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Steve Resnick has worked at Microsoft since the mid-1990s, spanning architect, developer, and evangelist roles in the field. Matthew has written four Flash books, contributed to a dozen Web books, and has published over 400 articles. Ho scoperto oggi, grazie alla segnalazione di Leo, che Punto Informatico ha aperto una sezione libri con diversi eBook gratuiti tra i quali figura anche il mio primo libro su “Windows Communication Foundation”, scritto nel 2007 e in italiano. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
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He specializes in Internet technologies, architecting and designing high-volume, high-value Web applications. Windows Presentation FoundationWindows Presentation Foundation has its main focus on the Designer.
Steve is the National Technology Director for the Microsoft Technology Centers in the United States, where he sets strategy and direction so that his team can solve the toughest customer challenges.
The two tools you will want to look out for are Expression Graphics Designer and Expression Interactive Designer, two tools from the new family of Expression tools that also include a Web tool. Matthew works directly with many companies as a business strategist coaching IT architects and business leaders to work tightly with each other towards common goals. Il libro ha avuto un discreto successo e sono davvero contento che ora sia disponibile anche in questo formato, anche se si basa sulla versione 3.0 (ormai siamo alla 4, ma per quella c’e l’Altro Libro ). The feedback on Graphics Designer is that Microsoft has delivered a solid illustration tool. A software architect and engineer with more than 18 years of experience, Rich has spent the last six years helping customers architect and build solutions on the Microsoft platform. The difference is that the tool, built with Windows Presentation Foundation, is flexible, engaging and something you would NOT ordinarily find coming from Microsoft.
Tools from third party vendors, such as Electric Rain with the XAM3D modeling tool, continue to hit the market. He is coauthor of Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System (2006, WROX) and holds an M.S.
This article starts by explaining the motivation for service-orientation, and then continues to discuss in depth how to develop service-oriented applications using WCF. You will see how to take advantage of some of the built-in features such as service hosting. While the article shows how to use these features, it sets the focus on the 'why' and the rationale behind particular design decisions, often shedding light on poorly-documented and understood aspects. In this example, the workflow is a set of activities such as Request Vacation, Approve Vacation, and Book Vacation. You will learn not only WCF programming, but also relevant design guidelines, best practices, and pitfalls. The outline is a work flow and one that you can capture programmatically with the tools in Windows Workflow Foundation. The objective of the training is not to just make you a WCF expert, but also a better software engineer.
They can execute different sections of the workflow based on conditions, for example, if the personal day request is approved or rejected. The workflows can include human agents, as in the personal day request example, or interact entirely with computer systems. Introduction to Service-Orientation Most of the time we hear people around us, speaking about Service Oriented Architecture(SOA). When a request is made for products from a vendor, the JIT process will use the vendor that has the product now. To elaborate, SOA relies on the ability to access chunks of business functionality, potentially owned by different applications, departments, companies, or industries.

We gradually shifted from OOP to SOA, as developers progressed building more complex enterprise systems. Object Oriented Programming With object-oriented programming, classes encapsulate functionality and provide code-reuse. To share classes between distinct applications or binaries, however, you have to copy the code as shown in the figure below: Figure 1. Duplicating types between components Component Oriented Programming Component-oriented programming introduces the concept of sharing binaries that encapsulate reusable classes. Although these technologies accomplish distribution in different ways the result is the same-binary components are activated over process and machine boundaries. Shared component containing shared types Component-oriented programming has many limitations, but the most obvious is tight coupling to a specific technology.
Service Oriented Programming Invoking a remote component of any kind requires serializing a message and passing it across applicable process or machine boundaries. Bridge technologies and adapters exist to transform messages from one technology into another, so that when the message arrives it can be understood and processed.
Over the last 10 years Web sites have added more complex and sophisticated membership and authentication systems. This approach is cumbersome, however, sometimes introducing multiple transformations between clients and components- and sometimes not even possible.
Instead of exposing components directly, components can be accessed through service boundaries to alleviate some of this pain. Exposing functionality through a service boundary service-orientation delivers a solution to the problems of distributed computing by introducing the concept of contracts, policies, and interoperability. In that respect, applications can communicate with one another's services, without concern over the technology each employs. The challenge of security is made more complex when people share user names and passwords with others. Also, service-orientation is an approach to development that implies the encapsulation of business components, data access, and data storage such that access is controlled through a top-level entry point.
The package is a service, accessible over whatever protocols are supported, even if it lacks interoperability. The basic principle of CardSpace is that you manage the identity you have with Web site from your desktop instead of from the Web site. The structure and ability to develop against the Framework has won many accolades and supporters. Today we have the third release of the framework that continues to extend the features developers can add to solutions. Any of these technologies can be useful in exposing the business logic in such a way that the client can reach that functionality at remote locations in a distributed environment, without communicating directly with business components. Overview of Windows Communication Foundation WCF simplifies development of connected applications through a new service-oriented programming model. WCF supports many styles of distributed application development by providing a layered architecture. At its base, the WCF channel architecture provides asynchronous, untyped message-passing primitives. Built on top of this base are protocol facilities for secure, reliable, transacted data exchange and broad choice of transport and encoding options. Problem Scenario The following example illustrates some of the problems that WCF addresses.
The management expects the application to be able to communicate with other software systems that are already running inside and outside their company. Yet given the diverse requirements of this application, no single technology would fit the requirements. Could be used along with ASMX to communicate with the J2EE-based reservation application and with the partner applications.

Because it implements more recently defined Web services agreements, known collectively as the WS-* specifications, WSE allows for more flexible Web services security, as long as all applications involved support compatible versions of these new specifications. Messages still conform to the data structure of a SOAP message, but their encoding uses a binary representation of that data structure rather than the standard angle-brackets-and-text format of the XML 1.0 text encoding. Using this option makes sense for communicating with the call center client application, because it is also built on WCF, and performance is an important concern. Solution for Car Rental Company problem with WCF WCF addresses a range of challenges for communicating applications.
Now, you understood the need of Windows Communication Foundation to facilitate current and future requirements. WCF Architecture Contracts and Descriptions Contracts define various aspects of the message system. The data contract describes every parameter that makes up every message that a service can create or consume. The message contract defines specific message parts using SOAP protocols, and allows finer-grained control over parts of the message, when interoperability demands such precision. The service contract specifies the actual method signatures of the service, and is distributed as an interface in one of the supported programming languages, such as Visual Basic or Visual C#. These endpoints each receive messages for their associated operations over the specified protocols. The scheme indicates the transport protocol being used, such as TCP, named pipes, HTTP, or MSMQ. The port can be specified to use a specific communication port other than the default for the protocol identified by the scheme. The path does not usually include a filename for self-hosting, but with IIS a physical file is implicitly included in the address. The ServiceHost can expose a metadata exchange endpoint to access metadata at runtime, or it can be used to generate a WSDL document representing the endpoints and protocols supported by the Proxies Clients communicate with services using proxies.
A proxy is a type that exposes operations representative of a service contract that hides the serialization details from the client application when invoking service operations.
For WCF applications, proxies are based on the service contract, so if you have access to the service contract definition, you can create a proxy instance to invoke the service. Before the proxy instance can be used to call service operations, it must be provided with information about one of the endpoints exposed for that service contract-there is a one-to-one relationship between proxy and endpoint.
Behaviors are enabled either in configuration or by applying behavior attributes to client proxies and services.
You'll create an interface that establishes the WCF contracts for any clients that consume the service. Consider this attribute as similar to [WebMethod] attribute, without which a method cannot be exposed to the outside world. You'll use this interface on both the server that hosts the WCF service as well as the client that uses it.
Building the Business Object Now that you've established the contract (interface), the next step is to build the business object that implements the contract.
To create the host application, do the following: Create a new console application project called DemoCustomerHost. In this case, a base address is provided for HTTP protocol, and the relative endpoint uses one of the standard bindings, BasicHttpBinding, based on HTTP protocol.
Building the Client Application Now, we are ready with the service and serviceHost applications. To create a client application, do the following: Create a new console application project called DemoClient.

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