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WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?? How does what we believe about …… ? what is real or the nature of existence or the meaning of life…….
PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER? Your beliefs and your own philosophy of education will influence all your activities in the classroom from how you teach, what you teach, how you manage your classroom, how you relate to students, parents, and colleagues, and how you conduct your professional life? So… do you see why this “stuff” is important to understand!! WHAT IS THEORY OF EDUCATION?? If you were sitting in class right now I would have you take out a piece of paper and write down all your thoughts about what comes to your mind when you think about the question above.? So… take a minute or two and jot down your ideas!? What IS EDUCATIONAL THEORY?? Can you think of any? QUICK WRITE SOMETIMES CALLED FREE WRITING(A TEACHING STRATEGY)Take Five Minutes and write freely withoutpicking your pencil up from the paper…. KEEP WRITING!? What do you believe about KIDS?? What motivates YOU to learn?? What outcomes do you expect from teaching?? How will you run your classroom?? What do you believe your role as an educator is?? What will be the ultimate goal for your students?
THESIS STATEMENT? Develop an opening paragraph? 1 - 3 Declarative Sentences? Use ideas that you have listed on your KWHL? You might include a quote if that helps. SITES THAT MIGHT HELP!? The Statement for Teaching an Philosophy, Duquesne University Center for Teaching Excellence. KEEP IN MIND When you Do get to the point where you will write your Philosophy Statement - Keep in mind Make sure that it is Well written, positive & professional Describe what you believe is the purpose of schooling – teaching – learning. On this site you will find tips, books and programs you need, and guaranteed support from me. Investing in yourself must come first so you must look for ways to finance your education.  You could look to friends and family for financial support which could give you that edge that you need since you now know that you will have to really work your business to pay them back.
Is there any move that I can take to lessen the amount I have to borrow, yet get all the education I need?
As you may notice, some of the above mentioned questions are general.  As an entrepreneur looking for ways to finance your education can sometimes be a task but it’s one that has to be done and one you must take seriously. So you’ve found answers to those questions?  If so, it is necessary to note that before you place and strike your pen on any promissory notes, you should first take an organized step and identify how much you will really need to borrow, if any at all. Just note that you will be paying for your education with your future income.   So, when funding your education be sure to budget so that you do not run out of money or have to choice between your education systems. PS: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) Click here and take a FREE training on how to make money using Facebook. Youtube MarketingWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better.
We’re always being told of the importance of a good education, we are encouraged to get one, we encourage our children to get one, but why?

An education is yours for life, to do with as you wish, to use to your advantage, to continue, or to share with others.
I want to ask you to watch the following video and to share it with others because for the third year in a row the Neutrogena® Wave for Change® campaign is helping to change the lives of kids in need.
To learn more about how you can help reach the $250,000 donation goal by viewing the video, sharing it, or by registering eligible Neutrogena products visit the Wave for Change site or “Like” Neutrogena on Facebook. Together we can help give kids in need something that can never be taken from them: an education. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Neutrogena Wave for Change.
No portion of this site may be reproduced, retransmitted, built upon or used without the express written consent of the author. By having experience, it shows people that you have thought about what you want to do and understand the everyday realities of working life. Education can help you through a number of things; however, work experience allows you to reveal things about yourself that education can’t.
Although employers want their employees to be educated, many of them, in a variety of fields, feel that real-word experience is the only thing standing between graduates and their dream jobs. Many young people do not understand the value of work experience because they think poorly of the jobs that do not have a connection to their future careers and do not pay very well. Shape who we are as a Teacher?? How does what we believe about how knowledge is acquired Shape our approach to teaching?? In what way do our beliefs about what is right and good and beautiful Impact the learning in our classroom?
This website includes five effective exercises to help you begin the writing process? Teaching Goals Inventory, by Thomas A.
First things first, click the link below (you will leave my site but you can return after as another window till open). Just as you investigate which schools have the best programs for you; it is still necessary that you gather information about how to best finance your education and your future. As an entrepreneur, internet marketing and blogging, I drive myself to keep learning while teaching others to achieve their dreams.
The comparison of the opportunities available to me as opposed to those available to my mother…well, there just is NO comparison. If you like this post, por please share it, pin it, tweet it, call your mom and tell her about it or give it a hug.
Is it experience or education that will help you grow in your career and make a decent living?

They want employees that understand how the world works and have skills that education can’t teach. However, working itself can teach you many valuable lessons, even if your job is not intellectually challenging. As you think about your ideas - imagine that you are sitting in an interview explaining ‘who you are as a teacher’ to the principal! Write what you believe as your position – It is NOT a Philosophical rendition that is to be published in a Philosophical digest.
What I love about the Platinum option is that MLSP gives you more features and training plus addition promotional pricing (Discounts). Studies show that graduates with work experience are more likely to get employed compared to those that don’t. It will also give you a good opportunity to gain useful skills and experience working with a range of people from all sorts of different backgrounds.
For example, volunteer or work internships both provide you the same experience as a high-end job. Our internships provide you the chance to put your interests in action and gives you the opportunity to gain the skills that employers are looking for. You would NOT blurt out “I am a realist” or “I am philosophically aligned with postmodernism” - So keep it real. This “quiz” helps you to identify or create your teaching and learning goals.? Articulating your Philosophy of Teaching Statement, from the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas at El Paso. But, it is always better that you learn through a short internship rather than a full-time employee. Various exercises to guide someone in thinking about, articulating, and writing a statement of teaching philosophy? Teaching Perspectives Inventory, This survey can help you collect your thoughts and summarize your ideas about teaching and learningRemember: These are only TOOLS to help you reflect and gain some basicfocus.
Thanks to her having the sense to attend a vocational school, she was able to support two children as a single mom. A woman with a cosmetology license is eminently more employable than a woman with just a sixth grade education.
This opportunity helps many people understand the career path they want to take and if it turns out that the job isn’t a good fit for you, then it’s better to find out now on a short term instead of you doing it on a full-time basis.

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