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What are the top foods to stockpile in an emergency that you can find in local stores?
Some say these are acts of God and others say climate change; whatever is happening, ita€™s clear in recent years that a massive disaster can strike any time and just about anywhere. In the heat of the moment, or several weeks in advance, youa€™re going to want foods that help you meet nutritional needs, that have a high calorie count, and of course foods likely to disappear first off store shelves. As a bottled supplement, these can go a long way to provide essential vitamins and minerals, and an assortment of beneficial health properties, in a time of emergency. Note, many non-perishable foods such as several listed here dona€™t have a long shelf life, usually just several months. When preparing for an emergency, your should also strongly consider bulk freeze-dried emergency foods that have a shelf life of several years.
In a time of extended disaster, trust me a€” having a bag of M&Ms, smoked beef jerky, or even a soda from time to time can be a big boost to morale, especially if you have children.
With that said, do not overlook the value in having bulk freeze dried food stocked up in your pantry, especially if you would like to help neighbors and other family members who have failed to prepare. One final thing to comment on here: People stocking up on survival foods might skip the meat aisle altogether, believing that cuts of meat will go bad quickly in an emergency.
But what if you know how to salt and smoke meat, to preserve it for long term storage minus refrigeration or freezing? How we treat others in times of conflict can show what kind of character we have deep down.
Youa€™re on a Christian website that publishes warnings regarding the a€?last daysa€? and of course wea€™re going to mention here that a food shortage in a community can be a great opportunity for God to increase your faith, as you trust in him to provide for you, even as you share your food stores with others. The man or woman of God living a Christian life is put in a hard situation, when he or she has to choose between sharing food with others, during a time of crises, or storing it away.
Basingbourne Park Survival Buzz: How to Move From the Mid-Way Point of Prepping April Gardening Ideas and Things to Do in the yard. I borrowed the above rifle from a family member to help remediate a garden groundhog problem I was having, a groundhog that wouldn’t make the wise decision to walk into a Havahart trap for permanent re-location. BTW: The other upside of this rifle is that odds are low thugs will rob you at the shooting range for it. Its also cheap to train on user friendly and is easy for women and children to master without suffering a beating which leads to the fear of taking the shot. Since some of you inquired, the top of the barrel reads: Winchester Model 67-22 Short, Long and Long Rifle.
I dont see any of these rounds as great defensive rounds but again, it beats the hell out of throwing rocks. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. Serving approximately 1,300 veterans, SLCC ranked 18 on the national publicationa€™s Best for Vets: Colleges 2016 list, which recognizes schools for their commitment to providing a wide array of educational opportunities and benefits for veterans and their families. SLCC has begun coordinating with Veterans Services from various universities in the area to help veterans plan to transfer to four-year institutions. SLCC has ranked in the top 20 for two-year schools since making the Best for Vets list in 2011. Salt Lake Community College is an accredited, student-focused, urban college meeting the diverse needs of the Salt Lake community. Walkera€™s Partners With Shooting Professional Jessie Duff Enjoy Winter Camping at Camp Creek State Park and Forest in West Virginia New!
In my accompanying firearm article, Top Ten Survival Rifles, I defined five different roles a good survival rifle must fill. That’s not to say there aren’t a few useful roles for a Dirty Harry gun when you’re trying to survive. With these two categories cleared up, the answer takes us not to the best choice of survival gun, but instead, we turn to the ideal choice of cartridge for the task at hand.
Let’s face it, some of these cartridge sizes are impractical for survival, and we can dismiss them immediately. The 38 Special, while an old cartridge and still attractive, holds no advantage over the much more readily available 9 MM Luger.
If you ramp this baby all the way up to Plus P hollow-point, then why not just go with the .357 Magnum?
The .357 Sig is a great cartridge fired by high-quality Sig Sauer and other pistols, but again, it is not nearly as prevalent at 9MM. Sure, the old faithful Luger round may not technically be any better, but its use is far more widespread. These rounds represent the full gamut of firepower we’ll need to survive, however, each one has its own niche. In most survival situations it’s wise to give them wid-berth, but, on the other hand, they can also be a valuable survival food source. Now, you can kill them with any of the rounds mentioned above, but why would you waste .44 Magnums when a couple .22 LRs will suffice?
If you find yourself under attack by a wolf or coyote, keep in mind that one animal is not stalking you—a pack is. A wolf is a pack animal and his brother and sister Lobos will be waiting in the wings to ambush you. No doubt the .44 Magnum will make a wolf explode, but you only have six of those opportunities in that big gleaming revolver. The .45 ACP will do the trick as well, but again, it’s a big round, and at best you may be looking at ten rounds. When you are facing something nine feet tall, 850 pounds, with long teeth and six-inch claws—you need stopping power.
So if you are planning on bugging out, 500 .22 LR can be stashed in your bug out bag without destroying your back. On the other hand, if you are in a gunfight with a guy with anything larger, that lifetime will be over in minutes—in which case the other thousand rounds in your bug out bag really didn’t help, now did they?
In a post-apocalyptic world, hopefully far into the future, I can imagine that the last round fired from any weapon anywhere may very well be a 9 mm Luger (Parabellum). This round will do the job in a pinch against a single assailant, maybe even a pair of bad guys.
This round blows big holes in people and is generally delivered from firearms with at least eight round magazines.
These guns tend to shoot smoothly with little recoil for so large a bullet, typically 230 grain.
So now that we know which cartridges we should consider for each circumstance, we finally get to the point of this article, the top ten best survival guns to own and shoot.
These firearms are not listed in any particular order, and the order doesn’t indicate relative value or quality. If you own a Glock (or plan to), then I think its a requirement that you get to know your gun properly.
There are some great 1911s out there, like Colt, Kimber, Rock Island Armory and Ruger to name a few.
Although the 1911s are a tried and true design with excellent ergonomics, reliability, recoil management, with precision sights and accuracy, they are also typically restricted to ten or fewer round magazines. They also tend to be made of old school, heavy metal—pretty beefy to be carrying around in a survival situation when there are quality-made, light-weight composite-rich alternatives. Carrying one survival gun for capacity and one survival gun for sheer power makes for a winning combination. This means you only really need to stock two ammos, one that is, small, light and cheap, and and one that is larger, and still fairly cheap (compared to many rifle rounds). If I had to pick just 3, it would be the Gock 17, Glock 30( 45acp) and the Ruger 22 mag LCR. Very informative article, as a beginner in handguns it makes me easy to cope- up the differences among each handguns. Greetings I have a Glock 20 in 10mm its on par with a 41 magnum and holds 15 rounds and for reloaders it will handle big mean critters. A good article and good advice for someone who’s thinking about starting or adding to their personal survival arsenal.

If you live in, near, or travel through a desert, listen up because this article was written for you.
Name one survival item with … [read more]How To Surf Anonymously To Avoid Being TrackedIs Your Internet Activity Being Tracked Right Now?
I'm not here to question the reasons why you want to … [read more]How To Build A Survival Medical Kit From ScratchEveryone Needs A Survival Medical Kit. Founded in 1939 and based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Gerber is an American brand whose products have global reach and relevance. The Gerber LMF II survival knife has a blade length of nearly 5 inches with an approximately 6 inch handle.
The Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed Blade is a 10 inch knife with a 4.8 inch carbon stainless steel drop point blade, so it is a bit smaller than the Gerber LMF II. Designed as a smaller, bare-bones version of the Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed Blade knife, the Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade is just that. The smallest and stoutest of all the Bear Grylls Survival knives, the Ultra Compact Blade is specially designed for slicing and dicing and easy carrying. Another folding knife on this list is the Survival AO, which features an easily deployable blade and both plunge and safety locks for keeping the blade open or closed exactly when needed. What to grab now before ita€™s gone and before chaos erupts a€” and while you still have access to money. Look for a€?Alaskan Wild Salmona€? and youa€™re likely to get salmon with minimal or no environmental contaminants that can sometimes show up in other canned fish from other parts of the world.
As a dry, non-perishable food, brown rice also has a long shelf life making it a great survival food. Store bought brands of brown rice and brown rice cereal may only have a shelf life of 3 a€“ 6 months however.
Dried beans come in packages larger than canned beans but for the amount you get weigh quite a bit less. You can extend storage life by then storing these in the refrigerator, those most bulk foods will store a good while, if kept in a cool, dark, place away from sunlight. For the best health, choose a€?naturala€? brands like Skippy Natural Peanut Butter (Skippy offers the best price I can find for buying in bulk off places like Amazon). The simple sugars in the raisins, chocolate and dried fruits can be a quick mood booster and source of short term energy. If not you, someone in your party is likely to consider coffee (or simply caffeine) an essential, and may be tired, lethargic, and have headaches without the stuff. So, it is the powdered supplement with a long-term shelf-life that I recommend as a key survival food. Youa€™ll want to have a system in place in order to a€?cyclea€? your non-perishable food before it expires: When non-perishable food nears ita€™s expiration date, either eat it or even donate it to a local food bank (food banks usually give food away within a short time of receiving a donation).
Do we become animals or do we rise up and become men and women of honor, willing to share our supplies with others in times of need, especially the children, the elderly, the sick and disabled and poor among us? The Bible says that God is a rewarder of the faithful, and that God also provides for his people in times of need. A Little Girl for Luki $0.99 sale Dramatic Dollar Reset Is Afoot a€“ Right Now 15 Things Youa€™ll Regret Not Having Enough of When SHTF Fifty Earthquakes Shake Nevada in 24 hours!
Yes, that verily resembles my 1960 Winchester model 67A, desired and given cuz I loved Grampa’s 1940 model. The rankings are listed in several military publications produced by Gannett Government Media, a subsidiary of Gannett Co., Inc. SLCC is also working with residents of the VA Valor House, which provides temporary transitional housing for veterans and assists them with training and education toward finding employment. For this yeara€™s list, more than 600 institutions of all types took part in surveys that documented an array of services, special rules, accommodations and financial incentives offered to military and veteran students and other aspects of veteran culture on campuses. Home to more than 60,000 students each year, the College is Utaha€™s leading provider of workforce development programs.
In fact, the 38 Special is a rimmed cartridge designed for revolvers, so you are also limited in capacity over most 9 MM semi-auto pistols.
It always amazes me to see Rick on the Walking Dead always has a full cylinder of .357 Magnum hollow points. It is the most powerful handgun round in the world—designed to take down just about any animal you may run up against. So let’s explore where these rounds are most appropriate and, more importantly, where they are not.
With an unexpected breakdown, a few poor decisions, and dumb luck you can end up in a survival anywhere, in any climate, and any topography. So I prefer 9MM Luger in this circumstance for the combination of both capacity and power .
The toughest ones will arm themselves with similar or superior firepower—and they shoot back.
In a post-apocalyptic world, after only a few months, the only humans you will be facing in combat will be the ones who are truly adept at self-survival. Any of the rounds mentioned above can kill a human, and no one wants to be shot by any of them.
You probably don’t want to be in a gunfight holding a .22 LR pistol even if it does have a few advantages.
Unless you hit your opponent with a head shot, or possibly a heart shot, he is not going down right away. If the guy turns and the round hits at an angle, the energy of the .22 LR may dissipate before doing any real damage.
The one really nice thing about the .22 LR is that you can carry a lifetime supply of ammo on your person.
There is a reason military forces all over the world have employed this round for almost a century.
Many makes of semi-automatic pistols offer double-stacked magazine holding up to 17 rounds.
Revolvers are inherently more accurate than semi-auto pistols, but the recoil of this round is monstrous. Since this round is fired from a semi-automatic pistol, most of the recoil is absorbed in working the action. Watch the video reviews below of these survival guns to get a more detailed understanding of what each has to offer.
I made this list practical for the average survivalist—which means there are no custom $3500 Les Baer 1911s on my list. However, I wanted a list of weapons the majority of people can afford while having the same utility as the more expensive alternatives. The most commonly encountered animal food sources are small to medium game, for which a .22 does just fine. These 9mm hand guns are used as personal protection here in the United States, but they are the required hand gun of the Israeli Army. Like a lot of old timers though I wouldn’t advise getting rid of an old a tried friend just to replace it with something new and shiny.
Among their hunting and tactical knives, Gerber is also famous for their survival and camping knives. Its stainless steel, drop point blade has a serrated edge and strap cutter, making it useful for most situations.
This knife was designed to be a smaller version of the LMF II Survival and as such, has the LMF II drop point and serrated edge blade for similar tasks despite its weight of 7.2 ounces. While not as capable of instant use, the Freescape Folding knife is safer and features a lock to keep the blade (and children) protected when not in use.
Its fine edge has a hollow grind, making it extremely sharp, great for cutting and slicing.
As with most other Gerber knives, it has an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hand.
Its safety and size make it perfect for carrying in a pocket while being just as useful as an equal-sized fixed blade knife. Or a super-typhoon that strikes an island nation, turning life upside down for cities and neighborhoods.

Salmon may not be your thing today but realize the Inuit people (native people of Alaska and northern Canada) on a traditional diet are known for low rates of heart attack and stroke, which is attributed to their long term, continuous diet of fish. Brown rice has one problem though: Typically, it must be boiled for several minutes (30 minutes or longer a€” even up to 1 hour with some brands). So, you will want a plan in place to cycle your brown rice cereal every 3 months so that ita€™s eaten in your home (makes an easy, healthy breakfast and is an alternative to sugar packed cereals).
Just a couple tablespoons a day of peanut butter can help a person survive a period of limited food intake (during a disaster, one of your strategies to survive needs to include an understanding that ita€™s time to cut calories a€” most people eat a lot more calories each day than they actually need to survive.
Coffee doesna€™t have to be a top priority, but being able to grab it will be something more than one person in your party is likely to be thankful for.
Then, once again purchase fresh non-perishable food and add it to your emergency food stores. So, consider this a a€?Plan Ba€? for your frozen meat in the event of a power outage, where the power is down for good. The idea is to live without fear, knowing that God will provide what you and your family need for each day.
It would have been cleaner if I’d used hunting tips on the arrows, but those are pricey. I agree with the shotgun part6 but not anticipating problems and just having it with you when going into the wilds as for instance camping it will keep you alive as far as getting some game to eat if help is not available riht away.
I see a lot of squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, etc that could become tablefare and rarely, very rarely a deer. SLCC is also the largest supplier of transfer students to Utaha€™s four-year institutions and a perennial Top 10 college nationally for total associate degrees awarded. They won’t even attack unless provoked, but it’s not out of the question to accidentally provoke one. And since you are carrying one in the case of a grizzly encounter, you’d be advised to carry a few speed-loaders and become proficient in their use. One thing I love about the Jericho is the safety features and how easily it is to disassemble for cleaning. I know the 44 is more powerful than the 357 but that guns been with me so long it’s almost an extension of my hand and ammo in 357 and 38 is at least if not more plentiful as the 44.
Separation between the handle and the tang is a unique feature that makes this knife capable of absorbing shock from hard use.
Unlike the LMF II, the Prodigy has a blade coated in ceramic to increase is resistance to corrosion and an ergonomic molded rubber handle for a more comfortable feel and better grip in slippery situations.
Epic features wide serrations on the spine, a serrated edge, a bottle opener on the pommel, and even holes in the handle so the knife can be attached to a spear if needed. The handle is made from texturized rubber for better grip in any condition while green accents and a lanyard hole make it easy to keep track of. However, it can also come with a ? inch serrated edge if it will be for more hard-use applications. The serrated edge comes standard with this knife and also included is a small rectangular metal pommel for light hammering or pounding tasks. This knife is also more bare bones than the previous and does not come with a serrated edge.
What if you and your family have to evacuate an area on foot, and with nothing but backpacks and or suitcases? Like tuna fish, you can eat canned Alaskan wild salmon right out of the can, without cooking a€” though, if you have leftovers, it will have to be refrigerated where it will then keep for the next 3 a€“ 4 days. During a long term emergency where no electricity is available, the last thing you want to do is use precious fuel to cook food for this length of time; whether thata€™s on a propane, butane, or wood burning stove. Cutting calories means your food will last longer, at the same time helping you lose excess weight, making potential evacuation on foot at some point easier than if youa€™re carrying around extra pounds). With a system like this in place, youa€™ll have a continual supply of fresh non-perishable foods. Can you imagine what it would be like to eat freeze dried food, day after day, month after month, in a time of extended disaster?
This round has always seemed to be placed along side the air rifles for killing power but that is inaccurate.
The College is the sole provider of applied technology courses in the Salt Lake area, with multiple locations, an eCampus, and nearly 1,000 continuing education sites located throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Even without +P ammo, I doubt you’ll need very many rounds in a very large majority of situations.
Yes, a longer barrel would be better for stopping power, but I chose the Model 60 because it’s a good compromise between easy carrying and stopping power, with revolver reliability and stainless steel durability as a plus.
An added benefit of this knife is its enlarged, angular pommel that can be used to break glass.
While geared more towards camping uses, this would make a great little sidekick survival knife. The pommel of this knife is flat and can be used to smash open shelled food items like nuts. Instead it is made for more utilitarian uses such as whittling firewood and filleting fish. Youa€™ll regret having stocked up on so much canned food when you realize just how much those cans weigh. If refrigeration isna€™t an option, plan to share one can of salmon with 2-3 other people at a time, so nothing goes to waste.
So, for an extended survival emergency, where you are stocking up your pantry, a€?brown rice hot cereala€? is a far better choice because it cooks in just 5 a€“ 8 minutes and is still packed with nutrients and high in calories (one cup of brown rice hot cereal provides 600 calories, 12 grams of protein, and 16% daily value for iron and is easily rationed out in to smaller portions). Dried meat, if you remember, is a long time proven survival food used by Native Americans and American pioneers alike, and also used by primitive tribes around the world. And ita€™s also something that could be traded like a commodity during a crises situation.
The reason again is that fresh produce is likely to be in short supply or disappear completely in several areas, in a widespread emergency.
That way, if a catastrophic disaster strikes, youa€™ll have a variety of non-perishable foods for at least the first few months following the disaster and you or your family wona€™t have to rely solely on freeze dried food, as so many people are stocking up on today.
Not only can packaged, processed foods be harder on a persona€™s health (due to food additives and preservatives, high cholesterol, sodium, etc., in some freeze dried products), but it may also get very, very boring in time.
I would certainly prefer more than a single shot rifle but a single shot is better than throwing a rock. And I have ammo compatibility with my Marlin Papoose and my trusty old H&R Model 865 bolt action rifle. And every American life touched by this tragedy was never quite the same.The Great Depression brought the prosperous American empire to its knees. It can be clipped to anything with the pommel and would make a great knife for camping and fishing. The lanyard attached to the pommel comes with a whistle so not only is it hard to lose, it is easy to call for help if you get lost. The textured thumb rise on the spine adds an additional level of comfort and control for precise tasks. Canned food can be a part of your survival food plan though a€” it can be the food that helps you get by the first few weeks, as long as you dona€™t have to evacuate.
While these primitive tribes use smoking and sun drying methods to create a€?jerkya€?, today commercial methods of drying meat do this on a much larger scale. So our personal survival tip is to share your food as God would lead you (once youa€™ve put your faith in Christ and have made the decision to live according to Goda€™s Word), and trust that even if youa€™ve given your last bite to eat that He already has the next day written and plans to bring provision perhaps greater than the stores you just gave away.
Dried beans will stay good in the back of your car, your office survival kit, and of course your pantry of survival foods at your home or cabin.

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