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Participants will learn how to assess, treat, and (when possible) contain emergencies within the scope of their training.
The meals that will be provided are Crackerbarrel-Friday night, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch and a light Saturday dinner. Ideal for scouts and leaders, our 16-hour Wilderness and Remote First Aid course gives you the skills and confidence you need to respond to an emergency when help may be delayed. As the entry level course for anyone who spends time in remote places, the Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course will help you prepare for the unexpected.
The BSA wants to do all it can to promote awareness of this course, and help as many Scouts and leaders as possible take the course and earn certification as a WFA practitioner. Youth and adult Scout leaders are encouraged to take this first-aid course, which offers a management dimension that most curriculums fail to address. Wilderness First Aid courses are ideal for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, backpackers, hikers, search and rescue volunteers, camp staff, remote site workers, and travelers who either work or play away from definitive medical facilities and support. The Wilderness First Aid class is typically a fast paced two day course, with 8-10 hours of instruction each day. Wilderness First Aid courses are for folks who recognize the importance of having first aid skills if you spend time in the outdoors.
Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Wilderness First Aid course certification card from the American Safety and Health Institute valid for 2 years. Because of yet another self-inflicted minor injury, I was just forced to break into my voluminous first aid kit. When I was a young Grub Scout, we learned all kinds of neat tricks and tips for stopping bleeding and bandaging broken limbs. Since that time, I have received actual formal training in emergency medical care and no longer pose a serious threat to those in need.
If you wish to proceed further, I would suggest taking a class known as “First Responder” that bridges the gap between basic first aid and that of a state-certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).
If you are interested, First Responder classes are often sponsored by local volunteer fire departments or area hospitals.
Once you have a basic idea of how to help someone in a medical crisis, the next matter is logistics. The big kit contains a large assortment of bandaging material, gauze, tape, and even splinting material. The primary bag is there for big problems or smaller problems around base camp but other modes of travel should also be addressed.
Into a small waterproof zippered nylon pouch, I put gloves, assorted adhesive bandages, a few 4×4 gauze pads, a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a military trauma dressing.

One item I always carry are the proprietary blister-treatment bandages because blisters are the most common yet trip-wrecking malady encountered in the outdoors.
I have many other ideas on outdoor first aid but unfortunately I’m already getting woozy from blood loss. Posted in Out in the Open columns and tagged Biking, Boating, Camping, Columns, Fishing, Gear, Hiking, Hunting, Paddling, Trapping.
I just want to make a correction; Wilderness Medical Associates providers wilderness medical training such as WFR, WFA, WAFA, WEMTs, etc. Youth and adult Scout leaders over age 14 are invited to participate and earn their certification.
The course meets BSA requirements for wilderness first aid training among all crews participating in national and council high adventure camps. This fast paced, hands-on training is designed to meet the needs of trip leaders, camp staff, outdoor enthusiasts and individuals working in remote locations.
The bottom line is this: Better decision-making at the incident scene miles from base facilities can save valuable time and human resources. Even minor chaos increases the risk of injury to rescuers and bystanders, as well as the risk of inadequate care for the patient.
Whether youa€™re a scout, an outdoor enthusiast or you work in a remote environment, our Wilderness and Remote First Aid course gives you the skills you need to respond to an emergency when help may be delayed. We have climbers, trekkers, paddlers, snowboarders, parents, sailors, teachers, outdoor guides, scout leaders, fishermen and hunters - all learning about how to care for an injured or sick friend. As I stood there simultaneously trying to keep leaking body fluids off the bedroom carpeting while I rooted through the backpack, I realized that this might be a good time to discuss the fine art of first aid in the outdoors. After thinking back for a few moments, I cannot imagine anything more horrifying than being seriously injured and seeing a young Brent Wheat standing impatiently with a tourniquet in hand.
Unfortunately, the one in need is usually myself but at least I’ve not harmed other patients.
If you wish to take a first aid course, look up the local chapter of the American Red Cross. First Responder certification is the level of training that most police officers and firefighters receive and is geared heavily toward helping people involved in traumatic accidents such as car crashes. This stays with the vehicle because, other than while backpacking or canoeing, it is fairly rare in Indiana to be more than a half-hour’s hard hike from your vehicle. I also keep a supply of pain reliever and individual packets of antibiotic ointment, taking care to make sure the medicines are not expired, along with instant cold packs.
In this case I have made up several smaller kits that get permanently stowed away in all sorts of places such as the tackle box, boat dry box and hunting bag.

The bandages and hand sanitizer will take care of minor to moderate problems while the military dressing will handle serious wounds and can even serve as a sling or splinting material for broken bones. Regardless if your hiking boot is chafing or a canoe paddle has raised a hot spot, these bandages work far better than any other material for treatment. While some are good, such as those from Adventure Medical Kits that are widely available through outdoor retailers, most other prepackaged kits simply don’t stand up to the rigors of dirt and water. I’d love to continue but all I can see is a very bright light and the voices of loved ones…. It will introduce you to caring for people who become ill or injured far from definitive medical care. Emergencies most often call for a leader to be directive, at least until the scene is safe and the patient is stabilized. If so, Desert Adventures certified WFA instructors can teach you how to respond to an emergency if you are in an area where help may be delayed in reaching you. Students are provided with ample opportunity to master the central concepts and skills of wilderness medicine and the confidence to use it in a real setting. Having taken this class, it offers a good, practical look at the basic principals of helping others who are sick or injured. Overall, it is probably the most appropriate course for a non-professional outdoors enthusiast seeking training to deal with common outdoor injuries. I have also found that it is not uncommon to run across traffic accidents while driving to or from your recreation destination. Emergency shears, hemostats, a pair of splinter tweezers and bee-sting treatment completes the kit. Classroom lectures and demonstrations are combined with realistic scenarios where mock patients will challenge you to integrate your learning. This is best accomplished by discussing leadership in case of an emergency with other members of your party before a potentially critical situation occurs.
Of course, rubber gloves are stowed in every bag because in this day and age of disease, human blood is perhaps one of the most dangerous substances known to mankind.
At the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and ability to make sound decisions in emergency situations.

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