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In 2003 the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, representing the citizens of LA up in Inyo and Mono counties, unilaterally turned off the Ruiz Ditch, after all it’s their water, and since then has allowed only flows during our traditional irrigation season April 1 to September 30. I want to live in a village where this action would cause elected leaders and unelected, even self-appointed leaders to stir, to rise up and organize all of us. On Friday, October 18, I grunted up into the saddle of a huge mule named Jake and began Day One of a 240 mile ride from the Owens Valley to Los Angeles. Riding along with me were three members of Mayor Garcetti’s staff who deal with the LA Department of Water and Power. The road into Lone Pine from my home in the alabama Hills was packed with locals in cars and the back of pickups. This relatively undisturbed desert habitat in our Owens Valley is scheduled to be covered with one million solar panels. In 2004 a proposed conservation easement on LADWP lands in Inyo and Mono counties was opposed by most Owens Valley residents and eventual the LA City Council. This entry was posted in Inyo, Los Angeles, Owens Valley, solar, Wildlife on October 12, 2013 by Mike Prather.
The Owens Valley is unique in California for being green in the summer instead of crispy golden brown. This entry was posted in aqueduct, history, Inyo, Los Angeles, Owens Lake, Owens Valley, Water on October 9, 2013 by Mike Prather. Established flows are 40 cubic feet per second (cfs) for the year round base flow with up to 200 cfs for the mimicked spring runoff flow seen in average years. So I slide into the water this morning to cut cattails and bull rush with a rice knife designed thousands of years ago.
This entry was posted in Inyo, Owens Lake, Owens Valley, Uncategorized, Water, Wildlife on June 23, 2013 by Mike Prather. The honey mesquite (Prosopsis juliflora) sinks deep roots into desert soils in search of water. However, being a curious naturalist, I transplanted a seedling into a container where it grew to four feet high by the time I moved to Owens Valley.
This entry was posted in Inyo, Owens Valley, Water, Wildlife on June 19, 2013 by Mike Prather.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I chair the Inyo County Water Commission so this was like Christmas – a captive audience. There was even a quote by the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce Director saying no one was paying any attention at all.
It is an understatement to describe this environmental justice struggle as a David versus Goliath battle. Groundwater close to the surface, supplying the root zone, supports phreatophytic plants explaining this anomaly. Since those years there has been a non-stopped effort by local environmental groups such as the Owens Valley Committee, Sierra Club, local chapter of CNPS and Inyo County to mitigate damage and stop addition assault.
This is an artificial river system; it lacks the natural functions of 2000 cfs flows to scour tules and spread willow and cottonwood seed up onto the benches. Inyo County’s comments from their previous Board of Supervisors suggested building a viewing platform for visitors?
If there had been a conservation easement accepted there would be no solar project proposal today. Before that year was over the extent of the environmental violence was clearly felt even by the Inyo County Board of Supervisors.
Inyo County is slightly larger than Connecticut with nearly 18,000 residents – just the LADWP has 10,000 employees.
In the 1960’s LADWP quantified the volume of groundwater under the Owens River flood plain that was being taken up by plants and transpired. When the nearby stoplight turns green it sounds like a motor speedway just outside the front door. Back in the 1970’s when I was living in Death Valley, I dug some neighborhood soil in order to plant some pots. I found that they can be transplanted and that pods can be planted in pots to grow new trees. Flying out of town after a monster breakfast, visitors don’t realize the story repeated over and again for more than 100 years here in Inyo.

Ruiz Ditch is not a BIG problem, but it is a stick in my eye every damn time I drive home up Whitney Portal Road into the Hills.
One hundred mules will ride the length of the 1913 Los Angeles Aqueduct from The Intake north of Independence all the way south to Los Angeles.
This ride is through the 1860’s ethnic cleansing of the Owens Valley Paiute by the US Calvary, through the complete destruction of Lone Pine in the 1872 Earthquake. It is an unnatural system that requires human intervention in order to reach ecological goals. This river, with all of its imperfections, is far better than the dry channel, filled with scattered tumbleweed and dust.
It creates that indoor-but-outdoor feeling you have in the mesquite bosques of the Southwest.
Recruiting the young folks to get off the couch and live with purpose – an examined life. The courts agreed with Inyo that Los Angeles must write and adequate Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for their groundwater pumping project. It is a hot day, but the water is cool and the work with others who care about this river is enjoyable. I now have a dozen young trees going into the yard and I visualize that indoor-but-outdoor feeling. The ditch carried scarce surface water year-round off Lone Pine Creek down to a small village horse pasture. Something as fundamental as flaws in the 1991 Long-term Groundwater Agreement and technical manual must be fixed in order to avoid endless conflicts in the future. I assumed young plants were consumed by jack rabbits, round-tailed ground squirrels and cottontails. I look forward to more Wilson’s warblers and roadrunners while I wait for the chachalacas.

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