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When we think of surviving without power we normally think about floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Blizzards and ice storms are major winter storms that produce intense snowfall, ice, below-freezing temperatures, gale force winds, and power outages. Blizzards and winter storms areA generally forecast by our nation’s weather services.
This means that if you live inA orA are traveling through to an area that gets winter snow storms, regardless of whether it is urban, suburban or rural, you need to be prepared. Verify that you have a windshield scraper, tow rope, jumper cables, flares, or portable emergency roadway lights. Include a small folding shovel and bag of sand or cat litter (the old cheap kind, not the newer clumping kind) in case you get stuck and need to dig out or provide extra traction for your tires.
Winterize your emergency gear with a couple of space blankets as well as one wool blanket or sleeping bag. Make sure your emergency kit includes, among other things, glow sticks, knife or multi-tool, duct tape, flashlight, extra batteries, a lighter, matches, candles for melting snow, penA and paper. After you are sure you are stuck and in danger of being snowed in, do not hesitate to call 911. After your 911 call, or if you cana€™t get through to the operator, contact a family member or friend and give them the details of what has happened to you. Put on extra clothing if you have it, especially a jacket, hat, socks, and gloves (see above).
If you dona€™t have a winter emergency kit, use things like maps, magazines, newspapers and even removable car mats for insulation under and around you. If you are stuck for any prolonged period of time, there are three things to be on guard for: carbon monoxide poisoning, hypothermia, and frostbite. The longer you are stuck in your vehicle, the easier it becomes be to get demotivated, thinking help will never come. Get busy and be proactive.A Concentrate on the fundamental things you need to do and keep doing while you are stuck in your vehicle.
The vast majority of survival events, including getting stuck in a blizzard are short lived – less than 24 hours.
The post How to Survive a Blizzard in Your Vehicle by Robert Camp appeared first on The Survival Mom. We are striving to be the #1 source of information on prepper and surivival related information on the internet.
The Survival Channel strives to bring you the best best in prepper related content including podcasts, articles, and videos. Suzy Kerr has been a successful freelance writer since graduating from Missouri State University with a degree in journalism. Global warming, El Niño, a polar vortex, and long-lasting hurricane and tornado seasons should have all Americans convinced they are living in the era of weird weather. Sturdy gloves should go without explanation, but in case they do not, individuals should know that frostbite occurs within the extremities first. Other blizzard preparations should include items specific to the family such as a stockpile of diapers, wipes, and formula for babies. To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox. After a (relatively) mellow winter so far, it seems that Mother Nature has decided America is overdue for a serious snowstorm. Predictions are varying in regards to how much snow will actually fall, but when it comes to snowmageddon, it's better to be safe than sorry.
I can't believe I live in a world where our only defense against a blizzard is buying extra milk. Ordering in during a blizzard is just mean (unless there are extenuating circumstances, like you're craving dumplings).
When we heard #Jonas was visiting us in Kannapolis we expected three dudes and pop music. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Winter Storm Jonas has nothing to do with the adorable and charming Jonas Brothers. Blizzard tip: Introduce yourself to your neighbors so you know who'd make the best eating if you run out of bread, eggs and milk. Snowstorms can be scary (especially when the media is using phrases like snowmageddon and snowpocalypse to describe it), but we've all been through this before. Here is Hillary Clinton's full DNC speech where she accepts the nomination for President of the United States of America.
When I was assembling a snowshoeing survival kit for some friends' daughter, I received several helpful suggestions for emergency cold weather bivy bags and wanted to follow up on the topic. That got me to thinking about something mentioned by our brother Bearthedog on a backpacking trip.
The next step up from there would be to carry one of the high-quality, ultralight sleeping bags weighing a bit over a pound.

I just bought a silk sleeping bag liner which I can wear as a scarf, and that will provide a small amount of insulation should I need it for emergencies.
As far as the AMK bags trapping moisture: as long as you stay in the bag, it's not a problem.
If you find a quilt or sleeping bag made with Pertex fabric, those are slightly water repellent and wind repellent while being quite breathable. I'm thinking that you should be adequately dressed for at least daytime temps if you are out and about, so you shouldn't need too much additional insulation to get through the night.
I recommend synthetic because it will handle moisture better, which is a concern with both winter and in a waterproof bivy bag that traps moisture. The BSB, silk liner and heat pads take up a tiny amount of space, yet protect against the elements, whilst retaining and (if needed) generating heat. Bushman5: When I was young I once wrapped a non-breathable tarp around a sleeping bag and noted the consequences that you mentioned---trapped condensation and a moist, clammy feeling. There are copious stories of Wiggy's sleeping bag users crawling into their bags soaked, and waking up dry and warm.
One thing I like about the insulated backpacker's quilt is that I could probably carry it essentially for free as far as weight goes. You didn't mention a sensation of condensation build up so I'm assuming it did breathe as advertised? I haven't noticed any build-up in the XPG Bivy, at least not enough to see any staining or performance decrease in the bags I have, which are synthetics. When a blizzard is forecasted for your area, or if you and your family are caught outdoors during one, the following tips could help you survive. Along with sustained cold temperatures, many regions experienced blizzard conditions includingA heavy snow fall and accumulation, combined with strong winds. What is not easily predicted isA the true amount of snow, wind speeds, and the areas where snow and ice will accumulate. Do they have enough tread to last the winter or do you need to change them for all season or snow tires? The cheap mylarA space blanketsA are great to have, but they rip easily so you might want to splurge on the reusable, higher-quality ones to keep in your car. Jacket, hat, socks, and gloves are a minimum – preferably wool or something high tech and waterproof. Only leave to seek help if you have 100 yards (a football field) of visibility or more and you have a clear, visible objective to go for. TieA something bright, like a bandanna, to your antenna or roof rack, if you have one, or hang something bright out a window. Answer all questions and follow all directions given by the 911 operator.A Your life may literally depend on it.
But it is important for mind and body to keep your blood circulating and muscles from stiffening up. Not a lot, just snack, so that you body doesn’t pull too much blood from your extremities to digest your food. The good news is these threats areA fairly easily dealt with if you take action to protect yourself, as soon as possible. Fear and panic are at their strongest when your mind is racing and your imagination is running rampant with negative thoughts and ideas. Adjust to your circumstances and surroundings,A possibly including huddling for warmth with people you normally, literally keep at arms length. That said, during any major weather event A including blizzards, road crews, law enforcement, and sometimes even rescue teams are out looking for stranded motorists. Are you making a survival related podcast, a survival or prepper video channel or survival blog? If you have any features you would like to see or would like to nominate a blog you subscribe to for the network please drop me a line. She has worked on dozens of home renovations, completing projects from garage rebuilds and asbestos removal to shower installation. 7 Must-Know Tips for Using Your Generator SafelyIt's Cold Out There: Stay Safe While You Work or Play OutsideThe Pineapple Express Damaged Your House? 2014 has already seen the wettest weather on the East Coast since the 1800s and the driest weather on the West Coast in about a hundred years.
Once a blizzard sets in it will be difficult to find supplies and dangerous to be out on the roads looking for them.
When preparing for the cold temperatures of winter, it is a good idea to seal up any doors or windows that are not used to prevent drafts or heat loss.
However, blizzard conditions often require a homeowner to shovel snow several times a day to prevent the snow pileup from becoming immovable. It is important to keep a supply of gas to run generators, snow blowers, and snow plowing machinery. A well-insulated glove with a waterproof outer casing is essential when tackling any task out in the weather.

After shoveling snow, sprinkle the concrete to provide grip and help melt off any ice buildup.
When stocking up, try to choose items that provide balanced nutrition and do not need heating for safe consumption. Well they may be essential to surviving Winter Storm Jonas--at least, according to Twitter. This weekend is sure to be a white one, with Winter Storm Jonas pounding the east coast and leaving major cities under a thick blanket of snow.
Most people run to the nearest grocery store to grab all the milk and bread they can get their hands on, but you can't just survive on dairy and carbs. Even if it ends up being a light dusting, make sure you have the supplies and plans needed to get through being snowed in. Of course you're free to do so, but you risk A) endangering the lives of others, and B) earning the eternal hatred of your local pizza place.
While often irritating and a hindrance to plans and activities, smart and safe planning can remove most of the stress and uncertainty from a winter storm experience. The Aero Vest would also be worth including, but as I wear a Stormy Seas EXP100 (inflatable) Life Vest, have not done so. Numerous areas wereA affected, including thousands of miles of roads ranging from major commuter highways down to narrow, twisty mountain roads.
If you dress up for work, add a complete change of appropriate winter clothing, including snow boots. Remember, you are in a blizzard and who knows how long phone service will stay up or theA battery in your phone will last. Keep a window slightlyA open periodically (usually when you run your vehicle engine) to allow just a little fresh air in. However, there is a lot you can do to help keep yourselfA safe and alive until help arrives or you are able to rescue yourself.A  Remember, first and foremost, you are responsible for your safety and survival. The unseasonable heat is almost over, so there is no better time to take a look at what to do for the coming winter.
Sealing unused windows and doors with weather seal tape prevents heat loss and drafts during a blizzard and is easily removed afterwards. In addition, if the snow begins to pile on the roof of a home, it may be necessary to shovel it. Power outages during a blizzard and the days following are often a result of tree branches and other debris collapsing under the strain of snow buildup. It seems like a while since we've all had to gear up and get prepared for some aggressive weather (especially if you've been aggressively pretending last winter never happened).
Make sure to have warm clothes, plenty of water, and a variety of food that can be eaten even if the power fails. Put plans on hold until the forecast is a little clearer (or just cancel them and catch up on your Netflix viewing). If you do decide to place an order as the snow falls, remember to tip generously (and I mean at least $25, regardless of how much the food ends up costing). This will make your vehicle (and you) much more visible, even when it is snowing and blowing heavily. Stay focused on the positive things you need to do to promote your rescue and your survival. Roofs, especially those with very little angle, are at risk for collapsing under the unexpected weight. Early in a blizzard, homeowners should cut limbs that are above roofs and power lines to prevent them from falling and causing an outage. Once a blizzard starts it will be difficult to find access to gas especially if the electricity is out for an extended period.
Remember to periodically check any boxed items for an expiration date and swap out those that are about to expire.
And if you're expecting to be snowed in, a nice selection of alcoholic beverages can definitely help the time pass. And really, consuming your neighbors should always be the last resort (it's illegal and rude); so make sure you get some extra milk at the grocery store. As forA hypothermia and frostbite, layer up with your extra clothing and coverings, keep moving (see above), take in liquids and food frequently and in small amounts-snack. There is nothing fun about being stuck in a car on the side of the road during a snowstorm. Like the will to live, keeping and cultivating a positive mental attitude (PMA) A is central to your success.
I would wager more emergencies have gone from bad to worse because of a lack of PMA, usually caused by fear and panic followed byA depression and apathy.

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