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With the shooting of six more police officers in Baton Rouge Sunday morning, the number of cops killed in the last 10 days rises to 8 (so far.) That toll could change any time, since at least one of the surviving officers is reported to be in critical condition.
There are some misguided people out there who believe assassinating cops is justifiable in the wake of the deaths of two black men at the hands of police last week. Little did they know that their actions would lead to their brother and sister officers being targeted by cowards. In my personal, humble opinion, the answer is for every law-abiding American to arm themselves (legally), get properly trained, and carry a firearm on your person all the time. Imagine the potential changes if several party-goers in San Bernardino or Orlando had been armed. I would like to see an America where, if a bad guy starts shooting at police, armed citizens return fire.
Police in Baton Rouge don’t know yet if there was one or two other suspects in that shooting, and are still searching for that possibility.
The President spoke on the incident and said that three officers were killed and three others wounded, one in critical condition. About Glen ClarkGlen retired from Federal law enforcement in 2007 after 30 years of government service.

Prototypes of a robot personal assistant, projector with an interactive interface and smart accessories hope to untether you from your phone. The business focused Smart EyeGlass from Sony is an augmented-reality experience custom designed for specific commercial applications that displays overlayed information at the right time and at the right place. Sony says this next-gen earpiece brings a seamless, hands- and eyes-free way of communicating with the world. The Xperia Agent is a personal assistant that responds to both voice and gestures and gives you access to information as well as a bridge to controlling your connected home. The Sony Xperia Projector is a touchscreen that projects onto any surface, responding to touch, voice, and gesture controls. Xperia Agent's wants to be a central command for your home, as a communication assistant and home-appliance hub. Sony's Smart EyeGlass overlays data for your tasks, giving relevant information and graphics.
Sony's Xperia Projector is still a concept, but this sort of projected interactive interface may be coming to homes soon.
Xperia Ear is a new kind of in-ear assistant that responds to voice commands and provides in-ear information.

But the officers killed, both in Dallas and in Baton Rouge, had nothing to do with the two dead men.
The police officers involved in the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were doing their jobs; making contact with possible suspects and, in the case of Sterling, struggling to get him under control. Not only are coward snipers becoming more common in the United States but terrorist attacks are as well. That’s the second time during his Presidency that he has called for this – but he really only means from those on the right. Responding to verbal commands, the earpiece intends to provide access to information like schedules and calendar appointments, navigation, messages, weather and news.

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