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When you are working hard to prepare your family to survive in a SHTF scenario, it’s important that you have proper weapons for self-defense.
About a year ago, I became slightly obsessed with crossbows and I tried over a dozen models to find the perfect one that was both comfortable and easy to handle.
Whether you choose one of buy them all, these 7 hunting tools will serve you well in a survival situation. If you’ve ever spent some time outdoors in the wilderness, you’ll realize the importance of a good survival knife. Now for everyone, this might not be feasible because frankly, the good survival knives do cost a bit of money and owning 3 different kinds of them will definitely put a hole in your wallet. If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet good fixed blade survival knife, then the The Magnum Elk Hunter Knife will definitely catch your eye. I personally use it without a sheath but for those who prefer using one, this option is also available. A great durable knife that you can use for various outdoor activities, the Ka-Bar is another inexpensive and cheap survival knife. Apart from the blade, it also has a scissor, a bottle opener, a can opener, a screwdriver, a wire-cutter and a ruler. Always look for a knife with a strong handle or better still, stick to the three cheap survival knives above and you won’t be disappointed. Small and not too heavy, this tool includes more or less everything you will need when on a camping, hiking or fishing trip. If you want to buy a good Rambo knife for outdoor exploration, you have been the right place where is providing five best Rambo knives for your picking up. The Vermilion Survival Knife from Whetstone is a sturdy and functional survival tool designed for everyday usability and lifesaving functionality in extreme situations. The knife features an authentic reproduction of his signature, and is a strictly limited edition of just 2500 individually serial numbered pieces worldwide. The fififteen-inch Jungle Master Tactical Knife provides a thick, high-quality 10.5-inch stainless steel blade for years of use.
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When it comes to wilderness survival a quality knife is one of the first tools anyone would choose to have with them in their time of need. Blade design is perhaps one of the most critical features you need to think about when choosing your best survival knife. Full tang simply means that the knife has a solidA pieceA of steel running from the blade all the way through the handle. Non-full tang fixed blade knives are extremely weak right at the point where the blade connects to the handle. Because knives that are not full tang are easily broken, I would never recommend one for a survival knife. I suggest avoiding any knife with a curvy tip for one basic reason, the puncturing or stabbing ability. When it comes to choosing the best survival knife a lot of the decision comes down to your own personal opinion, but I hope the tips above help guide you in your decision.
Disclosure: We are independently owned professional review site that may receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. But you also need to have good weapons and tools for hunting if you want to be prepared for long-term survival.
Now you can get a heavy duty survival slingshot that is fully capable of landing small game and providing a much-needed meal for your family. This casting rod is fully collapsible and compact enough to stow away in your bug out bag or hiking pack. I love the Barnett Wildcat C5 because it is super lightweight and has a comfortable thumbhole grip.
Also, a lot of people including me, own 3 types of survival knives: a fixed blade, a folding blade and a multi-utility one. However, the good news is that there are some great cheap survival knives out there that you can consider without having to break the bank. Not only is it of good quality and strong enough, it costs only about 20 dollars so it’s very easy on the wallet. This one’s a pretty decent wilderness knife and will really serve your purpose when it comes to chopping wood or hunting or fishing or making a small make shift shelter for yourself.

This one, too, is a stainless steel blade and comes in 3 different colors – desert tan, hunter green and black.
Once you buy it, I’m pretty sure you’ll be taking this along with you on your next camping trip! A higher priced survival knife will usually be of better quality than a cheap survival knife so it’s a choice that you need to make. The fixed blade knife features a double sided forged stainless steel cutting edge with a serrated back that can be used for puncturing, slicing, and sawing through rope or wood. This museum quality replica is crafted with pride from the finest materials available and comes complete with a matching genuine leather sheath, and a Certificate of Authenticity with matching serial number. It features a drilled guard for strapping and spear applications and heavy jagged saw back ridge design, completed with a corded handle for grip and twine that houses a mini survival kit. The knife’s handle guard detaches to release a survival kit with sewing needles, band-aids, matches, a surgical blade, and a magnifier. The curved clip point blade is great for puncturing and slicing, while the serrated top edge saws effectively.
A quality survival knife and a littleA knowledge can equate toA shelter, food, fire, and protection.
A knife that is too big can be a pain in the ass to carry, to do any fine carving with, or for skinning of smaller animals. There are two main blade designs I will be discussing in the section: full tang knives and serrated vs. The handle is designed for grip, it should not be part of the structuralA integrityA of the knife.
Should you ever need to baton wood for a fire or lash your knife to a stick for protection you will want a full tang, tough-as-nails knife.
If your survival knife has curves or is not even pointed at the end it will be much less effective should you need to lash it to a stick for protection or spear fishing. A Provided your knife is full tang, the pommel can be a tough and valuable surface of the knife. A quality survival knife can give you food, shelter, and fire, but you are on your own to find water. You should cover blade to knife length ratio since a bunch of folks are interested in that also. In my humble opinion though, the best survival knife to have is the Ka-Bar Becker Campanion BK2. Eventually your stockpiles of canned goods will run out and then you need to have a solution to find food for your family. With 25 pound pull, this Archer Standard slingshot is 50 percent more powerful than a typical plastic model.
It is made from stainless steel for maximum durability and Emmrodd claims that it is virtually indestructible. The point is made in a turned-down design to make skinning easier, but the knife is sharp enough to cut through even thick layers of meat. Not only does it look really sleek, but it is surprisingly powerful on the range or out in the woods. First and foremost, they are quiet and allow you to hunt for small game without drawing any attention from other nearby hunters. This is really the best bet if you are looking for your first hunting knife because you get two great weapons for the price of one. These cheap options are great for camping, fishing and hunting and each of the below three knives ticks my criteria for quality and affordability.
Possibly the best multi-tool survival knife that I’ve ever used is the SOG Power Lock Knife that features 10 different tools and is equipped with a sharp stainless steel blade. There are various cheap survival knives in the market but most of them are not built to last and break easily. The survival kit includes matches, fishing line, a hook, needles and thread, a safety pin, and striking paper. Designed for steady and secure handling, the knife is equipped with a ridged, rubberized metal handle. A small knife will not allow you to baton wood of any decent thickness nor will it serve as decent protection or weaponry.
If you are using a knife that is not full tang there is a good chance that with enough pressure it will break.

A Although, there are some exceptions such as the Gerber LMF II, a knife which I do recommend. When straight edge knives get dull they easily become a pain, while the sawing ability of a serrated edge allows them to stay sharp, or at least continue to cut even if they are a little dull. Also, the standard pointed design is a very strong design, which is needed in any survival knife. These can be designed to break glass (usually more pointed), or to be used like a hammer, or both. Before I end this article, I would like to list off a few uses you may need you knife for in a survival situation.
Obviously, having some good firearms is the first step, but there are a lot of great hunting tools that have major advantages over guns. This knife comes with a beautiful black leather sheath and it is a must-have for every prepper that plans to use hunting as a food source in a SHTF situation.
The Gamo Big Cat is heavy duty and has a single cocking system and a comfortable non-slip grid.
There are a few different types of knives you should avoid with regard to tang; partial tang, no tang and A folding knives. Although better than non-tang knives, this small amount of metal does not offer the support needed in many survival situations.
This knife is designed to have the ability to cut through live electrical wire (not ever recommended) and not shock the person holding the knife.
While the sharpener will keep your blade tuned as long as you have it, the flint will give you fire.
This list may open your eyes to the many uses of a survival knife, and may help in yourA decisionA as well. I love that this slingshot has a watertight chamber where you can stow away your ammo or a few small survival supplies while you are hunting. It comes with a nylon sheath that attaches to your belt loop for easy portability on the hunt.
This is a size that is portable but can also serve most other purposes needed in a survival situation. These knife styles all have their place in the knife industry, but when it comes to choosing a quality survival knife that you may trust your life on, go with full tang.
Folding knives are designed for portability and the joint will be the weakest point of the knife. There is a small non-metal gap between the pommel and the knife bladeA towards the end of the knife. Gerber has two knives that include these, they are the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife and the Gerber LMF II.
Best of all, this rifle has 4x magnification on the scope so it’s easy to spot and kill even a small squirrel while you are hiding in the trees. All these knives can be a huge safety issue, especially when you are in a survival situation away from any medical help.
This smallA separationA between the two metal pieces prevents current from running through to the pommel, which the person may be touching. If you find yourself constantly using rope (such as on a boat) you may want to consider picking up a knife with serrations.
Other than a few exceptions, I would ALWAYS recommend that anyone looking for a quality survival knife needs to get one that is full tang. If you do not need to cut much rope then its up to you which would work better for your personal needs. Most are designed to attach to your belt but also can strap to your thigh, lash to a bag and more. From what I have seen and read, most survivalists do tend to go for straight blades though.

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