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Zombie Lane, 9.2 out of 10 based on 15 ratings Zombie Lane is a browser based action game where you have to take back control of your neighborhood from Zombies!
You have to complete quests and help the Rent-a-Cop restore peace to your neighborhood, gaining experience and money on the way. In Zombie Lane you can also craft super weapons by collecting parts, usually with help from your friends.
You also get rewarded with achievements and items as you take down zombies, the game features collections to complete each with specific rewards. When the first zombie appears, you should still be planting Sunflowers and establishing your sun supply.
Gatling Pea Zombies take ten normal damage shots to dismantle and fire four peas themselves per round.
Because the rake is not used in this strategy, use Potato Mines and Squash to eliminate the first four or five zombies that appear. If you picked the Imitater Squash or Imitater Potato Mine, use them to eliminate early zombies and assist in the demolition of tougher zombies. If you picked the Tall-nut, you can use it as a replacement or in conjunction with the Wall-nut. This is an interesting strategy, not because it relies a little too heavily on Spikerock as it is on the fact that it doesn't use Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts, or Pumpkins!
A variant of this strategy is to plant the Twin Sunflowers along the first column instead of the first row.
Also you can create your Zombie Lane game character profile to display your Friend Code above the Zombie Lane Friend Code list.
Submit more than 10 codes in 24 hours or more than 70 codes of any game in one week and become premium member. You can smack zombies by equipping a variety of weapons including shotgun, shovel, or even a flare gun, some weapons can only be unlocked by completing quests. You also have to plant crops in order to produce food for yourself, which is used to replenish energy, the ultimate goal in the game is to reconstruct your neighborhood and get rid of the zombies.
Customize your character from head-to-toe when you start and available through the game in case you wish to change your looks. Its basis is exceedingly simple: usage of the three of the most fundamental plants possible - the Sunflower, Peashooter, and Lily Pad. If you have the Garden Rake, avoid planting Sunflowers in the rake's row for the time being. If a Squash Zombie appears, then plant a Sunflower on top of it to cause it to glitch and miss the Sunflower. Plant a Peashooter in column 3 on the corresponding row, and, if you have enough sun, plant a Snow Pea in column 4. They can destroy Sunflower meat shields quite quickly, so plant a Wall-nut in the same row and maintain it. If one appears, then make sure that you have two Peashooters, one Snow Pea, and one healthy Wall-nut in the Tall-nut Zombie's lane.
Parry Squash and Jalapeno Zombies with the basic strategies and deal with the rest using your Peashooters, Snow Peas, and Wall-nuts.
Combined with Cob Cannons, Winter Melons, Fume-shrooms and other powerful plants, they form the basis of Survival: Endless strategies.

Continue planting the eight Sunflowers and prepare a Potato Mine for each and every zombie.
Once you have a total of six Gloom-shrooms, dig up the Sunflowers in column 4 and replace them with two more Gloom-shrooms.
If you picked the Imitater Cherry Bomb, use them to back up anti-Tall-nut Ducky Tube Zombie defense. All you have to remember is SCAN, a handy acronym for Sunflower, Cattail, and Wall-nut - and that is all there is to it. Then plant a Lily Pad and Cattail in one pool lane on column 3 and a Wall-nut on a Lily Pad in column 5 of the corresponding row. If you picked the Cherry Bomb or Jalapeno, then you can use them as a last resort or to clobber troublesome waves.
The premise here is that the Snow Pea sufficiently slows the zombies down enough for the Spikerock to kill them.
Even though the Garlic can sustain more bites than the Sunflower, both cost 50 sun and can be shot down in 16 peas. In order to kill a zombie, you must use a Winter Melon, for 500 sun (300 for the Melon-pult, and 200 for the Winter Melon itself). If multiple Jalapeno Zombies show up simultaneously or in quick succession, then either significantly increase the firepower of the Jalapeno Zombie's row or evacuate the doomed plants with the shovel (although two Peashooters and a Snow Pea have an adequate chance of dismantling it). Since this is the final wave, any Tall-nut or Wall-nut Zombies left over can be dealt with using Squash. In conjunction with Garlic, Gloom-shrooms can demolish hordes of zombies while severely abridging the effect of Jalapeno Zombies, Peashooter Zombies, and Gatling Pea Zombies.
Wall-nut and Tall-nut Ducky Tube Zombies cannot be destroyed as easily; when one approaches, dig up the corresponding Sunflower in column 4 and plant a Cherry Bomb. Once a total of eight Gloom-shrooms have been planted, you are done with establishing a solid defense. If you picked the Twin Sunflower, then upgrade the Sunflowers in columns 1, 2, and 3 to Twin Sunflowers. Jalapeno Zombies will blow up nothing; however, those in the pool must be squashed immediately before they destroy precious Cattails and Twin Sunflowers. Once all 14 Sunflowers have been established, plant two Garlic in Column 8 of Rows 1 and 6.
Place two Wall-nuts on Column 5 of Rows 2 and 5, and upgrade the Spikeweeds on Column 9 to Spikerocks. The few zombies that escape the volley of spikes are eliminated by Potato Mines placed just at the end.
After fully constructing your source of sun, plant a Cattail anywhere in Rows 3 and 4 & Columns 1 through 4. The Garlic has a much more important job of deflecting dangerous zombies hungry for Sunflower brains, whereas once the sun generation zone is established, Sunflowers do not have much real use other than as a meat shield. Protect them by planting a Puff-shroom on Column 9, a Wall-nut on Column 8, and a Melon-pult on Column 7. Each row can deal enough damage to dispatch a Wall-nut Zombie before it reaches the plants, and Tall-nut Zombies make a limited number of bites from a Wall-nut before groveling.
The second zombie can be stopped with a Peashooter on column 2 and a Wall-nut on column 5 of the corresponding row. If you picked the Pumpkin, then it can be used as a last resort as a buffer for Tall-nut Zombies. Snow Peas and Spikerock are a well-known combination, sort of like Gloom-shrooms and Garlic or Gatling Peas and Torchwoods.

Now plant three Spikeweeds on Row 2 or Row 5 along Columns 7, 8, and 9 while continuously squashing each zombie that appears.
Shield your Cattail with four Garlic strategically placed on Columns 5 through 8 on the corresponding row. Before they are shot down, Sunflowers may provide a 25 sun rebate and can continue to produce sun long after they were planted.
Twin Sunflowers have no safe spaces to be planted on, and you don't have anything to protect the dangerous pool rows with.
When you populate the room behind the pool Wall-nut with Cattails, plant a second Wall-nut on Column 6 of the other pool row. If the first row is attacked by a Peashooter Zombie, then eliminate it immediately with a Squash.
Once you have collected enough sun, destroy the next zombie with a Potato Mine and wake up the Gloom-shroom with a Coffee Bean. When the first Ducky Tube Zombie appears, plant a Cattail in Column 2 on the pool row (Rows 3 and 4) that does not contain the zombie. Immediately protect the lone Peashooter with a Wall-nut once it recharges, and plant another Peashooter to face off against the zombies in the last row.
If two zombies are sighted on the same row without the Gloom-shroom in its vicinity, then use a Cherry Bomb instead of a Potato Mine. During the time before the second wave, add two more Cattails on the pool rows in column 4. Once four Cattails have been established, build a set of four Garlic in the alternate pool row along Columns 5 through 8. Squeeze enough Sun to complete a column of Melon-pults along the leftmost column and a column of Wall-nuts along Column 2. Swiftly establish a column of Peashooters along the entirety of column 2 and a column of Wall-nuts among the lawn squares of column 5. Continue planting Cattails until you have a box of eight Cattails on Columns 1, 2, 3, and 4 and Rows 3 and 4. Afterwards, place a Wall-nut in front of the weakened Peashooter and plant another Peashooter in the fourth and last land row. Due to the relatively long cooldown of the Wall-nut, a Sunflower can act as a meat shield under extreme circumstances. Note that Winter Melons can decapitate a Tall-nut Zombie before it reaches the protective Wall-nut.
If you have the time and resources, then a second column of Peashooters may be established in column 3.
Plant two Garlic on column 8 in lanes 2 and 5, while keeping the Garlic on column 9 intact. Counter zombies as necessary; the Cattails and Spikerock can eradicate the majority of them. Use Puff-shrooms to deflect Squash Zombies, Squash to deflect Jalapeno Zombies, and Hypno-shrooms woken up by Coffee Beans to deflect troublesome Tall-nut Zombies.
Use two Peashooters to defeat the two pool zombies that appear, and protect the final land row with a Wall-nut. As zombie density begins to rise, double firepower in each row by planting a second column of Peashooters in column 3.

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