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Using hot coals from a fire to burn down into a log to make a survival container that water can be boiled in. The other part of the week consisted of making group survival shelters and staying in them overnight. First a small fire pit is created in the center and then the walls are stuffed with leaf litter debris (in this case the branches and leaves of the non-native invasive plant, Japanese knotweed).
A sharp rock or knife can be used to scrape out the charred wood in between adding fresh sets of hot coals.
Now stream water can be put in the bowls and small red-hot rocks from a fire can be added to boil (and thus purify) the stream water for drinking.

The shelters are completed by adding a lot of small branches then debris to the roof to keep rain and wind out (leaving a small opening for smoke to escape).After a busy afternoon of construction, the shelters were completed after dark.
This course would prepare you for the step into the the wilderness that would give you the confidence to break away from modern campsites and onto exploring a short day trail for some overnight camping and family fun time while giving you the skills and piece of mind to venture past modern camping and into the exciting world of primitive camping. We also conduct short one day clinics to help engage your mind on how to develop a plan of action, what to bring and how pack a backpack for your day hike or extended stay with nature. With all of this education it will make your outdoor experience a safer and more enjoyable for you and your family.
Day two covers map & compass, camouflage and concealment, hiding spot selection, evasion shelters(or hides), and evasion movement techniques.

These courses are designed to get you motivated, confident,and self reliant so that you may think on your feet and tackle any situation or emergency should one arise while you are out enjoying the great outdoors.
On day three, students will begin their escape & evasion exercise using an aggressor force and artisan network.

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