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Now that you have been working on your wilderness survival skills you are to the point where you feel you can obtain food in the wild. However, what do you do with that food once you have managed to trap, snare or have caught some fish.
Game and fish caught in the wild must be processed almost immediately in warm weather to prevent spoilage. Cut the head and feet off and spread the cavity open and prop with a stick then wipe the cavity out.
You want the meat to cool as quickly as possible so never leave the entrails in any longer than necessary.
Once back at camp start a fire and make a spit by pushing two forked sticks into the ground on either side of the fire. Cut down either side of the backbone through the ribs to free the breast meat if you plan to dry some of the meat otherwise skewer the animal and place over the heat.
Having wilderness survival skills such as knowing how to process wild game is essential to prevent sickness and to make sure you eat well.

For field expediency, you should cook the fish whole and then remove the skin after it is cooked. Knowing how to prepare fish properly is an important wilderness survival skill and one that should be practiced often. To keep the fish from falling apart as it cooks cook it on a flat rock near enough to the fire to maintain heat.
You can also lay several saplings over the fire and support with forked sticks and lay the fish on the saplings to cook. You can also drape the fish over a single sapling over the fire but the flesh tends to fall off as it cooks. Once you find yourself in a wilderness survival situation you will need to know how to do certain things to survive. The Wild Eight casts you as a group of survivors following a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness. As if all that wasn't bad enough, there are also creatures from another dimension ready to rip you a new one, because videogames.

From the description, it sounds like a gritty Don't Starve Together with the co-op count bumped up, so it might be brilliant. Begin peeling the skin off starting at the hind legs and working forward, you will pull the skin inside out essentially. On small game, the legs do not have much meat but they can be placed in water and boiled to produce a protein rich broth. Having wilderness survival skills means you can eat well while in the wilderness and not become sick. There are things you can do now to prepare yourself, so practice what skills you can in a controlled environment before you need to depend on those skills to save your life.

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