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TIP: Don’t fill it and use as a Halloween trick-or-treat pail to go with a zombie costume!
The age I have in mind for this Zombie Apocalypse Kit is a pre-teen to teen, but you know your child best and you can always adapt the gift to fit a child younger or older, or even an adult. One thing I really like is that the Energizer Headlights don’t come with those tiny round batteries, like you get in watches.
Fans of the movie Zombieland will be happy to know I tried to put a Twinkie in the Zombie Apocalypse Kit.
Very cool idea, my boys are planning a sleepover this summer and I’m going to make them their own zombie kit with the flashlights!
This Zombie Apocalypse Kit is easy to put together with items of your choice, plus I give you a free printable label for a metal paint can that will hold it all.

Unfortunately, it won’t actually help him fight off zombies, but for a kids loves zombies (like my son), this is a really fun gift to open up.
If you are giving this to someone else’s child, you might want to double check that they are a zombie-friendly household. These headlights that give you a bright light and is totally hands-free because you wear it on your forehead. It’s all ready for you to print, cut, and apply to your can with tape (double sided tape works great).
I’d love to hear your ideas of what you would put in a Zombie Apocalypse Kit, leave a comment below and let me know.
I am putting pocket sized tissue, candy, a bottle of water, an emergency candle amd a season of the Walking Dead.

Join us as we share crafts, DIY projects, recipes, tips, resources & more to connect your family with the world of geek-friendly fun! So, of course, I had to put an extra pack of Energizer Batteries into the Zombie Apocalypse Kit.
Chances are, batteries will be quite popular in a zombie apocalypse, so my son will be set with for a while.
My son will like the gum and he might be able to use it for some resourceful MacGyver tricks (even if he doesn’t know who MacGyver is).

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