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Today I wanted to share a a quick email with you from an NOH reader who has given me some real inspiration for my gardens, both in our courtyard and behind the barn. As it turns out, Jim writes a pretty cool blog about square foot gardening called The Wealthy Earth. This system has been around for many, many years now, but Mel has revised his system (and his book) based on what he has learned over the years. What I really like about this idea is that you not only maximize your growing space, but you also are able to rotate your crops often and I think a system like this might actually make it easier to keep a garden journal because you’ll have new things going in and coming out of your garden all the time. Because we have rectangular beds instead of square ones, it may be a challenge to get just the right number of 1×1-foot mini-beds. Please link directly to a post about your garden, a recipe, a tutorial for gardening, an inspirational idea, etc that relates to GARDENING — not your main blog URL. You MUST link back to No Ordinary Homestead or a Garden Life link up post in your blog post. These baked beans are an awesome addition to any cookout, BBQ, family dinner or other potluck.
Not too far from our home here in Naples, Florida, we have a rather nice farmers' market that has nearly everything you could want in a market.

No Ordinary Homestead is all about natural living, loving yourself and your life, and living each moment to the fullest in all that you do!
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Whether you’ve been gardening for a while or are just getting started or have never even planted one seed in your life, I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be an outstanding year. He has a lot of information there about how to do square foot gardening and why it’s so great, plus reports about his own garden. Then you fill the bed with Mel’s special soil mix, and plant your seeds according to how large the plants will ultimately be. You can share about anything related to gardening, old or new posts, from recipes to harvesting to grow reports to DIY projects or inspiration.
There are many ways to make them; some include a bit of brisket, others bacon, some just one kind of beans, others many. And how I don't exactly make them myself, but I do try to at least set some goals to help me become someone I would want to be friends with and can be happy looking at in the mirror each day. There's a ton of wonderful produce, household basics and even a few things that make perfect gifts.

Have you subscribed to my free bi-weekly updates with lots of great recipes, life hacks and more? Because you are maximizing the number of plants you have in your growing space, you have less empty earth for weeds to grow in. There's no wrong way to make baked beans although just opening up a can of baked beans from the supermarket will never cut it in this house. I'm an American who lived in Germany for 12 years after college and now we're thrilled to be back in Florida! Plus, you never walk on your soil, keeping it loose and aerated…but also making it easy for you to pull any weeds that might dare to take root in your garden. The only thing you'll be missing is a meat vendor (although they are hard to come by here) and seafood fans shouldn't lament either (unless it's the summer).

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