations (ACGME) Tools and Resources for Physician Well-Being, ISP is connecting thousands of people to help they would not have sought otherwise. Learn more at afsp.org/isp.FY 2022 | Program Priorities 10'