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If you've already found your survival buddy for the zombie apocalypse, then consider this a gift for yourself as well. With that said, it's never too late to begin preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
This book is one part apocalypse prepper, one part outdoor survival guide and one part apocalypse cookbook. Humor aside, sandwiched between recipes with titles such as Going Ginko Nuts, Dead Easy Peas and Who’s Got Your Back Tuna Mac, are instructions on diverse projects including making SIPS (Self-Watering Planters) out of soda bottles or storage bins, and practical advice on various how-tos such as drying, curing, smoking, and brining. Jake Bible’s Z-Burbia series has come a long way from its start in the suburbs of Whispering Pines.
Having to pack and drag your stuff through security can put quite the damper on your vacation plans.
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Werewolves had their time in the spotlight, and somehow vampires are still holding on to their fifteen minutes, but zombies?
It's only a matter of years until one bad batch of hamburger meat doesn't get recalled and some version of mad cow mutates into humanity and BOOM end of days. A hand-forged authentic silver traditional Japanese Samurai Sword folded steel katana with 15 stage hand-polished finish.
The book begins with “entry level preparedness” and runs through the gamut of various apocalyptic survival scenarios, providing illustrated information, advice and recommendations for further reading in every section.
Sisters of the Apocalypse is the seventh installment, and focuses on Elsbeth, his ass-kicking female protagonist, and her lethal sisters.
They've been hip since the first "Night of the Living Dead," and have transcended the generations to be revived in hundreds of movies, books, and video games. Aside from a working mini-compass, it comes with a fashionable check list of everything you'll need to find once the world goes to hell.

In a dreary, post-apocalyptic world, this will bring some bright green cheer to your gift-receivers life.
Save your friend the time of actually having to write this with probably someone's infected blood.
Because, god forbid you're bitten (which is gross btw), you'll need something to keep as fresh as the living. Humor is found in the flowing narrative that is sprinkled with puns, amusingly titled recipes as well as bloodstains and spatters that decorate the introduction of major sections of the book. 2015 sees the release of "Dying Light" and "Dead Island 2," and The Walking Dead is going no where fast (heh heh, get it?).

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