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Palanai Island Guidebook 1Guidebook is at the main road to southern east from Paradise Survival Camp. Palanai Island Guidebook 2Guidebook is at the main road on southern east from Paradise Survival Camp, on south from Kiwi Camping. Stop when you get at the camping site and clear a landscape point on south from the main road. Palanai Island Guidebook 5Guidebook is in the trailer in the northern west part of swamps (on north from Pierre's Magasin). It’s hard to deny that zombies have become an unbelievable cultural phenomenon in the past decade or so.
But for some, books and movies are simply not enough; they fail to capture the true intensity of a zombie outbreak.
Suddenly, the gravity of the situation snaps into focus as it is revealed that the plague is beginning to take hold of your town. Give every human a red wristband, a small squirt gun (the type that is powered only by the pressure of squeezing the trigger) and a red bandana to tuck into a pocket or belt-loop.
Mandatory Checkpoints: To ensure a sustained level of action and excitement throughout the duration of the game, establish mandatory checkpoints, one or two each day, that humans must reach in order to continue qualifying for the game. Optional Checkpoints: Some human players are likely to be more gung-ho than others, and will want to take more risks.
Winning Incentives: This zombie survival game will inevitably get better if there is something at stake. For such a large-scale game to be played in a shared public space, and over the course of several days, there need to be certain areas that are considered exempt from play.
You will notice that my list does not include residential spaces; by and large, if players are able to feel safe in their own home, this removes a lot of the immediacy of the zombie threat, and makes the overall game easier to ignore. I like it more than cod, because there are better enemies, it's a bit more strategic and is harder.
You can tell what you also do for your stratagy and i also know this is a old map besides the new ones but didnt play them yet sorry. Military Zombies are the toughest type of zombies in Apocalypse Rising, due to them wearing military uniforms, which include body armor. In addition to the massive proliferation of silver screen zombie thrillers coming out of both Hollywood and European studios, there have been books, board games, TV shows and countless other forms of media that have caught the “zombie fever”.
For these people, only a grueling zombie survival game can function as a reasonable facsimile for the “real” zombie apocalypse. News reports have been flooding in all over the country of a strange sickness that leaves its victims in a horrific state between life and death; their vital organs shut down, their skin begins to sag and peel, their eyes become milky and vacant, yet still they walk, baffling modern science.

Regular emergency services have been suspended, and the survivors have been largely left to fend for themselves. It is best to start with a roughly even ratio, perhaps with a few more humans than zombies (these tides are likely to turn somewhat quickly).
The basic rules are simple: if a human shoots a zombie with a squirt gun, they must leave the area for fifteen minutes. Humans should be safe upon entering the radius of the checkpoint, and zombies should be kept at a reasonable distance (say 15-20 feet). One option is to collect a dollar from every player as an enrollment fee; when the three days are over, divide that sum among the surviving humans.
When setting these bounds, it is important to strike a balance between providing enough safe spaces so that non-players’ lives aren’t disrupted, and maintaining an atmosphere of widespread “danger” for the players. It would also be wise to make a prohibition on zombies to attack humans in moving cars, for obvious safety reasons. On the other hand, if a human player must worry about constantly keeping his or her door locked, and must face an eager horde of waiting zombies every time he or she decides to venture outside, this greatly enhances the realism of the experience, and makes it much more challenging and fun for both teams. The main way to survive on Kino is to run laps in the higher rounds, but at that point things get boring if your playing on solo (like I am usually). Occasionally, they can appear to wear helmets as well, allowing them to take more than 1 shot to the head, sometimes 4 shots are required to fully exterminate the zombie. Well, lucky for you, we have a solution that’s sure to whip you into shape for when the guts hit the fan.
Perhaps most distressing, these undead become increasingly bloodthirsty and aggressive, seeking out those uninfected as if by a mysterious sixth sense and attacking them savagely. However, there is one last glimmer of hope on the horizon: broken broadcasts over short-wave radio tell of a rescue crew that will arrive to collect survivors in three days’ time. If a zombie can grab a human’s bandana before getting squirted, that human is now infected. In terms of the in-game story, say that these are points of contact with the rescue crew; they need to know how many people are still alive so that they can adequately prepare for the upcoming evacuation. In terms of the in-game story, say that these are military aid packages that have been dropped for the benefit of survivors. Since, by the end of the game, the ideal situation is to have a sea of undead against a handful of beleaguered (but well-armed) survivors, it makes sense to bolster the zombies’ ranks in any way possible. For zombies, consider buying small prizes for the top three individuals with the highest number of kills. After all, a good zombie survival game must leave the humans feeling constantly vigilant, and will be no fun if there are too many places to relax.

This fun zombie survival game requires a lot of planning and participants, and will ideally span several days. The infection seems to ooze from their very skin, and takes hold rapidly–even the smallest cut or scrape is sufficient to taint a healthy individual, at which point they have no more than fifteen minutes before they join the unholy ranks of the infected. Both humans and zombies must display their wristband prominently at all times; humans must keep their bandanas readily accessible at all times. He must leave the area for fifteen minutes,don a green wristband, and play the remainder of the game as a zombie.
Mandatory daily checkpoints also have the effect of drawing non-playing spectators to watch the epic zombie survival game.
When they arrive, provide them with “military-grade weaponry”–namely, water balloons to serve as grenades. First, start by allowing slain humans who no longer wish to play to hand their green wristbands over to non-players who want to join.
These do not have to be massive; the thrill of success is enough motivation for many players, and a small physical token of that success is all that is required to motivate them.
They are usually found wandering around military tents and outposts, sometimes in large overwhelming numbers.
For that reason, this game will probably work best either on a college campus or at an overnight camp. This makes the whole event more fun for the community at large, and has the added effect of drawing in new potential players (which I will explain in just a moment). Have several tubs of pre-filled balloons available to aid the humans in their escape, but also provide them with a baggie of unfilled balloons that they can take back to their base and fill themselves. Second, provide an incentive for active zombies by having them hold onto the red bandanas they collect from slain humans. However, and I can tell you this from experience, the reward is entirely worth the extra investment. Once they have collected five, allow them to turn the bandanas in for two new green wristbands, which they can use to recruit two new zombies from the ranks of non-players. This will make it easier for them to dispel zombies in greater numbers and from a greater distance on the final harrowing day, and provides a nice incentive for motivated humans to try to complete all optional checkpoints.
This will swell the zombie horde, and will at the same time give zombies a measure by which to rate their success.

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