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If you are the type of person who cannot stay long in one place and wish to travel often, it is a must that you always have the right travel gear with you. If traveling to another country, it is better to bring a universal adapter just in case they use different electrical outlet voltage.
There are many more gears and accessories to have; and shopping for them can be enjoyable and fun. When that time of the month is coming and you have a massive beach trip coming up, what do you include in your travel gear? First of all, if you’ve never used a tampon before then the idea of a menstrual cup might baffle you for a bit but in a nutshell this is what it is: it’s a plastic cup that you shove up your vajayjay so it acts as a plug for your period. If you don’t know what TSS is (and especially if you use tampons), then read THIS courtesy of Wikipedia.
I gotta admit that for a brief part of that trip, I found myself cursing the heavens asking it to smite the female reproductive system for being so blah. Anyway, I did that for like a few moments and then once I got my Instead Softcup on, I didn’t have to worry about anything for the next 10-12 hours.
And just a little secret, there are softcup users out there who admit to using their softcup for more than 1 cycle. Unlike tampons that have that special little applicator, the Instead Softcup will have you shoving your finger up and into your insides. As a silicon ring with a flexible and pliable plastic “cup” area, it is no surprise that women around the world are making use of the softcup to have some mess-less sexy time even when the red flag is up. So far, the only way I can get the Instead Softcup to be part of my travel gear is by ordering it on Amazon. If you have an IUD, softcup suggests talking with your doctor first because removal of the softcup can cause you to pull on your strings and cause trouble! My doctor did make my strings very short when she put the IUD in place, but I will be sure to ask her just to make sure. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitYes, trains should have stricter safety regulations Yes, trains should have stricter safety regulations. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo, Trains Already Have Enough Regulations Trains already have enough regulations. A recent Forrester Research study suggests there’s something of a backlash when it comes to booking travel online. An around-the-the-world itinerary is usually far more complex than a straight-up round-trip airline ticket.
If you work with a travel agent who knows your preferences, you might consider outsourcing the research for your next vacation. An agent can make sure your vacation is as close to perfect as it can be, from start to finish.
Yes, there are a few trips I can’t imagine planning through anyone except a travel pro.
Being on the go should never mean not being comfortable enough to feel safe and at home even on the road.

A wheeled luggage is a smart choice since it offers sufficient space for clothes, shoes, accessories and other important items. Be it a belt or a small pouch that hands from the neck, be sure to have a small purse-like container for cash, passports and jewelry.
This travel gear must-have can mean being able to use power outlets to charge your electronic gadgets practically anywhere. If you want to travel in comfort and safety, be sure to invest in high quality travel gear that can last long. You wear it for longer, has no threat of TSS, less messier and very compact to travel with when compared with tampons and pads. Have you ever gone to a water-based destination and missed out on awesome swimming, snorkeling and diving just because you had your period?
If you follow my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (see what I did there), then you would know that I recently got out of a 2 week awesome trip that took me 1 week in Boracay and 1 week in El Nido. But I just wanted to show you that I was able to go from the water to the boat (with white benches) to the beach without worrying about whether I was getting all messy and all. Like all things in life, there has to be a balance, which is the reason why you can’t eat cake every single day. I do wear a panty liner with my Softcup and during days that I know I’m going to be out for a loooong day, I sometimes put on a pad as well – but that almost always ends up clean at the end of day anyway. Situations, conditions and body part sizes vary of course but there are a large number of softcup users who swear to using these for doing the deed.
If you want to order in a few orders or even a sampler pack to see if the Instead Softcup is the right one for you, give me a holler, I could get you into my next Amazon shopping spree. Currently doing a great job in post grad studies but awful with regards to ruling the universe. I have used tampons on those days but have not tried this and I must admit, the bit about emptying it out scares me and my lady bits. I was already a softcup user so when I got my IUD I had my doctor cut my strings REALLY short and haven’t had a problem. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
At this point, it would be impossible to make any more rules for the trains and the people who run them to follow. It concludes 15 percent fewer travelers will use the Web in 2009, compared with two years ago — a finding that comforts many travel agents who previously saw themselves on the endangered list. I put the question to Ginny Mahl, Travelocity’s vice president of sales and customer service. With the right travel gear ready to grab on your next trip, you do not have to waste much time just to get going somewhere. A wheeled luggage bag can also mean easy transfer from airports or stations without you having to carry a loaded bag. Thus, having a smaller bag you can carry with you is a necessity so you can always whip out items you need on your way.

Using a money belt gives a traveler better assurance since it keeps travel essentials close to their bodies. Have you ever lucked out on spending all day out in a new city because you are constantly worried about your pad or tampon and whether it was time to change it up? Both of them are highly aquatic destinations that would have you submerged in water or at least hovering over water for most of the time. AND there’s no absorption of blood happening, as is with the case with tampons, so there is no threat of TSS. No need to scour your neighborhood convenient stores for pads that may or may not be compatible with you.
If they are perfectly working and as long as I keep them clean (I use baby wash or feminine wash to clean them), odorless and properly stored, I don’t see any reason not to wear them again. And when emptying it out, you may need a small dipper of water or a few baby wipes to get yourself and the cup clean before putting it back in.
There are a lot of door-to-door services on FB that lets you use their US address, then theyll ship it here for a fee. You can probably just get your doc to trim your strings short enough so they don’t interfere. Because of the danger that they present if they are not operated properly, trains should have stricter safety regulations imposed upon them. A better idea would be for the vehicle driver or pedestrian to be sure to follow safety rules from their side of the tracks. Some vacations should never be booked through anyone but a travel agent, and a honeymoon is arguably one of them.
Be sure to keep the most important items like cash, travel documents, jewelry, a set of fresh clothes and electronic gadgets on this bag. I can’t imagine doing it in a public restroom but honestly, A) I’ve never had to change or empty out my Softcup in a public bathroom because I can go for longer without changing it and B) If you’ve been wearing one for a month or two, you’ll be able to figure out how to simply pee and, with pelvic muscle action, empty it out just like that. Blogger and frequent traveler Steven Frischling has taken several around-the-world trips for business. Tonya Fitzpatrick, who hosts a travel radio show, learned that when she tried to help a family member and her companion after they booked a trip to Costa Rica online. There are just some things on this planet that I truly believe and support with my own heart that I want to just want the world to know how effing awesome they really are. There are airline tickets that have to be bought, hotel rooms to be booked, shore excursions and lots of options on the ship. But travel agents aren’t charities, and they make almost nothing on a simple point-to-point airline ticket.

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