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While reading Winter Fortress, you will find the lines between fact and fiction running together, since indeed, as the tale unfolds, there is both . What a great read for preppers who are ready to take a break from their normal reading fare! Neal is here today to respond to a round of book festival questions and is offering five copies of his book to lucky readers,  Enjoy the interview then be sure to check in below to learn about the giveaway. At the height of World War II, a brilliant Norwegian scientist and ten commandos set out to eliminate Hitler’s chance of securing a nuclear bomb.
This is a story about heroes, who survived months in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, scaled 500-foot icy cliffs in the pitch-dark of a wintry night, infiltrated a fortress guarded by scores of Nazis, eluded a countrywide manhunt, risked life and limb and family, and finally gambled one last mission against great odds. I spent months in Norway, both in Oslo and Vemork, combing through archives, conducting interviews, visiting the factory—even learning to cross-country ski and fire World War II weapons. For several nights, I stayed in the kind of old hunting cabins where the saboteurs lived for months at a time. I uncovered numerous documents that have never before been seen that fill in many of the details of these events. From the start, I thought this was a story of action: commandos parachuting into enemy-held territory, a perilous attack on a highly-secured compound. Yes, there are definitely moments of such high drama, but the narrative is much more character focused than I suspected it would be. This is really a tale about how a ragtag group of soldiers survive together in the wild for months at a time. A national award-winning and New York Times bestselling author, I have written a number of books, all non-fiction narratives, all focused on inspiring stories of adventure or achievement. As an author in the survival, prepping, self-sufficiency or homesteading niche, what are you personally preparing for?
My hometown Seattle sits within close proximity to Mount Rainier (still an active volcano) and a major earthquake fault line that could have dramatic consequences for the city. At the moment, I am writing the GRAND ESCAPE, a non-fiction narrative of WWI pilot imprisoned by enemy lines who escape the “Alcatraz” of Germany by digging a tunnel, then trekking for 200 miles to the Dutch border. Neal and his publisher have reserved five copies of The Winter Fortress in this latest Book Festival Giveaway. Note:  This giveaway is only open to individuals with a mailing address in the United States. Still, we all know that there will be some silent heroes who risk everything to help ensure our survival. Please do take a few moments to enter the giveaway; this is yet another book you will want to read. For more information about the books in this latest book festival, visit Prepper Book Festival #12: The Best Books to Help You Prepare, Stay Healthy and Be Happy. In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide.
It’s 1942 and the Nazis are racing to be the first to build a weapon unlike any known before. Based on a trove of top secret documents and never-before-seen diaries and letters of the saboteurs, The Winter Fortress is an arresting chronicle of a brilliant scientist, a band of spies on skies, perilous survival in the wild, sacrifice for one’s country, Gestapo manhunts, soul-crushing setbacks, and a last-minute operation that would end any chance Hitler could obtain the atomic bomb—and alter the course of the war.
Bargain Bin:  For your convenience, here is a complete list of all of the books in BDS Prepper Book Festival 12.
I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. My first step would be find a long-term alternative water source to local tap water to sustain my family for at least six months.
I wish I hadn’t wasted so much money on nonessential things, but used that money for food storage instead! If I had it to begin over again, I would focus on much as organizing and tracking inventory as acquiring supplies.
There are links within this post on which we can earn a commission if you purchase something, but it doesn't cost you any more money. We have had our fair share of unexpected winter weather that threw then entire state into a state of panic.

My dad’s truck had a camper shell, so my nephew and I rode in the back while mom and dad were in the front.
You would think that would be a hard enough hit for the state to be ready if something like that should happen again. There are a few things you should always keep in your car, and there are some that are more seasonal. Extra Clothing – You could use the clothing as added layers for protection against the cold, or as dry clothes to change into if your clothes get wet.
Of course at home you have the standards — spare clothing, spare blankets, food, water, etc, but what if the power goes out? Stay in one room – In order to conserve heat, it would be a good idea to keep everyone in one room (or two, if need be). Keep Curtains Closed – Snow is pretty, yes, but opening the blinds and curtains will only allow make the air in the room colder. Change of Clothes – Just like your car, it would help to have a spare change of clothing at work for the same reason.
Extra Cell Phone Charger – Again, you could get a solar charger, or you could get a second wall charger to keep at work.
Blanket – In the rare chance that you might have to sleep at work, a blanket will keep you warm. Insulate pipes with insulation or newspapers and plastic and allow faucets to drip a little during cold weather to avoid freezing. Keep multiple fire extinguishers on hand, and make sure everyone in your house knows how to use them. Insulate your home by installing storm windows or covering windows with plastic from the inside to keep cold air out. Related Posts :10 Items to Include in a Lights Out Kit Greenhouse Tips --- Why You Need A Greenhouse What is a Prepper? Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching. As evidence, to support the story line there are copies of actual photos of the mission to stop Hitler from creating a atomic bomb – even though he had the means and the technology. Rather, they were flesh-and-blood heroes, who, in truth, were not much older than boys, who had troubling doubts and fears, who made mistakes, who suffered from their failings and loss of faith, yet came through in the end. Further, I lived in London for a summer to make my way through the vast papers of the British SOE and War Departments. In some ways, a historical version of the kind of operation that Navy SEALS are often heralded for executing. My work has been translated into over 18 languages, featured in several documentaries, and optioned for major film and television projects.
Preparing for that, the demands it would take, the kind of expertise one would need, reminded me a great deal of the Norwegian heroes in my book—and provides lessons for all of us.
They have the physicists, they have the uranium, and now all their plans depend on amassing a single ingredient: heavy water, which is produced in Norway’s Vemork, the lone plant in all the world that makes this rare substance. But how would they reach the castle fortress set on a precipitous gorge in one of the coldest, most inhospitable places on Earth? This is an easy tool for finding products that people are "wishing” for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen.
This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links!
We paid for the kerosene, got right into the truck, and went back home to fill the kerosene heater and stay warm!
The state is prepared for minor weather problems, but when you start talking about most of the state being shut down because of black ice on all of the roadways, they’re not equipped to handle that. One father whose 5 year old child was stranded at school walked 6 miles just to spend the night at the school with his daughter!
Pour it around your drive tires (the ones that actually move when you step on the gas pedal), and ease onto the gas pedal to get yourself unstuck.
If you DO get stuck, and can get yourself unstuck, put the snow chains on the tires to get yourself home, or at least to somewhere warm and safe.

While you probably already have one that plugs into a car outlet, you might think of investing in a solar powered cell phone charger. An emergency radio will let you find out what is going on with the weather and any emergency relief efforts so you’ll have a little more peace of mind. You can layer your clothing, or use them as dry clothes if your clothes get wet in the weather. House fires pose an additional risk in winter months because more people turn to alternate heating sources without taking the necessary safety precautions. These include loss of feeling and white or pale appearance in extremities such as fingers, toes, ear lobes, and the tip of the nose. These include uncontrollable shivering, memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, slurred speech, drowsiness, and apparent exhaustion. Completely open all faucets and pour hot water over the pipes, starting where they were most exposed to the cold (or where the cold was most likely to penetrate).
He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live.
They also need good circulation in order not to smoke-up the whole house, so if you closed off the room, I would imagine it would get pretty smoky… God bless you, too! There’s little doubt it was one of the most daring and inventive, with chest-thumping moments of survival and escape at every turn. I even, dare I say, wore some hand-me-down long underwear of one of the saboteurs on a skiing expedition near Lake Mos. I earned a double degree in Economics and English Literature at Miami University (Ohio), lived in Europe for several years as a journalist (London, Dublin, and Paris), and worked as an editor at St.
In hindsight, many of its tenets are a bit silly, but the book taught me how much we can be moved by stories. We had to shovel snow from our driveway just to get the truck out to get to the station a few miles away that sold kerosene.
There were school buses trapped on the roads with children in them, cars abandoned on the interstates, big rigs stuck on the road — all unable to move. However, if you are concerned (and you should be), you can always get a carbon monoxide detector to alert you of danger. You could also use bubble wrap to line your window panes with an added layer of insulation. A radio like this one would be perfect because it’s hand crank powered, tunes in AM and FM stations as well as NOAA weather stations. If symptoms of hypothermia are detected, get the victim to a warm location, remove wet clothing, warm the center of the body first and give warm, non-alcoholic beverages if the victim is conscious. One nice thing about being in Texas is I don’t have to worry much about freezing weather!
Let’s draw our focus into the importance of winter preparedness and how to be better prepared.
Also, if you have a fireplace that isn’t in use, you can put the heater in or near the fireplace and open the flue to help vent any carbon monoxide.
We did hit black ice once and totaled our car, so I definitely agree with minimizing travel during icy conditions!
All life forms come into the world with nothing and leave with the same except for the memories of their experiences and deeds.
But, if one looks deeper, each of these stories center on individuals who set an almost impossible goal and defy the odds in achieving it. It is sad that we have to toil to ensure we have the means of having a tomorrow and a day after that when we should be rather enjoying this wonderful world. They were not unalloyed heroes, but together they managed to pull off the greatest act of sabotage of World War II. If there is a divinity I truly wish it would intervene already but I rather believe it is up to each person to learn and prosper positively ensuring for a tomorrow by preparing for the needs to live and exist not only tomorrow but for generations yet to come.

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