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Designed for hikers, backpackers, traditional skills enthusiasts of any level, scout leaders and anyone seeking to gain confidence in wilderness skills.
Learn the arts of foraging, shelter building, water purifying, food preserving, fire carrying and more as we travel to one of the best and most beautiful places to live off the land.
Depending on when you feel ready to embark on a solo survival trek, you can spend 1-4 days putting your skills to the test. Open and geared to ages 18-26 with no prerequisite, while others who have attended our weekend workshops or other camps and expeditions in the past may also be welcome.
The goal of this camp session is to prove to yourself that you can survive a wilderness emergency and begin living in traditional comfort. Become an expert with the Bow Drill method of fire-by-friction and become introduced to hand drill, pump drill, pressure pump, fire plow, and more. Learn the Top 10 Lostproofing, Navigation & Orienteering Skills including map and compass. Learn Knife Safety, and even more important, efficient use of tools during survival situations.
Standard Discounts: You will receive cumulative discounts of $10 per additional week you attend this summer, $10 off per additional family member attending this summer, $10 off for successfully referring other families who register campers this summer, and once you’ve attended a program, $10 per online review you do for us on a searchable site like google and yelp, no matter how positive. Scholarships Availability: This camp involves high labor expenses, so we can’t offer scholarships this week. Refund Policy: If your registration is not accepted, you will receive a full refund on deposits.
Wilderness Survival 101 will consist of basic map and compass reading, fire starting with a flint steel, gathering adequate tinders, finding water, building shelters, signaling for help, and successfully navigating mountain terrain. Escape and evasion is the ability to flee from a potentially dangerous situation or group of violent people. Escape and Evasion Level 2 is the "big brother" class of Level 1, digging deeper into stealth movement, scouting, covering your tracks, covering scent, diversion tactics, and superior camouflaging. I highly recommend you to participate in a training program in an outdoor or wilderness survival school. A wilderness survival course will provide you with the practical experience necessary to handle many kinds of problems that could arise in the wilderness.

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This course helps you help you achieve comfort in the wilderness, with or without supplies from stores like REI, Cabela’s, or your local grocer. This is your own wilderness survival trek, and no matter how you choose to do it, we will work to help you make it the most incredible outdoor experience of your life. Ages 9-17 may attend the Wilderness Survivors Side of the Mountain youth camp running simultaneously. Expedition scholarships are available for ages 18-25 who drive to Tracking Wolf Country or Wilderness Navigation & Orienteering, as well as for youth ages 9-17 attending Survivors Side of the Mountain and Secrets of the Ancient Scout. You will learn about making fire with natural materials, snaring and trapping food, finding edible bugs and plants, building multiple types of shelter, rope and climbing techniques.
This class will consist of learning stealth and scouting techniques in forested areas, as well as basic camouflaging of yourself and anything you do not want to be seen. You will not be under our supervision, but alone with the other individuals in the class--surviving, escaping, and evading. A training course will increase your skills and knowledge and make your next wilderness adventure safer and more enjoyable. The following list of wilderness survival schools is for information purposes only. Survival kit list from the 100 estimated 32 percentage of 50 or before if you do need to be stockpiling you further harm your knife you’ll stay. To add transportation and stayover options, just increase your registration deposit amount below by the amount listed above with a note of explanation. The only additional expenses you may incur for this course are that you will want specific gear. If you cancel after making further payment, you may receive a credit for future programs, minus deposit, in case of emergency, although additional leniency may be given if you registered more than a month in advance. It is up to you to check the credentials of the survival schools and to find a program that is compatible with your needs.
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You will also need health insurance, so check with us for recommendations on inexpensive temporary insurance if necessary.
Please also note that our focus for scholarships is for residents of the Pacific Northwest states, and especially foster children, enrolled tribal members, and underprivileged young people.
Information on the equipment needed and cost per class can be found  bon the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right. Informaton on equipment needed and cost per class can be found by clicking on the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right. Information on class costs and equipment needed can be found by clicking on the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right. Survival food storage foods and dehydration system — must have a hope of survival depend on the plane! Canning uses sugars but being prepared as your earthquake survival with fire shelter food water as well as doing what you need to be restored in strategic location. If you need financial assistance or want to apply for a merit scholarship, click on Max Davis Scholarships which are granted by the Western Outdoor Learning Fund (WOLF Foundation) – a Washington State non-profit organization, independent from Wolf Camp and the Conservation College, whose mission it is to support those wishing to attend programs of earth skills education. No refund, nor credit, is given if a participant is asked to leave for inappropriateness as determined by our agreements for participation. Information on equipment needed and cost per class can be found by clicking on the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right.
Information on cost and equipment needed can be found by clicking on the COST AND EQUIPMENT tab to the right. To apply, add to your camp registration form answers to the 8 financial aid scholarship questions, or complete a merit scholarship project as described on that page.

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