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North Carolina turkey hunters shouldn’t expect a big change in the number of birds they see afield during the spring season, according to the 2015 brood survey that was recently released. The statewide flock, estimated at 150,000 in 2005, is now estimated to number 265,000 birds. Participants reported observing 10,486 hens, 17,622 poults and 5,311 gobblers during the summer survey. A critically endangered bird is bred in captivity, cared for every day by a team of keepers, grown to be physically strong and eventually, released.
In the hope of improving survival rates, Healesville Sanctuary introduced predator awareness training as part of its Helmeted Honeyeater conservation regime.Their strategy was to position a Goshawk in a neighbouring enclosure and encourage it to fly back and forth between perches.
The bird, nicknamed Jackie, was first spotted in late June amongst the huge resident population of crow-like black birds that make up the four colonies of jackdaws at Avebury. But it wasn't until Jackie was caught on camera, mid July, that the completely white bird with pink feet and beak could be identified as having all the typical traits of a 'true albino'.

True albinos, however, don't survive long in the wild and the future of Avebury's white jackdaw looks black.
Because of their colour, or lack of it, the survival rate of albino birds is lower because they're so visible to predators. In the meantime, the easy-to-spot Jackie, at one of the county's most popular tourist attractions, should be hard to miss. When it reaches the wild though, it not only fails to evade its main predator, but flies directly towards it and is killed. Here lies the central issue for the Helmeted Honeyeater, a small, yellow-tufted bird whose survival rate on release from captivity sits at less than 40 per cent. Survival rates of the birds released subsequent to the regime have more than doubled, up to 90 per cent. The most encouraging sign for Ms McCulloch is that it appears those who have received the training are passing their predator awareness and reactions on to other Helmeted Honeyeaters.

Over the past three decades, conservation teams have worked to rebuild the species' population, but at last count, there are fewer than 100 left in the wild.
Threatened species bird keeper at Victoria's Healesville Sanctuary, Bronwyn McCulloch says monitoring of post-release Helmeted Honeyeaters revealed a major concern.
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