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These are all considerations that factor in prominently in Brooks’ books, ideas that have been passed along to Red Jacket in their entirety.
And by going with a bullpup design the ZK-22 is at home doing door-to-door work; clearing zombies is a very close-range affair. There are a couple of things that make the ZK-22 stand out; first the use of a solid trigger transfer system that allows the forward trigger to actuate the original trigger in the receiver without altering the trigger pull. Check out our partner’s website T-shirt Bordello and their great selection of b-movie and movie themed shirts now on sale for $10 each. People always bring their cell phones on a camping trip but rarely in a b-movie do they ever get a signal. Tired of getting a flat tire in front of old creepy mansions and then having to knock on their door for help ending up a lab experiment in their basement?
This high-tech cross bow is great against vampire with optional sharpened wooden arrows (not included). Help find secret passages in the walls of that creepy mansion you just bought dirt cheap on Craig’s List. If you’re a girl, you can greatly increase your chances of survival by appearing at least to be the nerdy quiet white girl.
Help prevent zombie or demon bitings and subsequent infection with flexible breathable lining. When being pursued by a masked psycho, you may find them unstoppable killers but they’re also dumb as a log.

Lost Highway is your satirical detour down the twisted back roads of b-movies and cult films reviews.
No one knows if or when it will start but if it does, you’ve got to be on your toes and ready to fight till you’re burger.
If you are worried about the Zombie Apocalypse this In Case Of Zombies Wall Decal is for you. We suggest the ACR Satellite 3 406 Cat II EPIRB with satellite uplink so you can be rescued or at least the authorities can easily find your body. This custom meat cutting kit will help get rid of even the tiniest parts for quick easy burial or fridge storage. No more tripping and falling while being chased by a masked psycho.These quality running shoes not only look great, but will help you burn calories while avoiding that machete. Just don’t take too long to decide with blade to use or you could end up zombie chow.
This tire kit that will seal up your tire tighter than a swamp creature’s sphincter muscle. Evil beware when the renaissance festival lets out and everyone grabs one of these babies on sale. Luckily there will be plenty of hockey equipment lying around since there’s no more ice rinks. There’s an extensive tips on beard grooming and includes a free certificate for being a honorary Texas Ranger.

Create your own giant frog…also easily adaptable to increase the growth of other mutant animals like piranha, ants, alligators. Wear these fake glasses and be sure to avoid having sex, doing drugs or listening to loud rock music.
It’ll help ward off any would be alien abductors cruising in their spaceships for a good time. Warning, may cause skin lacerations and a uncontrollable tendancy to laugh menacingly at your enemies. It might not look good but could be a great defense against a outlander psycho whose been drinkin’ washer fluid and wants to use your skull as a flip top trash can. The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide is going to be your bible when the real thing happens.
However if they’re ever stuck in a b-movie, we have a list of must have items for their survival.
You’ll learn everything you need from zombie anatomy, behavior and physiology to the most efficient weapons and defense strategies. Check out the list below for practical gifts to help make this the Swaziest Christmas ever.

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