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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- An important reminder: Your bank account information may not be as secure as you think.
Investigators say Ray Davis was a "smooth talker" who recruited bank employees to help him carry out his scam. Show Comments (81) Top in 24 Hours It's just a prank bro+205736042 visits,149 comments">It's just a prank bro Triggered+150035032 visits,55 comments">Triggered not even joking+130733724 visits,94 comments">not even joking best boy.+120233698 visits,89 comments">best boy. I could not be the creator of a blog without posting about one of the most brilliant ( and dare I say influential?) films of my life.
At the tender age of just 9 years old Patrick Swayze officially became my first crush and dancing became my life – over a decade of lessons, exams, sequins, competitions and blue eyeshadow.
So when I heard about the tragic and terribly sad passing of such a great man I was needless to say – gutted. Mr Swayze was not only a talented actor and out of this world dancer but he also had a famously long and happy marriage, something the RMW team and I’m sure our readers ALL aspire to.

I thought I would share a few iconic film scenes with you – just because I think there will be lots of people out there who loved the film and the man just as much as me. P.S If your day is dull indulge yourself in a bit of DD magic here, will put a big fat smile on your face. The government yesterday blocked a group of 50 young pilgrims who had already boarded a plane bound for Krakow. The kidnapping and murder of a priest near Rouen (France) and the various attacks in Würzburg, Munich, Ansbach (Germany) were carried out by young people, who were indoctrinated with ease.
Con artists and a group of corrupt bank employees pulled off a lucrative identity theft scheme -- and the case is serving as a warning for others. In order not to fall into this trap, it is important to open our hearts to the Word of God, to walk the "true" path. But a God whose self-abasement forever destroys the real name of evil, that which Revelation calls "the ancient serpent".

Interrogated for hours by immigration, they were "admonished" and sent home with orders not to contact anyone abroad.
Meanwhile, "young Chinese Catholics" hang around central World Youth Day locations in groups of five or six, with the task of spying on fellow countrymen.
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