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Finally installed it, had to download source SDK 2006 and Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, now every time i start the game a "could not load library client" message appears.
Now that I've got that worked out, every time I launch it I just get to see the loading screen then it immediately crashes to desktop. We can’t seem to get enough of zombies, so here are the top ten best Zombie games for Android. Top 10 Android Apps You Need to Know AboutHere's 10 great Android apps you need to know about.
Top 10 Android Puzzle Games of June 2013Here are Android puzzle games you will get addicted to. Top 10 Android Arcade Games of June 2013Here are 10 of the best arcade games on Android for June 2013. Top 10 Android Action Games of June 2013Looking for some new games to play on your Android device? Top 10 Battery Saving Apps for Android Phones and TabletsHere's ten easy to use apps that will improve battery life on your Android phone or tablet. Top 10 Best Weather Apps for AndroidHere's a list of our favorite weather apps from the Google Play Store.
Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Apps for AndroidHere's a list of the best cloud storage apps for Android. Anyone familiar with DayZ will be familiar with the concept, an open-world game which has been plagued by zombies as you struggle to survive against the undead, the elements and of course other players.
In a recent forum post, the developer, Mixxit, outlined the upcoming changes he wishes to implement into the game. As I stated above, vehicles do need work, but they will also attention with the physics being improved as well as a repair system being added. Once the above features are in the game, then I feel Survivor FPS will really begin to take shape and will attract more and more players. If you wish to  follow the project, you can head over to the official website of Survivor FPS here.
I have always been an avid gamer and have combined my passion with my love for writing, hoping to be able to share my views and opinions to the world! Looks great, however I haven’t gotten the chance to play it, what kind of vehicles are in the game? Most of these are sketches to explore the visual style and universe we're trying to bring to life. Like I mentioned earlier, we are going to be moving forward very rapidly in the near future. From turn-based planning to fast-paced tower defense, here are our top 10 best strategy games for Android.

Your town has been infected by a virus and the town’s people have an appetite for brains. That is what Survivor FPS brings to the table and it is still very much a work in progress so there are of course features which are yet to be added, but that is why I love these kind of projects. Sure it is no masterpiece, but for a game still in Alpha and made by just one person, it is very impressive.
They do need some improvements and tweaking, but the foundation is there and will no doubt play a major role in what the game will be.
As you would expect, the survival aspect of the game was the top priority, with food and drink, as well as sneaking, Blood loss and Infection being added to the game in the upcoming weeks. Mixxit wishes to add Base-building into the game at this point, allowing us survivors to create our own bases out in the world. If however you want to get right behind a project which aims to deliver what you want to see in a zombie survival game, then I suggest getting right behind this project.
You get access to the current build of the game as well as all future updates and the full release. I bought this game when it was released on indiedb and it gets better and better after every update, i’m really looking forward to the final product!
I have yet to play a zombie game with a really good set of vehicles, really it’s just been limited to cars and the occasional helicopter. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.
Ammunition is limited, so players need to invent crafty ways to survive with what they have.
Special power-ups help with earning points, but be careful not to injure the kids from the neighborhood, as it will lower your score. Navigate obstacles including five-car pileups and the occasional road block, while trying to shoot down zombies.
Players need to use strategy to destroy Zombies’ buildings in which innocent girls are being kept hostage. Zombie Terminator has a primary adventure mode, but it also contains a side-game of slots that offers players free spins everyday.
Players join a group of survivors seeking shelter, and must invent new ways to fend off the zombie attacks.
Players become a courageous zombie killer, and use machine guns and rocket launchers to protect the town.
There is a day and night cycle currently in the game as well as the addition of the flashlight to help you find your way through Killika island. If all goes to plan, we could also see a resource farming system to maintain your own settlements food supplies, build defensive turrets, maintain walls and research vaccines and medical supplies.

Anyone playing the game at the moment will see there are bugs and issues, but remember this is alpha.
I have seen so many projects get funded on sites such as Kickstarter, so if you love making games like this happen, I’m sure Survivor FPS would really appreciate your purchase! My favourite genres are RPG's and Strategy games, as well as Shooters and Sports games such as FIFA. I still can’t believe it is one person who is making the game, but I can’t wait for future updates, especially the map editor! We will be updating here and our Facebook page with more concept art, and updating twitter when we have important news. The goal of the game is to launch bombs at as many buildings possible without hurting the hostages.
Boss battles give gamers a slew of achievements and rewards, while numerous different killing models can be chosen as you progress through the levels. Call of Mini: Zombie has high quality game play with a co-op mode and option to play with others.
I haven’t messed around with this yet, but it is possible to play with friends from what I have heard. This in turn would lead to easy inventory management and the ability to jump in and out of the game without starting in a new location. He takes on board every bit of praise and criticism to help improve the game and take it to the next level. Story mode, survival mode, and time mode will offer different playing experiences that will have players coming back for more.
Did I mention that he also wishes to include a map-editor to allow us total freedom to make our own maps to play on? This project isn’t a gimmick either as it is ranked 132 out of 9923 games on IndieDB currently for popularity.
The wide range of devils and monsters will seek to destroy, but step up as your the last line of defense before humanity falls.
Intuitive controls and high-quality 3D visuals will make this an adrenaline fueled adventure. You won’t spend ages wondering through forests hoping you will eventually come across a small village.

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