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DERNIERS ARTICLES :Precure 2013           Zetsuen no Tempest - The Civilization Blaster -        je vous conseille cette anime. He chooses Rin to go first and explains the rules of "Soccer Hero" to her, stating that she has to get one-hundred points within five tries.
Nozomi volunteers to go next and is put into a game known as "Shadow de Pon", where she must guess who each shadow belongs to. This episode and the one after has a similar plot line to episode 29 of Smile Pretty Cure where the Cures had to play games that were in some way rigged by the bad guy. A moment's confusion passes before a strange beast appears before them, in which it is a combination of beast-types they've faced before. The beast is defeated and the girls are reverted to normal but they find themselves on stage and surrounded by an audience! Candy becomes depressed and starts to feel unwanted when the girls plan their class trip and she isn't invited to join them. One day in school, the girls were on the rooftop, busy discussing their upcoming school excursion to Kyoto and Osaka. That night, after Miyuki had gone to bed, Candy phoned Pop using the Phone Cure Decor piece and complained that she wanted to go on the school excursion too. At Bad End Kingdom, the commanders were playing the "Old Maid" game again when Joker appeared.
Regardless, the commanders were eager to try out the Blue Nose, and soon got into an argument about who should go out to battle that day. The next day in class, Reika was hosting a discussion on where the class should visit on their free day in Osaka. After school, the girls went to the Magical Library to make their journals for the excursion trip.
After finishing up the journals, the girls were happily picking out snacks at a shop when Wolfrun found them. Just then, Candy, having escaped at last from the cage, rushed to the Cures and told them what she had found out, only to realize that they had already found it out by themselves.
With these new Decors, the Cures powered-up to their next form, Tiara Mode, and successfully defeated the Akanbe with group attack Rainbow Healing. As they were walking back home after the battle, Miyuki declared that Candy was the sixth Pretty Cure in their team, and offered to bring her along for the school excursion.
This episode is the first time that the Cures use the Magical Library, not counting SmPC07. But when they get a chance to go on it - Kurumi panics at the last second so Karen has no choice but to join. Karen comes in and they explain to her the popular new quiz game show, "Five de Chance", that they entered. Kurumi recalls the trophy they will win, and unknown to them, Karen is waiting to be picked up while tossing a coin.
So they head inside with the Mascots noting the real host leading other participants inside, elsewhere. She guesses the first shadow is a Giraffe, but it is a Hoshina dressed as one so it doesn't count. Excited, Saki pulls Mai along, not noticing Honoka, Nagisa and Hikari by the Tako Cafe. Nagisa orders her favorite food and the other two try to get her to move along.
Nagisa is shocked by all of this but the other girls take it in stride and the eleven girls put on a show, singing their respective themes.
Miyuki was excited to ride on the bullet train, Akane was looking forward to visiting her hometown in Osaka and eating good food, Yayoi talked about having secret sharing sessions at night, Nao hoped to buy lots of souvenirs, while Reika politely reminded everyone that it was a learning journey as much as a leisure trip. He praised them for doing well so far, regularly collecting Bad Energy that would lead to the reawakening of Evil Emperor Pierrot. Out on the balcony, Joker hoped that the Blue Noses would help him to locate something which he called the Miracle Jewel, that grants wishes.
Many opinions were heard, as everyone was eager to do their favorite activities or visit famous places. The five girls were in a group and trying to decide on a group leader, but Candy kept interrupting in a loud voice, causing suspicious looks from the rest of the class. After much hard work, they were almost finishing up, and were looking forward to their trip to the candy store to stock up on snack for the trip. Candy confessed that she felt like a useless fairy, who could not help the girls but failed in everything she did instead. Calling out a Gachapon machine Akanbe using the Blue Nose, he created a Bad End alternate reality to steal everyone's happiness, and the girls were forced to transform into Pretty Cure and fight. By the time they seem to understand what is happening its too late and they have already been seated.
What is the remaining season?", Komachi is quick to know the answer, but she must chase after a Hoshina with the button she needs to select on it.
This happens again when she guesses a kettle, and for her third, she guesses it is Hoshina-kun dressed as a penguin this time; but as it turns out, it was a real penguin.
Elsewhere, Nozomi is getting ahead of the other five who are with her and they try to catch up to her, not realizing a strange shadow following them. As the credits roll, we see the girls enjoying themselves together, as the mascots join inwith them.

Reinboo Hiiringu!!?) is the 12th episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, and also the 401st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. However, he remarked that the Pretty Cure had held strong so far, and presented them with some Blue Noses. Soon, the classmates were talking amongst themselves excitedly, and Reika's pleas for silence went unheeded. Candy, who had been pouting, was eager to be of help, but in her haste, she knocked over a mug and spilt drink all over the journals. Karen refuses to help or asist them, even with them begging her when they point out they need five members. Komachi mentions that Kurumi got stage fright and changed into Milk - now she won't change back. The girls are tied to their seats as a bunch of Hoshina cheerleaders appear, along with the host, Mucardia in disguise as Mr. She gets angry enough to kick two balls at the goal, which both miss - but with her final ball she focuses her entirety on it; only for the goal to grab it with its hands.
The cute background behind her changes to a dark one as the Giraffe and Kettle Hoshina reveal themselves.
As they get to their seats, they find it eerily empty, save for themselves and the other five girls who arrive. Unlike the Red Noses so far, the Blue Noses were not created from Cure Decor pieces, and so the Cures' purification attacks would not work against it.
Seeing this, Candy jumped out of Miyuki's bag to the front of the class and screamed for everyone to listen to Reika. Disappointed, the girls started cleaning up, and while they were busy, Candy ran away in disappointment.
Wolfrun boasted about the power of the new Blue Noses, and declared that he would defeat the Cures today. Next, Sunny, Peace and March fired their attacks at the same time, but the Akanbe was still undefeated.
The Cures grew angry at Wolfrun and came to Candy's defence, saying that she had always tried her best and they could not do without her. She suggests they ask Kurumi, and when Coco brings it up she refuses until Syrup brings up the one year supply of chocolate as a prize. Angry she transforms into Cure Rouge and uses Fire Strike to send the balls at the goal, but it continues throwng them back. Magic asks her another question, "What is the Capital of Japan?", but once again Komachi is unable to grab the Hoshina with the button.
She transforms into Cure Dream and escapes from fighting them to try to save the penguin, only to find out it actually was a Hoshina.
Hearing this, Candy wanted to go to warn the girls, but Wolfrun captured her in a bird cage and left her alone on a rooftop. Taking advantage of their confusion, the Akanbe fired giant glass capsules out of its mouth, trapping Happy, Sunny, Peace and March inside.
Their energy broke the glass capsules, and Candy's strong wish to become the Cures' power allowed her to produce the Miracle Jewel Decors.
So he gives her one last demand, "Finish a Thesis." Once agan Komachi chases after the Hoshina and this time it trips - but before she can grab it, the time runs out. When their barriers break, the teams charge forward and attack, ending with a tag team attack by Cure Dream, Cure White, Cure Black, Cure Windy and Cure Bright. Beauty alone was left to battle, but after deflecting numerous attacks and using Beauty Blizzard to immobilize the Akanbe, she was tired out as well. She is surrounded by several Hoshina and transforms into Cure Mint, but is thrown into a box like Rin. As the girls shout their defiance to it, it attacks with an energy blast, only to be blocked by Shiny Luminous and Milky Rose, allowing the three teams to use their finishing attacks. Bare Your Midriff: As Cure Dream, though not anymore in Go!Go!, thanks to a Frilly Upgrade.
Berserk Button: Whatever you do, do not mistreat your subordinates, or even kill them because they're of no use to you anymore in front of Nozomi. She'll not be so forgiving like usual, consider you crossing the Moral Event Horizon and show no mercy. Nozomi wasted no time letting Girinma know what a bad idea it is in the very first episode. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: During her daily life she's an idiot that often needs to rely on her friends to get anything done. But one word of advice: don't be an Omnicidal Maniac, let alone murder your own Dragon as having outlived her usefulness, because Everyone Has Standards, even the most forgiving.
The reason why she has such a short attention span was because she's always looking for what she wanted to do (getting kicked out of various clubs were because it took her quick enough to realize those are not what she wanted). After meeting Coco and deciding to help the Palmier Kingdom, Nozomi slowly starts to realize that she likes helping people the best and put attention to it, and after a 'tutoring' from Coco and seeing him teach her, she finally realizes her dream to be a teacher, to help those in academical trouble (like she was before).
The Ditz: She's absentminded, gets distracted easily, struggles to get even acceptable grades, and misses the obvious even when its staring right at her, like when she misses Milky Rose's identity right after she transforms into her true form right in front of Nozomi. The other Cures unanimously chose her to fill this role because she was the one that brought them together to be Pretty Cure in the first place.

Memetic Hand Gesture: Whenever she shouts her Catch Phrase, she points upwards with her left hand in a way that her thumb and finger together make a reverse L shape to the viewer.
Power Makes Your Hair Grow Rose-Haired Sweetie: She is the first one in the franchise, starting the trend of having optimistic pink-haired girls as the main characters.
This Loser Is You: At least at first, as she's extremely scatterbrained and can't seem to concentrate. However, by the time Character Development kicks in, Nozomi starts moving away from this, as she becomes more responsible and tries her best to reach out for her dreams. When she becomes Cure Dream, she didn't flail around like a clueless ditz, she was pretty capable into immediately getting into combat. It's just that when she's just Nozomi that she's sucking in life (until Character Development above).
Who Wears Short Shorts?: For the Cool and Lovely Tops and Pink Dotted Denim Shorts cards in the Pretty Cure All Stars Suite Flower Card Collection. Rin is down-to-earth and slightly sarcastic compared to Nozomi, but they're best friends and Rin worries about her greatly. Deadpan Snarker Fiery Redhead: Has orange hair as a civillian, red hair as a Cure, and a bad temper all around.
Grumpy Bear The Lancer Playing with Fire Refusal of the Call: At first, but later changed her mind out of worry for Nozomi. Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Despite her tomboyish exterior, Rin also indulges in feminine hobbies.
Who Wears Short Shorts?: For the Cool and Lovely Tops card in the Pretty Cure All Stars Suite Flower Card Collection. Due to her busy schedule, Urara usually kept to herself, and her shy attitude doesn't help, although when situation calls it, she can ham things up. However, Nozomi barges into her life trying to befriend her and after an encounter with the Nightmare, her desire to protect her new friends led her to become Cure Lemonade. This is because one of few memories Urara has of her mother was the first time she ate curry, and it was with the whole family together. Dumb Blonde: While she's more studious than Nozomi, she's just as likely as her to realize obvious things too late. Genki Girl Girlish Pigtails Idol Singer: She is already an up-and-coming star when the series begins.
New Transfer Student Raised by Dudes: After the death of her mother, Urara was brought up by her father and maternal grandfather. This 'unnatural thing interest' led her to follow Nozomi, witness the Nightmare, and becomes Cure Mint. Barrier Warrior Beware the Nice Ones: Sign one: Karen was getting harrassed by students about her Student Council President duties? All of the sudden, Komachi bodyblocks her, parries all her punches then turned her barrier into a Kamehame Hadoken to obliterate Hadenya.
Sibling Yin-Yang: Komachi is gentle and soft-spoken while her older sister Madoka is wilder. Since they look alike so much, her friends are shocked when Madoka first appears riding a motorcycle and everybody thinks she's Komachi.
Tareme Eyes Tranquil Fury: Well, she is the Cure of Tranquility and you know how she became into when she is serious. Karen has a no-nonsense, stoic personality that evokes a cool aura and made her popular, not to mention she's ridiculously rich.
However, deep down she is a Lonely Rich Kid, only living with her butler and associating with Komachi mostly. At first she thinks the Pretty Cure thing is a farce, but was forced to believe it when the Nightmare invaded her house. Despite so, Nozomi continued to bug her about becoming a Pretty Cure, and after realizing that she wants to protect her friends, Karen is able to become Cure Aqua. It's only after her resolve was to protect her friends instead of doing things herself that she can transform. Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Aside of being the tallest of the group and her dark blue hair stand out, in the beginning, she presents herself as the aloof, serious, stoic (albeit caring) girl.
Archer Archetype: Gains the "Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow" eventually, and being the Cure of Intelligence she mostly keeps her calm, cool, collected persona. In a subversion, that attack is usually reserved for finishing blows, she usually resorts into pummeling the enemy with fists and feet before that happens. Cross-Cast Role: When sent to the Urashima Tarou's world by Shibiretta, Karen got saddled with the role of the titular character, and the kids who 'tortured' the turtle (Milk) refer her as "onii-chan", to her puzzlement. Knight in Shining Armor: Plays this role in episode 34 (which even has in its title "White Knight Karen"). Lady of War: Cool and graceful, she later gains an attack in which she gracefully fires an arrow made of water. Lonely Rich Kid Mage Marksman: When using "Sapphire Arrow" she creates a bow and arrows made of water.

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