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It’s good to know that the people who handle deadly infections that can kill the entire human race have a good sense of humor…or is it? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is located in Atlanta, GA and is a Federal agency of the United States government. The TechAdvocate Solutions (TAS) full Website Service provides a complete end-to-end solution for website development, hosting, maintenance, and expansion options. Sure, the world is fine right now, but should a zombie outbreak occur, you can break out this handy kit and be prepared to defend yourself.
You get a SOG Tactical Tomahawk, Zombie crime scene tape, dissolving hand soap sheets, a collapsible shot glass, zombie jerky and more. In our line of business we meet a lot of people.  Some are public servants trying to conduct the people’s business, some are professionals, and some are folks like you and I just trying to make a living in a complicated world.
I recently was sent a blog by a friend about preparing your vehicle for the coming Zombie Apocalypse. For this reason is important that you take some time to prepare this critical piece of equipment so that it can save your life if necessary. If you don’t lift the truck and get some nitro or hydro shocks with a lift, we still recommend new shocks.
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14 function Leatherman style pocket tool for those times when you need more than a pocket knife.
The most important piece of equipment you have during an emergency is you home.  However, if it becomes necessary to abandon you home then your vehicle becomes your lifeboat. However, it does not have to mean impending doom – as long as you are prepared, that is. Since we all know most zombies cannot climb, having your truck high in the air is a definite advantage. You need to make sure that your vehicle is ready for more than the occasional trip off road.

By installing a sway bar you are reducing body roll and increasing your control when turning. You can not only line the bed, but, liner can be used on the entire vehicle to add an extra layer of protection. I know most people have already run out and started a zombie survival kit with food, clothes, weapons and first aid. Since most of the roadways will be blocked by the cars the zombies left behind when they turned,you will need a quick escape route. It will drastically improve your cornering, allowing for more speed on those windy roads while escaping.
Bed liner will prevent the vehicle from rusting, as well as give your zombie fighting vehicle a dark armored look. You should also watch a ton of zombie shows and movies, especially since they are not hard to come by these days.
You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency. Guess Who Won?Superman has faced many powerful foes in his fight for truth, justice, and the American way. Just be careful not to overlook preparing your vehicle; it just could be the key tool in escaping with your life.
You can utilize your old springs by creating weapons such as daggers, knives and axes that you can use in battle against zombies.
Sway bars will vastly improve the way your vehicle handles, especially the big wig series by Hellwig. You can increase the rough texture while applying the liner; this should especially be done in the bed to help prevent your ammo and supplies from sliding around when you’re driving on the rocky, unkempt post-apocalyptic roads. Another use for your retired springs is to create a crossbow which is the perfect defense against zombies. Not only will you be grateful for this particular installation while on the run, you will now be able to use your truck to lure the zombies to their death with tactful driving and traps as your survival guides taught you..

Bed liner will also come in handy for preventing zombie juice from seeping into your vehicle when you gather up their decomposing bodies for disposal after you slay them (burning would be the best approach).
Although designed for the Zombie Apocalypse, this kit also contains the essentials items for any other disaster like hurricanes, earthquakes, and alien invasion.
The crossbow is Daryl Dixon’s weapon of choice on The Walking Dead, and there are several reasons why. This type of sway control will allow you to take those sharp corners with less of a chance of tipping as well.
Also, make sure you get a lot of exercise; you don’t want to lose to a zombie because you run out of breath.
Once your truck is hooked up and ready to go, it will be able to help you in many ways including defense, offense and escape.
For starters it is quiet and won’t attract more zombies, you can reuse your ammo, but best of all it is accurate. Since zombies don’t have the best coordination, navigating through mud, woods or rocky terrain will be hard for them. No one wants to be in an upside-down Jeep when the walking dead are impeding closely behind. These are all contributing factors that make the crossbow an ideal defense in this type of situation. Once you have your lift kit in place, and your weapons fashioned from the spare parts, you are ready to run.
There will be no need to worry about anything in your way; your lift will give you the ability to ram right through it.
Just run them over, it may not kill them but it will cause enough damage to delay the attack while you get away; not to mention it will make for a pretty bad ass escape.

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