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Believe it or not, my husband and I used to have a worm bin back when we were first married – it was a wedding gift from one of my bridesmaids (I have the coolest friends!). You might be able to worm your way out of out of paying them –  and I welcome you to share those ideas in the comment section below! As with most things you can buy a fancy composting bin from Amazon or you can make your own using a couple $5 Rubbermaid tote. 5.) One your bin has holes, shred up some newspapers (not your coupons!) and add it to the bin. Worms are trying to escape or they are dying – your bin is probably too wet, too dry or needs more bedding. If you prefer to buy one ready to go, Amazon has this Worm Factory DS3GT 3-Tray Worm Composter, Green and a bunch of other designs.
How do you make sure you don’t accidentally take too many worms out when you harvest the dirt? I was thinking of starting a worm farm and I have a rabbit so was wondering if I could put her poop, hay and newspaper in there? Thank you for the blog and the pictures to go with your information…also, I loved the video! Have to add, I am sorry, but I laughed so hard at the change in your voice when he pulled the worm out!!! I`ve been composting for more than 10 years and done it several ways, as I am in a caribean place but, 3.500 feet above sea level, had to adjust to a different climate.
I did have a question, you mentioned dumping out everything to use the compost the worms have created.
I know this post is old, but I just got back from the NW Flower & Garden Show up in Seattle and was inspired to find a way to make my own worm farm because my budget cannot handle $80+ for a preassembled one. Shame my internet is soooo slow I was unable to watch the video, by the comments it sounds like I missed a great tutorial! The video sold me and I think I’m going to have to order some worms first thing in the morning! There is nothing quite like having someone take one of my goofy ideas and really run with it! Robyn is very humble about her creation – she was even a little shy about letting me post pictures on the site!
Like the Creepy Pants vermicomposter, the Worm Inn is a hanging, flow-through vermicomposting system.

Unlike the Creepy Pants, Robyn’s creation is compact in size (much more convenient for smaller spaces), and includes some really nifty features. Robyn also included a fine mesh cover at the top to discourage flying pests from easily getting in and out – a great feature for a system like this, which is definitely more prone to invasion by fungus gnats and fruit flies. The unit even includes a handy little pocket on the side for holding a water-bottle – something that is really useful to have on-hand at all times (since the bedding can dry out very quickly).
The Worm Inn can be suspended virtually anywhere using bungee cords (as shown in the first image), but it also works quite well with a standard laundry hamper stand (see image below) if you prefer keeping it in a location closer to the ground.
You definitely need one of the composting varieties since they are adapted for that sort of environment (hot, crowded, with rich organic matter) – soil worms are not. But for whatever reason that worm bin, made out of a rubbermaid tote, only lasted us a couple years before it turned into storage for our halloween decorations. Worm composting is a fabulous way to take your family’s food waste and turn it into nutrient rich fertilizer for your garden or lawn.
Being local – this option made great sense to me and I promptly ordered one pound of Red Worms for $27. These will be above your compost line and will allow for ventilation – essential to the happiness of your worms. Then add some dirt (for grit, helps with digestion), add your food scraps, sprinkle with water.
This does two things – it keeps any fruit flies away and it keeps your worms happy because they love both wet cardboard and darkness.
You could also use pieces of wood or gravel – anything to elevate your worm bin (Bin #1) inside your drainage bin (Bin #2). It’s very concentrated stuff, so a little bit goes a long way – mix with water to make worm poop tea and use as a soil amendment! If one were to drill small holes on the bottom of an additional bin, set it up just like bin one, and then place it on top of bin one right as it’s reaching max capacity, the worm *should* begin to migrate to this added bin. I have some containers and think I can get some free worms from a friend who already composts. I learned a lot, and have set up a mini version of your worm bin with reclaimed, well washed materials (I’m starting with only a small amount of worms given to me by a friend from her bin).
I wanted to let you know that we are starting a worm bin today and I’ll be using it this Sunday to show the kids at Sunday School about worms and starting their own worm bin at home. He needs his own talk show or reality show =) Well, the coop I bought from your link arrived already.

Thankfully I was able to convince her that the Worm Inn needed to be seen – after all, it is probably the coolest homemade vermicomposting system I have seen in a long time! Food and bedding materials are added from the top, and (eventually) worm compost can be harvested from the bottom. For starters, she installed a handy drawstring tightening system at the bottom – so no need to mess around with annoying cable ties.
It seems that Robyn was already playing with idea herself, but she appreciated my encouragement (aka enthusiastic raving – haha) nonetheless.
But I do have a four-year-old boy, so for better or worse, they have become a part of my reality as of late. If you have a lot of space you could skip this whole worm composting thing and just create a big ole compost pile in your backyard. You want two (2) dark plastic (not see through) Rubbermaid totes that are between eight to 10 gallons.
I’m almost as excited as your son to continue with my worms, and only hope I can explain them to others as well as he did. We just renovated an old unused area at our church and made it into a children’s garden area, with a play area, a digging bed, and 4 raised beds where we are growing tomatoes, carrots, bush beans, etc.
Thought you maybe would like to add that tidbit of info if you ever decide to do an update on this post. I can’t touch them or even look at them too closely without getting the heebie-jeebies. This way all that’s left in bin one is a big pile of earthworm castings, and the wiggly little buggers will be busy chowing down in their brand new bin! We’ll have a courtyard area too for the older folks to come and relax and enjoy our garden.
But red worms can eat their weight in food a day – so if you have a pound of worms, you can compost about a pound of food a day! BTW, I just bought this vegetable starter kit which I think is great for a first time grower like me.

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