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My coloring books are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores– both online and in person! The apocalypse has dawned—and this fun-filled book is the perfect diversion as you await the zombie attack.
Mermaids might seem to have it all, with their shiny tails and fancy seashell castles, but life under the sea is full of difficulties. This body-positive coloring book  features 18 pages of fat sci-fi heroines doing what they do best: trekking across the time and space, blasting off into adventure, and saving the day. Because there’s a whole universe of body types out there, and they all deserve to be represented.

Nicole, I saw a couple of book pages on the freebie table at Convergence, and I’m really really really excited for the book! Thought I’d let you know that this was posted on the Fatshionista community on LiveJournal, and we are all looking forward to it coming out. Got a copy of your coloring book today at a local craft fair in Nashville from Rain Pope, and… It. This coloring book features 20 examples of the most pressing issues mermaids face, including socially inept sea turtles, barnacle breakouts, interpersonal issues with fish, lack of wifi, and more. This coloring book features 20 examples of the dinosaur driving instructors, dog groomers, astronauts, tech support specialists, and more whose work makes our world a better place.

Among our intrepid heroines are a rocketeer, a superhero, time travelers of both steampunk and madman-with-a-box varieties, the captain of a space pirate ship, members of spaceship crews tasked with exploring the unexplored, an RPG heroine with a badass bike, and many more. The Robot’s Guide to Love features 22 pages of romantic advice sure to help any robot find a human, robot, or toaster to love.

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