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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, being one of the latest flagship devices to be produced by Samsung Electronics, is an impressive device with a great first impression. The display is yet again powered by a QHD Super AMOLED display, which is sharp and contains  numerous amount of pixels that enables the screen to show any type of content.
Another new feature that comes with the screen is the ‘Always On’ feature, which powers the display.
The processor that comes with the device is the Samsung’s very own Exynos 8 Octa processor, which comes with octa core and is capable of clocking speeds of up to 2.3 MHz. The key feature that has returned with the device is the re-introduction of the micro SD card. The camera is also powered by Dual Pixel Sensor, which helps in faster focusing on the camera.
The memory that comes with the device is 4GB, which is ample space for multitasking and graphic intensive applications. The interface of the device comes with a simple, clean, and smoother look which will be appreciated by any user.
The size of the display is 5.5 inches while the resolution of the display stands at 1080 X 1920. The new A9 processor which comes with the device is able to perform 70% better on the CPU and 90% better on the GPU when compared with its predecessor according to Apple. The rear camera on the device comes with a resolution of 12 MP, which is assisted by optical image stabilization for blur-free images. The iOS 9 is the operating system that powers the device, which comes with many new and important features.
The battery life of the device is also impressive and will easily last throughout the day on a single charge.
The iPhone 6S plus is comparatively larger than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge while the latter is thicker due to the larger battery capacity. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge come with a better resolution display which will be sharper than the iPhone 6S Plus display. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a rear camera resolution of 12 MP and is assisted by an LED flash to light up the image. If we are to compare the cameras, the key difference would be the sensor size and the aperture of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is higher, which will support the low light capability of the device.
The speeds of the device cannot be compared with mere numbers as the Apple iPhone 6S plus may perform faster even though the numbers may be not on its side. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a battery capacity of 3600mAh. The key difference between Google Nexus 6P and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is that Google Nexus 6P  is an integration of the best components produced by the industry leaders to make a quality smartphone whereas Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is one of the most elegant phones produced up to date, which comes with a fast and accurate fingerprint scanner, better battery life, and an octa-core processor that enables a fast performance.
Google with its manufacturing partner Huawei has been able to improve the design of the smartphone by introducing an all-metal design. The processing power for the smartphone is produced by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. Although there are not many apps that support the curved edge, there are some that take advantage of it. The fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is on par compared to the Apple Touch ID and other competing brands in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus houses an octa-core Exynos processor which is Samsung’s own processor as with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
The Nexus 6P is heavier than the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which makes it less portable than the Samsung model.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus body is made of metal and glass combination.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus rear camera resolution is 16 megapixels. Higher resolution cameras will produce more detail, but it also depends on the sensor to a certain extent.
The Nexus 6P is a great value for money phone which has all the necessary features that would be expected from any smartphone. The Korean electronics giant have revealed to us many of the key features as well as the major expected differences between Galaxy Note 5 & Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Smartphones have become a central part of our lives and there comes a demand for larger screens with it. Both devices come with 4GB of RAM so that the device will never need to slow down due to heavy applications and processing.
The connectivity support has been upgraded to support 4G LTE CAT9 network speeds so that the phone will never need to behind supporting high speeds.
Samsung pay wanted to create a simple, effective, safe solution to make mobile payments accessible to all forms of businesses whether they are large or small.
This feature allows files and screen sharing between PC and smartphone in a wireless and automatic manner. In addition to fast charging, power saving mode and wireless charging, both phones are able to support fast wireless charging, becoming a pioneer in this technology. The Note has always been the preferred device to get things done and provides a great user experience at the same time. Samsung says it has designed a smartphone with has a larger screen and slimmer smaller portable package at the same time. The S Pen gives the user the ability to multitask like a professional which is a key feature of the Note category devices.
Screen capture can be done in one big image as long as it may be from top to bottom without the need to capture multiple screenshots and save them individually.
The aim of the development team of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus was to make a great display, best in class camera with a superior design smartphone. As with the Galaxy S6 Edge, the display of this phone is also sharp, brilliant and the curved edge  add a sense of depth to the displayed material.  The display is able to to bring be detailed images to life.
The users are now able to stream live video with the help of YouTube, the largest video-sharing platform in the world .
By swiping the edge of the display, favorites, applications, and important contacts will be displayed on the edge screen. The key difference between the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 Edge, the latest products of Apple inc.
Powered by a powerful fast processor combined with an efficient iOS 8.3, this is one of the best iPhones in the market as well as one of the best smartphones available. Videos can be captured at 1080p, 720p at a frame rate of 120 and also with Ultra slow motion.
It might take a bit of time to get used to the iPhone 6 Plus as it is larger and if you were using a smaller phone before.
With the production of Galaxy Alpha, the South Korean giant started using premium materials in its phones.
With a stunning display, the Galaxy S6 edge is able to provide a great browsing experience. Although the phone comes with a high-quality display and a battery capacity of 2600mAh, it can last for over eight hours. Although the Galaxy S6 has a larger memory, the iOS, and Apple combination outperforms the numbers they present. Samsung Galaxy 6 and its variant S6 Edge are two of the most talked about phones that are setting precedence for the smartphones this year.So, with a price difference of around US 100 dollars approximately, what exactly is the difference between the two? The more appropriate questions would be how they are similar, as the phones offer very few differences. S6 and S6 Edge offer the same high definition camera with 16 MP on the back and a 5 MP on the front. For now, shelling out an extra hundred for simply the curved features seems a little too much. We recommend Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Are you looking at purchasing a poster light box and can’t figure out the difference between edge-lit and backlit light boxes?
By entering your products kilowatt usage, your local electricity rate and the average hours per day that the product will be running you can find out a few different facts that could help you determine if a certain product is a good fit for you. Engineers and manufacturers use precision shims to compensate for tolerance mismatches and tolerance buildup between mating components. Like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which was the first device to come with a curved back, the curved back on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has seen an upgrade as well.
Some of the screen pixels will stay turned on so that they can display the time and calendar; this gives the phone a more premium look. The device comes with an ARM Mali-T880MP14 GPU, which powers the graphics department of the device. The internal features have been improved so that the camera would perform well in low light conditions.
The Android marshmallow 6.0 has been topped by a Touch wiz UI giving the user a simple and easy to use interface.
The display size is the same 5.5 inches, and the resolution of the display stands at 1920 X 1080 pixels.
The screen is now able to sense the pressure that is being exerted onto the screen and display more options. The pixel density of the same stands at 401 ppi while the technology which powers the display is the IPS LCD. When compared with micro SD card supported devices, internal storage is known to perform faster. The body of the device is made up of glass and aluminum while its is water and dust resistant. The pixel density of the device is 534 ppi while the display technology powering the screen is Super AMOLED.
The pixel density of the device is 401 ppi while the display technology powering the screen is IPS LCD. This is due to the hardware and software optimization that has been achieved by the device.

The device comes with a better performing camera and also boasts of a longer lasting battery. Google Nexus 6P is a great value for money phone  that has an all-metal design, AMOLED display and excellent in-built technology.
The previous models did not have an eye-catching design, but it seems that Google has plans to make a difference in this area. However,  Huawei has come up with the black glass bar which is situated on the back of the smartphone to solve this problem. The display uses AMOLED Technology and has a high resolution of 1440 X2560, which is a Quad HD resolution. This processor has heating issues which reduce its performance when sustained load is handled by the processor unit. With the curved edges, it is one of the most beautiful designs ever produced for a smart phone up-to-date. Contacts of five preferred individuals can be accessed quickly using the edge, and also five apps can also be accessed in the same way, which is easy and quick. This may seem big at first, but the phone is able to fit into the hand very nicely and is comfortable too. It employs press to access which is an easy feature to adhere in unlocking any phone application. The downsides of the device are the non-removable battery and the lack of a micro SD card for expanding the storage. The special feature is that, it is not necessary to use the payment system for terminal updates and this gives endless possibilities for it to be used anywhere. Larger screen displays are great for many multimedia related applications like watching movies or even scrolling down emails and documents. The cameras are said to perform very well in low light conditions, images rich with high resolution and detail. It has come up with a solution to replace all kinds of cards with the use of the smartphone which can be accessed by a bank card reader at any shop.
With the use of fast wireless technology, an empty phone can be charged to full capacity in 120 min which has seen an improvement of 60 mins or 30%.
Larger displays are becoming the norm in today’s world as it provides more flexibility and more features at the same time.
The Note 5 has been crafted with metal and glass, and the metal is now stronger, thinner and lighter. This is with the help of a high definition screen which produces images which are vibrant and rich. If anyone feels that the iPhone 6 plus is too big, they can definitely move to the smaller version. The screen size of the phone is 5.5 inches and has a full HD resolution of 1920 ? 1080 Retina display. It comes with additional support for Apple watch and Wi-Fi calling which enables the user to make calls over the Wi-Fi. The processor powering the iPhone 6 Plus is a 64-bit Apple A8 SoC chip running a 1.4 GHz dual-core Cyclone processor.
The numbers do not matter here, as Apple cameras are one of the best in the phone industry. The call experience on the iPhone 6 Plus is of top quality, and this feels almost closer to natural voice. Powered by the fast charging feature it can be charged to full capacity in about 80 minutes. However, the S6 Edge comes with a curved screen that covers the sides of the phone and connects to the back panel. Both the phones comes with 5.1 inch Quad HD display – that’s right it offers more than Full HD with a whopping 1,440 x 2,560 pixels.
The S6 Edge comes with a curved screen that covers the sides of the phone and connects to the back panel.
However, maybe with the technology increasing at the rate that it currently is – something new might come out of this curved feature. There are a few reasons why you'd pick one over the other - one being that the lighting in the room has a direct reflection on the appearance of your graphic. The LED lights shine sideways through the translucent panel behind your graphic film, indirectly lighting your graphic message. This style of frame typically features LED bulbs across its whole back panel, facing towards your graphic. The calculator will tell you how many kWh the devices use per month as well as the cost from per hour to a year and even 50 years. Using them significantly reduces manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for each component to be precision-machined to have the fit called for in the design. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is very much similar to that of it predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S6, this device has some significant changes when compared with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Although the device screen is larger this time, the device as a whole, does not feel large is the hand due to its design. This will not only save on the battery life but also save some time for the user when checking the time or the date.
According to Samsung, the micro SD will not slow down the performance of the device due to the technology that has been used. This, combined with the all new doze mode that comes with the Android Lollipop 6.0, promises to give the device a decent battery life. This is very similar to the way force touch works on the Apple watch and the MacBook trackpad.
The screen to body ratio of the device is 67.91 %, and the peak brightness that can be achieved by the display is 500 nits.
These combined processors also power Siri, which is the device’s interactive voice command assistant.
The only issue is this type of recording will eat up the battery life, and the device will also get hot at the same time due to the processing that takes place inside the device. The display on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will be sharper and crispier than the iPhone 6S Plus’s display.
The built-in storage of the device is 64 GB, which can be further expanded with the help of a micro SD card. The other key difference is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s ability to support micro SD expandable storage; although having a lower internal memory when compared with the iPhone 6S plus.
This component houses many of the device’s key components like rear camera, NFC, LED flash and autofocus module and other components that work with the use of wireless signals. It also boasts of an impressive pixel density of 518 ppi which is able to produce sharp crisp and clear images. The circular unit is said to recognize a fingerprint in 600 milliseconds, which is quick and seamless. It is expected that the Sony IMX377EQH5 will be used which is the same sensor used in camcorders. There are not many apps available to take advantage of the curved edges as of yet, but this may change in the future. The only downside of the fingerprint scanner is when it is wet, it is not as accurate and will sometimes cause repeated sign-ins to fail. The images can be captured at a quick pace, ably supported by face detection and autofocus features. It has a better appearance this time around, and the battery life and performance of the phone are up to mark as well.
Nevertheless, the phone comes with a fast and accurate fingerprint scanner, better battery life and the octa-core processor which produces a fast performance. Samsung has been the pioneer in providing solutions to problems faced by its consumers and boasting of providing it first with better products by listening to its loyal customers. Let us take a closer look at both the smartphones and have a closer look at the features that they will offer. NFC is not available at every store which makes the transaction difficult for the customers. Samsung says this is the beginning of cord-free wireless charging where you can charge you phone in a coffee shop or anywhere wireless charging is supported.
It provides more control and flexibility to the tasks needed to be carried out and an important element to creators. This means a large display phone and a Keyboard to fire off fast messages when the user needs it.
Authentic sounds add depth to acoustics in detail, which is ably supported by wireless pro headphones as well.
The pixel density of the device is 401 ppi, which is the best pixel density available with iPhones.
The main feature is the curved edge design.  The rear of the phone is made of Gorilla glass. Last year, with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the company took a huge hit in the sales. Both are coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the front screen and the back panel to ensure protection from scratches and breaks. Night clock works similarly but instead of information such as battery and missed calls, it shows the time. Having the lights on the side of the box allows the frame to be an inch or less in thickness. This construction allows the backlit graphic frame to be highly visible and have a more evenly distributed intensity of light throughout the entire frame.
For example, with LED strip lighting or fluorescent bulbs, there would be rows of lighting on the back of the box facing towards the poster. This is an exceptional tool if you want to see the difference between LED and fluorescent efficiency or the cost of an edge-lit poster LED frame compared to a backlit frame.
Shims are also commonly used to preserve the faces between mating components, cutting down the amount of machining needed during rebuilds and retrofitting. But this time, the functionality has been increased while the resolution has seen a decrease.

The images captured are also very bright even though the surroundings had low light conditions. When pressing on an icon on the home screen, it will enable a secondary menu to appear with additional commands. The AMOLED displays have been made partnering with cutting edge technology developed by Samsung, which are producing the best displays up to date.
The processor consists of octa-core where one half is able to perform at a maximum clocking speed of 2GHz. The fingerprint scanner is also able to support third party applications, which is a welcome feature.
It comes with a 1.55-micron pixels sensor which will be able to capture more light in low light situations, with less noise. The body is made of metal, and Gorilla Glass 4 has been added to the front and rear of the device to further strengthen the phone and make it more durable. The power saving mode is able to extend the device’s battery life by two hours which can be useful in many situations.
The rear camera supports a resolution of 16 megapixels which produces detailed and sharp images. With the Samsung-made AMOLED display and the camera made by Sony, it is undoubtedly an integration of many quality components, any mobile phone enthusiast would want to have in his pocket. Samsung also boasts that it is always ahead of the curve, and others join them later making first use of innovative technology. One being used for multimedia by consumers and the other for multitaskers to accomplish tasks. Samsung pay will be able to support NFC, Bankcard readers and barcode readers as well, which makes it more available.
Samsung recognized the need for larger displays and moved forward to develop the Note category with courage. The screen is a very important part of the phone where all the interaction between the user and the phone takes place. The S Pen has been designed to be solid and balanced in the hand and precise and sensitive as a bold point pen. The efficient iPhone design with a large battery is able to last for ages without any issues in normal mode. The aluminum body gives the iPhone 6 plus a premium look that is always evident with Apple’s iPhones. Though only 1GB of RAM is available with the iPhone 6 Plus, the device operates without any lag, responds fast and seamlessly. The iPhone 6 Plus also has features like reachability added to make it easy to be used using a single hand.
The resolution supported is 1440 ? 2560, which is one of the sharpest and accurate smartphone ever produced. However, a lot of people have complained that the Gorilla Glass has not protected from cracks and scratches when the phone is dropped and one may have to invest in a protective case. Both also come with wireless charging (but its market dependent) and the even the rest of the little details are exactly the same. Another huge difference is the battery – Galaxy S6 is powered by a non-removable Li-Ion 2550 mAh battery, while the S6 Edge is powered by a similar battery but a 2600 mAh one.The phones also differ in terms of weight and dimensions.
Edge Lighting is slightly different – in this the phone will light up with a specific color when it is placed down and someone is calling. With edge-lit signs, there are fewer bulbs required for complete illumination, which will, in turn, lower your monthly energy costs. One thing to take into consideration is that backlit light boxes feature more bulbs than edge-lit frames, causing them to use more energy than indirect or edge-lit light boxes.
The weight of the device has seen an increase due to the addition of 3D touch onto the device  which is using a tougher aluminum body to withstand its operation. This feature has enabled the tasks, which took two or three steps previously, to be performed faster, thus saving time. The colors reproduced are accurate, detailed and, vibrant; this is a trait of Samsung AMOLED displays which produces great image quality. This will enable other apps outside google native apps to made use of the scanner in its applications.
The smartphone is also able to capture 4K video and slow-motion clips at a frame rate of 240 FPS. The only problem with the display is, it attracts fingerprints which make the display look bad after a while.
Software based VDIS has been improved and is backed up by OIS for a steady video recording. Another problem with larger devices is that they won’t fit in the user’s hand and won’t fit in the user’s pocket as well. The S Pen can even be used even when the screen is off without opening an app which can be really useful in some situations. With even all these features added some people may feel that the phone is just too big for them. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and the above details will make it possible to decide which phone suits you the best.
So, with the New Year, Samsung has gone all out to introduce a more innovative and appealing phone – Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The user will have to assign a color to the caller, and when the caller calls the phone will edge will light up with that particular color. With this lighting method there might be a slight glow on the sides and corners on your display but if you use diffusion paper the glowing will be minimal or not show at all. If you are purchasing a LED light box, the energy costs will be lower compared to a fluorescent or T9 backlit frame. Indirect is used with edge-lit frames and are great for custom boxes that are cut out in the front, when used in darker rooms. 3D touch also comes with features like Peep, which lets the users poke into email, web pages messages, and photos, whereas pop opens up the poke you are interested in without you leaving what you were previously doing. The front-facing camera of the device comes with an iSight camera that has a resolution of 5 MP.
Therefore, Nexus 6P can be dubbed as a collection of the best components available in one package. This new graphics processor is 30% faster in processing graphics and consumes 20% less power compared to the Adreno 420 GPU.   The memory of the phone is 3GB, which is LPDDR4 RAM. The downsides of the design include no removable battery, no micro SD card for expanding the memory and no waterproofing.
During transaction, none of the personal or credit card information will be transferred making it safe and reliable. The camera application that operates in tandem with the camera has many modes like time lapse and panorama. There is no micro SD support with this device but a ultra-fast eMMC 5.1 flash memory is available with this phone.
The size of your lgiht box will also have an impact on the diffusion of the light towards the center of the frame.
Additionally, backlit poster frames do not have the low profile design that an edge-lit would have. A small degradation can be observed in the form bluish tinge on the images which is a result of the edge curved screen. Both these smartphones are powerful, intuitive and efficient and able to accomplish a variety of tasks which are most needed by the multitasker and the multimedia person.
The air command has also become easy to use and more intuitive; it enables easy access to the S pen tools. The main feature of Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved edge design whereas, iPhone 6 Plus retains its outer design mostly while changing the display size. People’s Edge is a swiping feature that allows users to pull in their Favorites or most called people by swiping from the top right side. Remember, the larger the edge-lit light box, the further away the bulbs will be from the center. This is because more space is needed behind the graphic, usually 2” - 4” deep for light diffusion purposes. But compared to the functionality that came with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, these curved edges come with some improvements. The panel has a glossy finish which will produce excessive reflections when used in a sunny environment.
People tend to prefer backlit signs because of the occasional ability to replace bulbs easier compared to edge-lit in which you usually cannot replace the bulbs. This is not because it is hard but it is because we will find it hard to remember the options on it. It was rumored that the phone would come with sapphire glass, but it came with an ion strengthened glass that is shutter and scratch resistant. They are analogous to using a pad of 3M’s Post-It Notes to correct a table with one leg shorter than the other three. This type of shim is either half or three-quarter solid, depending on the ratio of solid section to total thickness.
Semi-solid shims add rigidity to assemblies by meeting the performance requirements of thicker, solid shims as they provide a bearing surface on one side. They still let technicians adjust the overall shim thickness by peeling off unwanted layers from the other side. Another advantage of these shims is that layers of various thicknesses can be combined in a single set, thus giving technicians more flexibility in making adjustments. And safety is improved because knives aren’t needed to remove the edge-bonded layers. So when adjustment speed, operator safety, and minimizing overall assembly costs are objectives, edge bonded shims provide the best solution.

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