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Pulmonary Hypertension occurs when the pressure in the circulation rises to high with or without reason.
This allows for a large increase in volume when exercising but does not actually cause a huge increase in blood pressure.
Smooth Muscle line the pulmonary circulation to help allow for constriction and dilation when necessary.
Other effects of pneumonia include serious complications, such as lung abscesses, bacteria in the bloodstream, and fluid buildup around the lungs.
There are several different types of pneumonia, and the treatment varies depending on which kind a person has. If a person wants to avoid pneumonia, there are some steps she can take to keep herself from getting the illness. Pneumonia symptoms are no joke, even if you are a healthy adult and you think you don't need to go to the doctor for a simple cough.
EVALUATION OF LOWER EXTREMITY SWELLING David Southwick DO Medical Director Wound Healing Center Union Hospital Terre Haute Indiana. Edema, other than localized edema, does not become clinically apparent until the interstitial volume has increased by 2.5 to 3 liters. Approach to Patient with Edematous Lower Extremity Caveats The most common cause of lower extremity edema is Chronic Venous Insufficiency- The most common cause of leg edema in females between menarche and menopause is Idiopathic Edema Common, yet unrecognized, cause of lower extremity edema is Pulmonary Hypertension often associated with Sleep Apnea Ely, J et al Approach to Leg Edema of Un clear Etiology J.
Caveats continued For patients greater than 50 years of age CVI is most common cause of leg edema- CVI affects 30% of the population whereas Heart Failure affects only 1%.

Chest pain associated with pneumonia is usually much worse when a person coughs due to all the mucus in the lungs. There is also a chance that a person with pneumonia might develop acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which occurs when the pneumonia is in both lungs. One of the most important ways a person can prevent pneumonia is by washing her hands regularly.
When you add to that the fact that pneumonia seems just like a bad flu at least in the beginning, you can understand why someone who smokes might just think they can ride it out without going to the doctor (and getting a lecture a mile long about smoking).
I have one friend in particular who always insists that it's just a normal thing that he's coughing up his own lungs and has a fever and that it will go away on its own. These complications are much more likely to be a problem with people who are older or are in poor health, although anyone with pneumonia is at risk. For viral pneumonia, doctors typically recommend that a person rest and take in a lot of fluids until the pneumonia is gone because not many medications are effective against viral illnesses.
This can help stop the spread of germs, which often contributes to chest colds that may turn into pneumonia. Exception to the rule is EARLY heart failure or pulmonary hypertension can cause leg edema before clinically obvious.
People who smoke, regardless of age, are additionally much more likely to suffer from serious pneumonia effects because their lungs may already be in poor shape. Some people get pneumonia from fungal infections, which can be successfully treated with different types of anti-fungal medication.

It is also typically considered a good idea for people to eat healthy foods, exercise, and lose weight if necessary because all of these things can contribute to a healthier immune system, which can protect against pneumonia.
I don't smoke any more, but I tell my friends who do still smoke that doing it isn't an excuse to completely ignore their health.
I've never had pneumonia or even come close to being that kind of sick, but he's had it something like three times and I'm sure it's because of the smoking.
Elderly people are most at risk for serious pneumonia complications and occasionally do not survive it. When pneumonia is severe, hospitalization is typically necessary so that oxygen and intravenous drugs can be administered. A person who smokes should quit if he wants to avoid the serious effects of pneumonia, because smoking makes a person not only more likely to get pneumonia, but also much more susceptible to serious pneumonia complications. Even if they can't quit, for whatever reason, they should be even more vigilant than the average person when they feel unwell and be proactive about getting better as soon as possible. His lungs are just too damaged to defend themselves from any kind of bug that comes his way. When a younger person gets pneumonia, his chances of a full recovery are much greater, though his symptoms may still be severe.

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