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The Adventure Station Wilderness Survival Kit teaches kids outdoor skills like knot-tying, navigation and identifying animal tracks.
Product Comments: I must say, while this is a present for my nephews, I want to purchase one for myself. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Information sur un jeu : Wilderness - Page 1 - yAronet 09:46 Cliquez ici pour vous connecter Cliquez ici pour vous inscrire Mot de passe oublie ? You never believe it will happen, but when it does, you want to be prepared and knowledgeable.
Extreme survival conditions call for more challenge and awareness to develop your winter bushcraft abilities.
Using the contents of this kit, kids can learn and master basic outdoor survival skills, like orientating and how to tie and use ropes.

You are all alone in the snow and cold, but you manage to pull a topographic map from the wreckage of your plane.
Register 90 days on or before the first day of camp. See PayPal drop down menu for discount availability. Mark’s hands-on approach to winter education develops your physical and mental acuity building a firm foundation in survival training. No one should neglect the importance of a well-rounded survival education and it is not complete without winter survival training.
Winter training addresses the most important fundamentals for outdoor survival in snow country. The game casts you as an archaelogist in search of the Croesus status, rumored to be inside the Lost City of Gold.
From the scene of where your plane crashed, you must trek into the wilderness, find the statue, and return alive.Although Wilderness may appear to be just another parser-based interactive fiction, the player will soon discover that the game's astounding level of realism and detail more than qualifies it as a simulation.

The game was designed by a team of real-life doctors, and it shows: right from the start, the game asks for your height, age, and heart rate-- all of which affect hundreds of factors, from stamina, speed, and resistance to disease. The list of options is virtually endless, and there are many random elements (storms, diseases etc.) that you must contend with.
Overall, Wilderness is a complex simulation that is guaranteed to teach you a few things about real-life survival adventure.

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