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Ed has gone for a half sleeve, that looks like he has let one his junior fan base stick a tattoo gun in their anus, then get drunk and decorate his cum coloured skin. You’d naturally think that a man who looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy with a volcano erupting on his head would try and hide away from anymore gross disfigurements. If You Knew What Longboarding Was You'd Head To Cape Town If there is one thing South Africa is, it's big. Sheeran’s tattoo actually bears resemblance to Cecil, the beloved lion who was murdered by an American dentist in Zimbabwe last month, sparking outrage among celebrities.
Sheeran’s left arm is nearly a full sleeve, while his right has some open space, but that may not last for long. Alright let’s start with the lower inside half of his arm and work our way from the wrist up only talking about the big ones first that make up most of the lower sleeve.
We’ve also got a tattoo of the world which represents the day + was released in the US representing the album being released world wide. On the other side of the paw print we have a hand print possibly representing Small Bump but we aren’t sure.
Then we’ve got the lego head because Ed loves lego and that represents Austin Texas (yee-haw). We’ve also got a number 5 which we have now confirmed is for + going 5x platinum in the UK.

Above that we have the pause,play, rewind,fast forward, stop symbols this one pretty much represents music.
If you go back up to the picture of the world tattoo you can also get a nice view of his goat tattoo. Then of course we have the tiger strips that are 3 separate tattoos that weave in and out of his other tattoo’s. On his elbow (OUCH!) we have the symbol for his mate Random Impulse along with some cool flames and such. Just above and to the left of the go sign we’ve got a coffee cup of steaming hot coffee this tattoo actually doesn’t have a meaning and a radio station just wanted him to get a tattoo so he did! And of course we’ve also got the RED tattoo which represents when Taylor Swifts Album of the same name came out. The swirly marks around the 6th Street sign represent New Zealand and its indigenous people the Maori it is a traditional Ta Moko design and represents family you can actually find a video of him getting this tattoo here. The last tattoo we have are the numbers 1221 which represents the year 2012 and Ed’s age at the time, 21.
Lady Gaga now has an anchor under her left nork, and Bieber has a tattoo of an ejaculating cock on his cheek. He explained it as representing one of his favorite places to eat that has great milkshakes.

The meaning behind this could be connected to Ed’s orange hair, or maybe he just likes tigers?
We can see the ginger bread man from the movie Shrek which is one of Ed’s fave movies.
It represents all he accomplished by the time he was 21 years old and for such a young age he sure did accomplish a lot and we couldn’t be prouder of him.
Aww bless you might say, well we say, Ed, you’re a silly cunt and what will your parents think? Here you can see a Go sign meaning unknown so if any of you get a chance, go ahead and ask Ed about this one for us yeah? We suggest a teletubby around his tinky-winky or how about a cartoon strip, where Popeye dyes Olive Oyl’s thatch dark green and then pretends it’s a whole pile of tasty spinach?
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