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We all carry various items in our pockets and key chains and I am always interested to see what peoples ideas are on EDC gear and what you find really useful. Great kit , I carry a small victorinox knife a firesteel a small lighter which has duck tape wrapped around it, also a small mag lite which is all on a key fob which has a paracord lanyard on it. My EDC gear is pretty similar to those listed here, however one extra item I have is one of those leather belts with a hidden pocket along the whole length for stashing cash when you are traveling. Sounds like a good idea when on the road, I have always thought that the most important things whilst away from home would be your money and documents as you can jump on just about any transport means and get you safely home. This is a part from a post I made in another forum (EDC Forums), I removed some material that was too specific based on the more casual nature of this thread.
Sjoqvist, what multitool is that in the top of your picture?  A modded leatherman maybe. Impractical with equipment which lights up when bad guys are around, and you really don't want to attract attention to yourself.
The things that essentially never leave me are the TBS Boar knife, the Paracord Bracelet, the watch & phone.

In it I have a few hundred Euros, a few hundred US$ and a micro SD card wrapped in plastic and (hopefully?) waterproofed.
And everybody who has played around with cyalume sticks know exactly how bad an idea a light emitting sword is.
I'm sure not for that reason, since there's no seat belts in the wood, and if there was your going to be chopping up or hitting them with the head depending on which way you face the hatchet! Mine is so full of junk and stuff that it weighs a ton and I can never find anything in there. The thing I have now, whilst a very nicely made bag (Delsey), and having the interior designed by the same guy who did Aston martin's interior design for a while is just too big I reckon. On the memory card are scans of all my ID documents, credit cards, driving license and so on.
That was my first major attempt at sewing anything (other than holes in socks and pockets ).
Probably won’t help in a total SHTF scenario but it will definitely help if your gear gets stolen.

FYI I plan to try putting the zipper on the top in its next incarnation so that I can open that section without removing the wallet from my pocket.
The veclro flap did all the difference for me as I'm now not afraid of something falling out of the wallet when I sit in some deep sofa or similar (plus I can take it off my pocket without everyone taking glimpses of what I carry ).
It's not an EDC since it never gets carried, but is always ready to be picked up on the run in case I need to abandon my home, it has equal capabilities to my Level III in many areas but with much more capable kits for the types of needs one could have in an evacuation scenario. I have gotten used to having it and feel confident that if needed it would fulfill any lighting requirement I may encounter in almost any scenario.
It consists of one small LED flashlight in an immediate access location which serves 80% of my day to day lighting requirements, a larger light with an emphasis on throw and runtime plus another small backup LED light that runs on many different types of commonly found cells.

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