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Canopy Bug Net for PonchoA rain canopy with a drop style bug net designed to mate with all the PSS Series Ponchos. Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for?
In the featured picture a lean-to survival shelter has been constructed in a survival training class apparently in Europe. The leaves of the thatching are hanging down meaning that any water will follow the branch and leaf stem then on down to the tip where it will drip onto the occupants below. This shelter would be marginal even with a tarp as a cover over the woodwork frame as the roof is too low and the roof slope should really be greater. To create the proper survival shelter – Before doing anything, determine the purposes of the shelter, the needs the shelter must provide. The PSB like a wool blanket is still warm when wet, unlike wool it is very easy to dry, even in the field.
Cover colors can be varied from Multicam on both side which we call a Concealment Blanket (PCB) to no camo at all, such as OD Green on both sides.
Items included: Blanket, Shock cord loop with cordloc, Ripstop nylon stuff sack (non-compressing).
PCB, PCBT, PCBL are standard size, tall, and large, all with Multicam (camo) on both sides for full concealment.
PSBx, PCBTx, PCBLx, same as above sizes but with no Multicam premium camo fabric, mostly solid colors. There were 56 vendor booths at the Utah Valley show, and they expect to have close to that at the Boise show. In Boise we will be debuting one of our newest products to our survival gear line, and will have several for sale at the show.
A quick side note for our Utah followers, make sure to mark your calendars for October 7th & 8th which will be the next show that Wilderness Innovation will be at. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for current events as they happen at the show! Silky Pocketboy 170 Pocketboy 170mm blade (6.75") large aggressive hardened teeth for fast smooth cuts. Cylindrical Gear Bags w MOLLEThis bag is sturdy Invista Cordura® Nylon pack cloth, comes with MOLLE compatible attachment system, D rings, drawstring closure. We have made these sturdy Cylindrical Gear Bags w MOLLE for years for our products such as , ponchos, survival kits, small cook sets, and tarps, now we are making them available as individual items. This old Chalk Line has been used by us at Wilderness Innovation for the last several years.
All our ponchos get some lines chalked on them in production as guides for sewing, you might have even noticed some slight remnant on gear you have purchased, though we try to remove them, they are just a light dusting and wipe away quickly.
As we were cleaning up yesterday to prepare for Christmas I picked up that old chalk line, it was like some magical instrument as memories of dad flooded my mind. When I was quite young my grandpa Peacock moved back to Utah from Oregon, my dad and his brother Rolland built grandma and grandpas new house out of their old house in Emery, Utah. Later when dad needed a shop, he learned to be a brick mason and built our shop, and many of the neighbors. In the same shop I helped dad build snowmobile trailers, which we traded a dealer for our own snowmobiles.
When I was just entering my teens dad decided to follow his father and enter the beekeeping business. Soon dad moved us to the country and there I helped him build a new much larger shop and honey house.
Dad helped Uncle Rolland build several houses for his kids as they married and needed places of their own. Our house was built on sloping ground with the road being higher than the back of the property, so dad and I were talking and I said to him wouldn’t it be cool to build a double decker garage so the cars could park in the upper level and there could be storage and a place to park the boat on the bottom, well he built it just like that. All these things and many more I watched and helped dad do, in his spare time, as his full time employment was with the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller. That old chalk line brought back a lot of memories to me, I’m sure there are many more in my head as well.
I sure miss my dad, but many odd things like this old chalk line bring back many happy memories. By pdpeacock On December 5, 2011 · Add Comment When I was young what is today most often called an Emergency Blanket, was invented and it changed the world of survival and preparedness. Many years ago shortly after graduating from High School, I was a guide on Deer Hunt when we got trapped in the tops of some mountains by a sudden snow storm. Medically it has been used in a mild environment next to the skin to reflect body heat back and to humidify the air around the body of a patient. So there’s the short story on using the Emergency Space Blanket, be sure to watch our YouTube Channel for upcoming additional videos showing various uses. Getting to the heart of the subject, I want to list some of the factors that make sleep difficult, then some tips I have found that work for me to alleviate some of these. Fear – fear of the unknown has caused many to lay awake all night, expecting the worst.

If you can sleep against a sizable fallen log, build a good fire a couple steps away and let the fires heat warm the log for a couple hours while doing other things.
Hammock sleeping-I don’t know if I even need to mention anything here as there is so much info out there.
Although I’m generally a side sleeper, I have found it very comfortable to sleep on my stomach when sleeping on the ground. Well that’s a start and a few of many tips I could offer on how to obtain a good nights rest. I had only two incidents while serving while serving four years sleeping in holes in the ground and other less than pristine places.
I am making some assumptions here, but this picture is one of many showing accomplishments of the class.
Feet seem to be at the bottom of the roof and the front edge is little if any farther out than their heads. Making meals, writing in a journal, or doing other tasks would be very difficult without being able to at least sit up comfortably. Many times people assume a shelter is only for sleeping in, while we all know that it rains in the daytime as well as at night. I have seen so many wholly inadequate shelters built, all with happy smiling faces of the builders, unknowing the discomfort that awaits them should a storm arise.
There are 3 color styles listed below shown in Blue, one for each style of colors; PSB has a camo color on one side and a solid color on the other, PCB has a camo color on each side, PSBx has no camo colors but is a solid color on each side. Wilderness Innovation was able to be apart of the Utah Valley Super Preparedness Fair held this past June, and it was a great opportunity to meet hundreds of like minded people.
There is several speakers on several different topics including food storage, cold weather survival, urban warfare, personal defense, solar & alternative energy, and much, much more! We are really excited for the opportunity to meet everyone, and contribute what we have to the preparedness community. I still recall as a little kid my job was using a hammer to pull out the nails from the boards as the old house was dismantled. That shop soon served as a shipyard of sorts as dad embarked on a project to build a cabin cruiser boat. We built and repaired boxes and frames for the beehives in that shop as well as extract honey in the fall.
I guess for the many things dad was to our family, the chalk line reminds me of dad the builder.
After that first experience I learned more about the material, it’s nature and what it could realistically do for me. It functions much the same as a solar oven or a reflector oven, changing the direction of travel of IR radiation. The importance of it all is in reality comfort, and as I mentioned, if you are not sleeping, you are not comfortable.
I touched on a couple things in last weeks blog, we’ll cover more in greater detail today. Truth is, not much ever happens to most people, it’s the few we know about that put the fear into us. Most people who say they didn’t sleep well due to being too cold really have only one area that is cold, their feet. When you go to bed sleep close to the log, it will warm your back and the fire will warm your front. In cold or warm weather I often like the comfort of snapping in our fleece liner as it offers a pleasant layer between the body and the hammock fabric. A good quality sleeping pad is well worth it since if where you lay is not comfortable your sleep will not be either. Once I got stepped on by a cow (we moved into position at night and I ended up sleeping directly on a trail) and once a little furry critter shared the hood of my mummy sleeping bag. During the night I felt something breathing on my face, which was a bit disturbing, then when some drool landed on my forehead, that got my attention. Over the years I have seen hundreds of pictures of survival training shelters – that are worthless.
Probably not for at least two reasons, 1) the forest seems plenty thick to provide shade on its own, 2) notice the woodpile on the left is covered with a tarp to protect from the rain. A proper shelter should provide protection, comfort, and ability of occupants to perform many tasks including meal preparation. So just choose your color style, then choose your size, a drop down will allow you to choose your color choice. We had an overwhelming response to many of our products, and really appreciated all the feedback that we received from the show. It was a fine boat that was used for many years by our family in lakes all over the western US. Dad was always buying old bee boxes from people then we would fix them up and make them look practically new.

Chances are that if have bought a poncho from us at Wilderness Innovation the guide line for the front seam for the hammock cord was snapped with dad’s old chalk line. The plastic film is PET, the same material used in water bottles, aluminum vapor is bonded to the film in a vacuum process. My favorite way to use the blanket is as a lean-to or incorporated in the wall or roof of a shelter that uses fire for heating, see picture at right.
If you can set up a shelter facing South with a clear view of the sun, the blanket can even be laid on the ground to reflect energy from the sun up into your shelter. I think some of the TV programming adds to this unreasonable fear, with shows where everything that could go wrong does. Build up 8-12 inches of dry leaves, pine or juniper boughs, willows, reeds, small branches, or dry grass. In the absence of a sleeping pad, a mattress of dry grass, leaves, pine or juniper boughs to a depth of around 12″ will do wonders.
If you are going to hack down natural resources to make a shelter at least make the shelter, a shelter. Dad built his own flat bed on a one ton truck chassis, he built large trailers to pull behind the truck. This material is valuable when used correctly, it is dangerous when relied upon without knowing its properties. It can be used alone in cold but not too windy weather, here’s a link to a video on this application. Since it is waterproof, it can shed rain water, either wrapped around a person, or incorporated in a shelter roof. A unique combination of modern materials, the PSB utilizes an exceptionally soft polyurethane foam insulating core, with highly breathable nylon cover, DWR coated to repel water.
I remember pulling out my space blanket and wrapping it around me expecting to soon feel the warmth. If harvesting live materials for practice, I like to gather from a wide area so I am only doing a light pruning here and there. I was sorely disappointed as anywhere I had direct contact with the blanket it was freezing cold, and the wind did not help as it pressed the blanket against me.
I have the gear to sleep well in virtually any condition, but lots of times I’m carrying minimal gear or testing something different. We should take the standard measures in dealing with food and such in bear populated areas, such as keeping food out of reach, eating in an area away from the sleeping area, beyond that don’t worry about it. In a real situation you would not want to waste calories and would take whatever is closest. I did find that if there was a space between me and the blanket I could feel the warmth, I soon abandoned it however, as it seemed useless to me at the time. Built tough enough to last a lifetime, its durability and innovative features are now available with MAG-LED Technology. We got through the storm very well, by making a tall circular windbreak of sage brush and building a fire in the middle.
I once camped with a group in which one of the members had never camped before in his life. We slept through the night, awaking to a nice layer of snow everywhere except our little alcove shelter. I love to unscrew the head which makes it into a candle style light, then I hang it above my hammock while reading." - Perry Peacock. A couple years ago I did a blog on sleep deprivation, in my research I found that the effects of lack of sleep can be devastating, especially to the brain. Miss too much sleep and decision making can be impaired, reasoning nearly impossible, the effects can be deadly.
He lay in his new tent, fearing every noise, a small branch rubbing his tent became a bear. He finally got some sleep when he said to himself, Perry is out there just on the ground, if a bear comes around it will attack him first. Over the years I’ve slept in the desert, home to scorpions and snakes, in the southeast US with snakes and spiders and much more, never a problem. A unique combination of modern materials, the PSB utilizes an exceptionally soft polyurethane foam insulating core, with highly breathable nylon cover. Blanket Size 6' x 7' Colors: Camo on one side and a solid color on the other, select in drop down. The pocket is sewn in and sealed to your PSS, it has storm flaps, a D Ring inside to attach keys, etc.

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