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Spain faces its most uncertain national election in 40 years on Sunday with newcomer parties poised for big gains against the traditionally dominant conservatives and socialists, complicating efforts to form a stable government. The ballot will mark the end of the established two-party system that has held sway since the dictatorship of Francisco Franco ended in 1975, ushering in an untested and potentially volatile era of consensus politics. It will also offer the latest snapshot of the willingness of European electorates to abandon the mainstream centre-right and centre-left, following significant gains by populist parties since October in elections in France and Portugal.
Opinion polls show the governing conservative Peoples Party (PP) of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will win Sundays' vote but fall well short of an absolute majority.
Rajoy said on Wednesday he would consider a cross-party pact to ensure a stable administration over the scheduled four-year term, but all the main opposition parties have come out against joining the PP in a coalition.
That points to a stalemate that analysts agree would probably disrupt an economic reform programme that has helped pull Spain out of recession and made inroads into a still stubbornly high unemployment rate. But many Spaniards view the election as an opportunity to shake up a political establishment they consider inefficient and corrupt.
The 22-year-old says most of his friends will also vote for the leftist anti-austerity party because they think it can bring much-needed youth employment. But even with one in five voters still undecided, anything other than a PP win would be a major surprise.
That prediction makes any of three outcomes possible: either a right-wing or left-wing coalition government or a minority administration. Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez and Ciudadanos chief Albert Rivera have both rejected the idea of a coalition with the PP. That runs counter to the partys line hitherto, as it has supported governments from the left or right in five Spanish regions. A socialist-led government backed by Podemos is also possible, but the newcomer partys leader Pablo Iglesias has demanded major concessions to consider that option. Ciudadanos and Podemos insiders say both parties are looking beyond Sundays vote with their main ambition to keep stealing voters from the PP and the Socialists, giving them little incentive to support a coalition government. Rubi says that would be negative for Spain, making further economic reforms difficult and potentially triggering fresh elections.
Similar concerns in financial markets pushed the yield gap between short-term Spanish and German bonds near its widest point in five months on Friday. But many analysts believe the low interest rates and cheap oil sustaining a broad rebound in Southern European economies will more than offset the political risk and remove pressure for economic reforms.
The driver of the train that crashed in north-west Spain killing 80 passengers in the country's worst rail disaster for 70 years is under police guard in hospital.
Investigators are looking into possible failings by the driver after the Madrid to Ferrol service derailed on Wednesday night as it approached the city of Santiago de Compostela. A second probe launched into the catastrophe will look at the train's in-built speed regulation systems. Early indications suggest the train reached 118mph - more than twice the 50mph speed limit - when it crashed while heading into a curve. The train's driver, named in local reports as Francisco Jose Garzon Amo, is expected to be interviewed by an investigating judge in possession of the train's "black box" data recorder.
One Briton has been confirmed by the Foreign Office to be among 168 injured passengers, while the regional government in Galicia said it had so far only been able to confirm the identities of 67 bodies.
DNA tests are expected to be carried out on those with catastrophic injuries to identify them, with results available in the coming days.
A US woman killed in the wreck has been named by Catholic Church officials in America as Ana Maria Cordoba, an employee of a diocese near Washington DC, the Associated Press reported.

Ms Cordoba's husband and daughter were injured in the disaster as the family travelled to visit her son who had completed a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, the Catholic News Service reported. Meanwhile, more than 30 people including four children remain in a critical condition, according to reports. Many of those on the train would have been pilgrims travelling to Santiago's St James' Day festivities, which celebrate the disciple of Jesus whose remains are said to rest in a shrine. Many questions remain unanswered about what went wrong, with some experts claiming that high speed alone would not explain the crash and speculation that the train's braking systems might have failed. As the country mourned, Spanish media reported boasts Garzon Amo allegedly posted on Facebook about how fast he was driving a train in March last year. The 52-year-old, who together with a second driver survived the crash and is being treated in hospital for minor injuries, allegedly posted a picture of a train speedometer at 200kph (124mph). Garzon Amo is a 30-year employee of Renfe who became an assistant driver in 2000 and a fully qualified driver in 2003.
He is believed to have taken control of the train from a second driver about 65 miles south of Santiago de Compostela.
In a second call to Renfe after the accident, the driver explained that he was trapped in the train.
With the dead being taken to a makeshift morgue set up in a Santiago indoor sports arena, Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy, who was born in the city, visited the crash scene and declared three days of national mourning.
He said judicial authorities and Spain's Public Works Ministry had launched parallel investigations into what caused the crash. The full horror of the disaster was revealed in harrowing video footage of the moment the high-speed train derailed.
Posted on YouTube, the security camera footage shows the middle carriages of the Class 730 train smash into a wall before the engine crashes on to its side. The derailment left a scene of devastation, with toppled and smashed carriages lying alongside the track, bodies being laid out beside the line, and bloodied survivors being carried to safety.
Alberto Nunez Feijoo, president of the regional government of Galicia, described the scene as "Dante-esque".
Wednesday's train crash is the worst Spain has experienced since a three-train accident in a tunnel in the northern Leon province in 1944. Due to heavy censorship at the time, the exact death toll for the Torre del Bierzo disaster has never been established. The official figure was given as 78 dead, but it is thought that as many as 250 could have been killed.
There was another serious accident in Spain in 1972 when a Madrid to Cadiz express collided head-on with a local train on the outskirts of Seville. The latest incident comes less than two weeks after six people were killed and scores injured in a train crash just south of Paris. Emergency personnel respond to the scene of a train derailment in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Tapas are appetisers or snacks that make up a wonderful part of Spanish culture and cuisine. Makes me wish I was back in the Big Durian, instead I can only look forward to the next visit.
The driver of a train which derailed in Spain killing 79 people told a judge that he cannot explain why he did not slow down as he approached a treacherous bend at twice the speed limit. Injured: Minutes after the crash, Garzon was photographed being helped from his train's mangled remains.

Mangled: Rescue workers and firefighters pick through the remains of one of the eight derailed carriages. Garzon said that after the derailment he called central control in Madrid about the accident.
Health authorities say 57 people from the crash are still in the hospital, 11 of them in a critical condition.
A train derailed in northwestern Spain on Wednesday night, toppling passenger cars on their sides and leaving at least one torn open as smoke rose into the air. The smaller portions enable you to taste a variety of dishes without over ordering or over eating; I like to think of it as a conveniently located miniature buffet.
We picked the must haves to our taste, Ensalada Tomato and Pollo a la Vasca, whilst the rest was chosen for us.
Tapas are designed to encourage conversation by allowing diners to focus less on the process of eating and more on the company around you. Erna, our waitress was friendly and knew what she was talking about when I asked her about information regarding the dishes and recommendations; her personal favourite is the Championes al ajillo. Although it is placed under the starters section, this does not mean you can’t fill your belly’s worth – just order more!
Although the Paella is recommended and synonymous with Spanish cuisine, it was too large of a portion for us to order.
Soup: Celeriac and apple with toasted walnuts or white onion and garlic with parmesan croutons. Paintings of traditional Spanish dance, lipstick red napkins and candles melted atop wine bottles on tabletops bring pops of vibrant colours without screaming too loud. Fresh ingredients are a must; ripe tomatoes are the heart of the dish, seasoned well with high quality olive oil and fresh herbs.
Mains: Chicken roulade with mushroom, chilli and ginger with steamed rice or roast salmon with red pepper and black olive tortellini with tomato coulis. A masculine touch displays support to football in the form of jerseys and paraphernalia at the end of the bar.
If you get confused as to what to order you can also find some recommendations from the previous patron’s comments that are written on the wall in front of the restrooms. Desserts: Banana and chocolate cheesecake with nut brittle or sticky toffee pudding with toasted pecans.
Outside has banquets that are multifunctional serving as art and seating; mosaic inspired by Gaudi. The tomatoes were soft but firm and seasoned well with rock salt, freshly cracked black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, finely chopped herbs and onion.
Tapas Movida is on the pricier end but makes sense as the ingredients used, such as cheese and cold cuts, are rather expensive ingredients to source in Indonesia.
This is priced at Rp.250,000++ per person and includes a glass of house wine or a mocktail. The guacamole with sweet corn spread across a lightly toasted slice of baguette tempered the fresh sliced red chilli sprinkled on top of plump shrimp.
Montadito de solomillo had a medium rare tenderloin well rested and lightly seasoned which enabled the other flavours, blue cheese, green olive and caramelised onions, to complete the open sandwich’s flavour.

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