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We can spend hours looking at pictures and videos of puppies or kittens ogling at their cuteness. Zoologist Konrad Loranz claimed, in 1949, that the typical baby face – big eyes, large heads in comparison to their bodies and small noses, and soft smooth skin turned adults into happy baby-tending machines. Soft smooth fur, big round heads, short limbs, small noses, big clear eyes and clumsiness are characteristics we find “cute” and make us all soft inside. The information and reference materials on this website are intended solely for the informational purposes of the reader. We have accomplished this by utilizing our feeding and care program and feeding all natural Gentle Giants dog food. Because we have been enormously successful in prolonging the healthy, happy lives of our Gentle Giants, we have strict care requirements so that our adopters can hopefully enjoy the same amazing success that we have had. Many people have traditionally left their English Bulldogs outside during the day, and brought them in only at night. We cater to the physical and emotional needs of our English Bulldogs, and they live a lot longer. For example, we allow our English Bulldogs the freedom to go outside whenever they want to, and conversely, the freedom to come back inside whenever they want to.
So, it does take a little extra effort to pay attention to what your English Bulldog is trying to communicate to you. Our English Bulldogs are house dogs, and your English Bulldog should be allowed to stay in your house, whether you are home or not. When we started rescuing English Bulldogs, our dogs were living an average of 7 to 9 years.
All of our English Bulldogs are spayed or neutered at five to six months of age or as soon as we get them after five months of age. Cancer is the #1 killer of dogs, and 85% of all cancers (whether they end up developing in the bones, organs, blood or skin) originate in the reproductive organs. If you want to adopt a dog from us, you must spay or neuter your own dog prior to be approved for adoption. Our dogs are crate trained, but we only use plastic (not metal) crates when our youngest puppies are learning to be housebroken.
Other breeds of dogs have a short, thick inner coat of fur that protects them from the sun.
If someone wants to keep their English Bulldog outside, whether it is during the day or at night, whether they are home or not, we will not adopt to them.
Our care and feeding program has worked magnificently for the thousands of giant breed dogs and many medium and small breed dogs in the last 17 years here where we could see and experience the results first hand. It is our love for these dogs and our total commitment to saving, enriching and lengthening their lives that has provided us with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these magnificent animals.
That is why we do what we do and why we have (what may seem strict to some people) the requirements that we have. You can experience the same or similar results with your English Bulldog by following our feeding and care program and by feeding all natural Gentle Giants dog food to your dog.
We receive dozens of emails regularly from people who have had amazing results from feeding our all natural Gentle Giants dog food and following our feeding and care program that provides their dog with the opportunity to live a much  longer, healthier, happier life. We feed Gentle Giants World Class Canine Cuisine only, because it is highly nutritious with balanced protein and low fat content to be heart healthy.
We elevate all of our food and water bowls at a height so that our dogs don't have to lean down to eat, they just tilt their heads down to eat.
We do not allow our dogs to exercise for 1 hour before and for 1 hour after each feeding - We do not feed for at least 1 hour before and after riding in a vehicle. We have our dogs living far longer than is traditional for our giant breeds and for our medium and smaller breeds. We recommend Gentle Giants World Class Canine Cuisine dog food to maximize the longevity of all dogs. In addition to complying with our minimum requirements, all natural Gentle Giants World Class Canine Cuisine contains 3 protein sources, 9 real garden vegetables, 3 natural fruits, and 4 nutritious grains.
If during this transition period your dog gets loose stool, stop the ratio change until your dog's stool returns to normal. Gentle Giants dog food has only 9% fat content, which does not cause dogs to eat more than they should or more than they need. When dogs are switched from another dog food to Gentle Giants, the conversion period to allowing them to fully self-regulate how much they eat should be several months.
Converting dogs to our way of feeding (5 or more feedings per day), which is how we believe that we are able to help them live considerably longer lives, must be a very gradual process for dogs who have only been fed a high fat content dog food (over 9% fat) and who have only been fed 1 or 2 times a day. We invite you and encourage you to follow our feeding and care techniques and to feed our all natural Gentle Giants dog food to your English Bulldog.

Longevity: Our Physical And Emotional Care Has Doubled The Average Length Of Our Dogs Lives! Your dog can greatly benefit from our all natural dog food and our feeding and care program!
Place a small amount of whatever dog food that you are currently feeding to your dog into the palm of your hand.
For 5 to 10 seconds, use your fingers to rub the dog food firmly back and forth in your palm, then open your hand. Now, test Gentle Giants World Class Canine Cuisine dog food in the same way and your hand won't be sticky.
Outside California: Click here to order Gentle Giants World Class Canine Cuisine dog food for delivery to your home or office. The Sheltie, or Shetland sheepdog, pet needs to be fed a diet intently resembling its native roots within the Shetland Islands.
Based on Per Schonbeck, DVM, the most effective pet meals initially is the meals the breeder supplied the brand new pup through the weaning course of.
Those cute little button noses, big round eyes, clumsy bodies, over-size paws, soft loose fur folds and round fat tummies are simply irresistible.
These infantile features trigger nurturing responses in adults which helped ensure that they cared for their young, ensuring the survival of the species. This information is not intended to diagnose health problems and does not replace the advice, diagnosis or treatment of an eye doctor or medical professional.
This dog breed is well known as playful and cute, but this dog pic proves that they can be adorable when they are tired. Everyone wants their dog to live the longest, healthiest, happiest life, and if you follow our feeding and care program and feed all natural Gentle Giants dog food, you will have the opportunity to love and enjoy your loving canine family member with you as much as twice as long as you might have otherwise.
Spaying (females) and neutering (males) does not only prevent excessive breeding, which, if left unspayed and unneutered, results in so many millions of unwanted dogs that end up in animal shelters each year (most of which are put to death), but, spaying and neutering your English Bulldog at an early age (the optimum age is five to six months) is critical to extend and prolong your dog's life.
So, by spaying or neutering your English Bulldog at an early age, you are giving your dog the gift of a much longer life! When our puppies are housebroken, usually at four to six months of age, we stop using crates. Giant breed dogs and some medium and smaller breeds need to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Because most giant breeds and some medium and small breeds do not have a short, thick inner coat of fur, they should not be allowed to lie out in the sun at all.
Their bodies do not dissipate heat well, and they can get heat stroke, which can cripple them or kill them. In the end, the dogs we adopt have proven to be living longer, happier lives in their new adopted homes, and that has made their adopters happier because their loving canine companions are with them longer. We never leave the food out (free feed) because if dogs have any stress or exercise with food on their stomachs, they can bloat and die.
It is specially formulated with the highest quality all natural USA only ingredients and with the proper balance of protein and fat content to maximize the longevity of all breeds at all ages. It also includes enriched levels of antioxidants (Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene) to help support the immune system, sequestered trace minerals (SQM) for improved mineral bioavailability, and numerous important vitamins and nutrients. Our dog food is designed for all dogs to self-regulate how much they eat, not limit how much they eat. That's how we can present them with more Gentle Giants dog food than we expect them to consume. No change in the amount currently fed until your English Bulldog and your other dogs are 100% on Gentle Giants for 30 days.
When your English Bulldog and other dogs have been eating only Gentle Giants for 30 days, add one additional feeding with the same amount of Gentle Giants as you have been feeding at each meal (ie: if you are feeding your dog 2 cups of Gentle Giants at each meal, then add one more feeding with 2 cups of Gentle Giants) and visually evaluate how your English Bulldog and your other dogs respond.
Continue this partial extra meal until your English Bulldog and other dogs eat their extra meal more normally before increasing the amount given to your dogs.
Based on Sheltie professional William Cusick, a selfmade pure mix of barley, pork, lamb, fish, potatoes, carrots and cabbage is good for Sheltie puppies and mature canines.
Food and Drug Administration regulates all pet meals merchandise offered commercially, labeling necessities and recall data.
Wellness Only for Puppies is rated within the prime 10 of all commercially offered pet meals. The pet meals incorporates 100% nutritious substances with no preservatives or controversial fillers, components, meals coloring or corn syrup.
I mean of course you did or else it wouldn’t be in the top forty holding the number eleven spot.
Next, draw out the shape of those floppy puppy ears as well as the shape of his round face.

You will now finish drawing out the eras by adding the tips and then the front legs and hind legs which are both arched because he is in a sitting position. This is your last drawing step and what you will do is finish drawing out the shape of his face and then draw out the hind paws and paw pads.
Juliane Kaminski, among others, claims that dogs have evolved childlike facial features such as “puppy dog eyes” to influence human preference. No representations are made and no responsibility is assumed for the information contained on this website. Now guys, please be quiet and let this top dog to sleep and rest, because tomorrow is next day. Some people leave their dogs outside day and night, and their dogs usually live even shorter lives. This freedom we give them enriches their emotional needs and their spirit, and they are happier. A significant attribute of our success in increasing the length of their lives is to nurture their needs and instincts, and living inside has shown itself time and again, to be a key ingredient in lengthening their lives.
This is one of the most important things that you can do for your English Bulldog, and it is one of the key things that we do to help our dogs live an average of 14 to 18 years. We feel that it is in the best interest and safety for our dogs and for your dog that you spay or neuter your dog before we adopt a dog to you. Most giant breeds and some medium and small breeds have a single coat of fur, which gives them no protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Interestingly, dogs with inner coats of fur shed all year long, whereas giant breed dogs and some medium and small breeds without the inner coats of fur shed only twice a year. You can read this first hand in the many letters and emails that we have posted on our website. The amounts shown on our dog food bag indicate what you will eventually offer to your English Bulldog and to your other dogs, not what is expected to be consumed by your English Bulldog and other dogs. The FDA rules are based mostly on a mannequin produced by the Affiliation of American Feed Management Officers. Selfmade pet meals or canned pet meals shouldn’t be allowed to face for any vital time period and ought to be thrown away.
I knew that lesson would be very popular because everyone loves learning "how to draw anime cartoon animals", step by step.
Boo has no need for polarized sunglasses designed to be worn over prescription glasses, but Solar Shield just couldn’t resist his cuteness.
Contact your eye doctor or a medical professional directly if you have any questions concerning your eye health or the information contained on this website. Your English Bulldog should live inside your home in the main living area as a member of your family, day and night, and go outside only to eat, to go to the bathroom, for short periods of play, and to be with you and your family whenever you are outside for as long as you are outside. This provides your English Bulldog with increased protection against bloat and torsion, a major killer of giant breed dogs, and a killer of other medium and smaller breeds as well. Always remember that your English Bulldog and your other dogs MUST HAVE NO STRESS AND NO EXERCISE for 1 hour before and for 1 hour after each feeding. William Cusick strongly advises utilizing calcium oyster shell as a result of the Sheltie assimilates this type of calcium. So because I had so much fun with the anime kitty, I thought it would only be fair to do a lesson on "how to draw an anime puppy" step by step. Giant breed dogs and many medium and small breed dogs are not comfortable in crates, and they are not happy in kennels, so we don't use either after four to six months of age. Once the skin cancer develops, the dogs usually develop internal cancerous tumors as well. You will likely be spending far more money, time and aggravation taking your dogs back and forth to veterinarians for expensive treatments.
He discourages using Vitamin C complement as a consequence of issues of liver and kidney harm. Now, the anime puppy that you will learn how to draw 100% matches the kitty in every way, shape, and form. I hope you will all have fun as well on this tutorial of how to draw an anime cartoon puppy step by step. I also have a lesson on how to draw a puppy, and a tutorial on how to draw a dog in a regular form if you want to check those out too. IT IS THE 1ST MANUFACTURER THAT PRODUCED LARGE BREED AND THEY LIVE UP TO THEIR STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE.

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