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Actually if zombie apocalypse were to happen most of us would wuss out and die because of it.
The escape hatch is covered by earth with a remote detonated explosive in it to blow the earth away from the bulhead which is opened on the inside, to get down the tunnel there is a slip ';n' slide, so no zombies can get back up.
The people actively preparing for a zombie outbreak do not have the right physical capabilities to survive. Anyone who has the ability to take action, has the responsability to take action.- paraphrased from the Declaration of Independance. An express elevator is usable between every floor, If the elevator breaks, a manual pulley system can easily replace it by simply moving the elevator into an underground shaft and releasing the pulley that had been tied at the very top. The air lock is made of solid steel with no ventilation other than a small vent which can easily be sealed and unsealed.
This floor is an attempt to contain any infected people that may have slipped if the sentry guns fail or the monitor accidentally lets a zombie in.
This floor is made to prevent some survivors from reaching insanity by allowing them to access a variety of games and taped programming.
This floor is an attempt to contain any infected people that may have slipped if the sentry guns fail or the monitor accidentally lets a zombie in.You should upgrade it to a level 3 sentry.

Also the fact that it has so many tunnels means it would take a while for the air to ventilate.
The only way to escape zombies is to either go underground, go to the ocean, or be nomadic.
A monitor watches this room at all times and has complete control of who is let in and who is killed by the carbon monoxide. This floor is heavily monitored by a surveillance room in the armory for signs of infection, if an infected being appears there, the survivors are to take full responsibility to seal off the room and kill the infected. If an addiction is built here, the person will be sent to the living quarters until they break their addiction. This room is crucial in protecting the armory, food supplies, wounded survivors, and any chance of communication with the outside world. There is also a bathroom with working plumbing, so that survivors won't have to take an elevator to the bathroom in order to use the bathroom. Tower that contains a HAM radio, a computer, a satellite dish, and a miniature broadcasting tower, for any means of contacting possible help. Every human who enters the air lock must strip down and show every single part of their body to make sure that there is no sign of infection.

This room also contains an air lock monitoring room, where a selected monitor does what is described under "AIR LOCK". The sniper rifles are relied heavily upon on the sixth floor, and the shotguns are relied upon in the lower floors. There are also two vents on the roof that can be used for air supply and transportation, where survivors can attempt to snipe a zombie that tries to enter. If an infected human or a zombie is found in the air lock, the monitor will seal off his vent and release carbon monoxide into the room, killing whatever is inside. If this room is taken by zombies, the entire building will not accept any more survivors until the breach has been taken care of. The food supplies include a storage room fully stocked with army rations, the supplies in this room should last out a few months, but eventually, a small group of survivors will be forced to search for more food, or attempt to purify the zombie meat. Just fill out this offical Zombie Survival Sheet (Note: I did not make this) and share with us all with your Sure-To-Fail Zombie Survival plan!

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