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Zombies are everywhere but in real life, taking over our TV screens, comic books and crawling the web.
A survey technology company called Qualtrics put that question to the test with a zombie-themed survey. In order to bring fantasy into a reality, the questions ranged from your response to an infected loved one, to your preferred zombie-fighting tool.
This funny Zombie killers t-shirt features all the information you will ever need to survive a zombie invasion.
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Everything is a weaponThis principle comes to the fore in Capcom's Dead Rising series on PlayStation 3. Run!If things get too tough and you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of zombies, don't be afraid to turn on your heel and hightail it out of there. Scavenge When the zombie apocalypse explodes onto your PlayStation 3, supplies are going to be limited so be sure to search every nook and cranny in an environment. The kit should also be stocked with medications, duct tape, a battery-powered radio, clothes, copies of important documents and first-aid supplies, take note. Unsurprisingly, the blog post was a hit in the Twittersphere when news of its publication spread, with the site containing the guide crashing under the pressure of the hits.

We always joke about an apocalypse, but never really get down to the bottom of this faux-nomenon — if zombies were real, how long would you last?
Participants were quizzed to calculate how long you would last in a zombie apocalypse, and then use that data to compare your score with everyone else's. Of course, it's very hard to figure out exactly what you would do in a certain situation that you have never been in. Mashable created this infographic to share some of the fascinating data that came out of the survey.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Whether it's a hammer, stuffed toy or a daft foam finger, it doesn't matter - everything is a potential zombie killer. Just be sure to grab yourself a set of wheels and ram right into those marauding flesh eaters to take as many of them down as you can in one go. You'll always find plenty of cash lying around that can be used to purchase new weapons at merchant locations, as well as ammo, medical supplies and maybe even new weapons.
In both Resident Evil 4 HD and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition on PlayStation 3, you can upgrade all of your firepower to include faster reload times, bigger ammo clips and more devastating rounds. That's why it's best to call on a friend during these blood-curdling times and embark on a mission to rid the world of zombies together. And don't forget, even the most unlikely items can be combined to create amazing weaponry.

Sometimes the odds are stacked against you and you'll have to revisit an area later on in the game when you've managed to get your hands on a better weapon - like a bazooka. In Dead Rising 2, the only way to cut through the undead on wheels and in style is with a ride-on lawnmower. In Dead Nation, you can attach laser sights for pinpoint accuracy with your shots, while in Dead Island you can transform a standard meat cleaver into a - well - sharper meat cleaver.
You don't need much, just a spare wireless controller and access to PlayStation Network, and you'll last a whole lot longer than the guy wandering through the streets alone with a six shooter and half a pack of shells. Sure, it's perfect for turning zombies into slush but not as good as the armoured cars you'll find in Dead Island or the zany minis game, Zombie Racers. In Dead Nation you can take out a huge group of zombies with a well placed grenade or Molotov cocktail. And, before you throw it, look around the environment for flammable canisters, because they can double the damage you dish out.
When all else fails - Just grab anything and fight for your life." This is not only a cool tee but could also save you and your friends lives should the undead start to rise from the grave!

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