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1991) report that wolves are primarily nocturnal (most active at night), and some studies (i.e.
The problem with researching this question is that GPS telemetry can’t detect the activity peaks during dawn and dusk if the GPS interval is longer than 3 hours, suggesting that movement patterns with crepuscular peaks may have been present but undetected in several previous studies. 1996) support this possibility.Another reason why these studies suggest different answers is because of the definition of activity.

Wolves are active during the day without generally traveling as far as they do at night (and certainly in some areas wolves travel extensively during the day (Mech 1966, 1992, Peterson 1977, Peterson et al.
1984, Boitani 1986)).So technically, wolves are considered crepuscular in activity, which means on average they are most active around dawn and dusk, although they may be active any time of the day or night. For example, on average, in hot areas, wolves tend to be more active at night to avoid the intense heat of the day.

Contrary, in the winter wolves tend to be more active during the day, then bed down for the intense cold nights.

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