b'to empower teens and young adults (ages 16-24) to reach out and connect with their friends about mental health, particularly those who may be struggling or are at risk of suicide.Through the campaign webpage, teens and young adults learn how to have conversations about mental health, recognize the warning signs for suicide andstay connected with each other. Social shareables, influencer videos and otherdigital tools that encourage conversation are available for download on thewebpage, and campaign materials can also be purchased through the AFSP store.Explore the campaign webpage at SeizeTheAwkward.org.#RealConvo #RealConvo is a public service campaign with a focus on encouraging a general audience to have a conversation about mental health, with guidance for how to do so through the #RealConvo Guides. The #RealConvo Guides provide tips for engaging in an honest conversation and offer insight into whattalking about mental health might actually look like through example dialogues.In addition to the guides, graphics, animated videos and other resources areavailable for download and sharing to encourage conversation and connectionon social media. Explore the campaign webpage at afsp.org/RealConvo.7 FY 2022 | Program Priorities'