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Have you ever bought a bag or cans of pet food only to get them home and notice the “Best By” date is already past or is close at hand?
The pet food expiration date is set by manufacturers based on how long the ingredients in the food will last before beginning to degrade. If you have questions regarding a pet food expiration date or pet food storage, contact the manufacturer and they should be able to help.
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Starting around age 7, your senior cat may be undergoing health and lifestyle changes with their weight, skin, joints, teeth or internal organs. High quality ingredients are more digestible which means your cat will absorb more of the nutrients she needs. Senior cats also need an essential amino acid called taurine to help keep their systems functioning at their best, especially if their appetite has decreased with age. Because of slowing metabolisms and activity levels, most older cats tend to need fewer calories and less fat. Weight maintenance formulas can minimize fat and calories as well as provide more digestible proteins and fiber. However, as some cats age, their eating habits and ability to absorb nutrients can change, which may result in weight loss. A preventive dental care routine, which can include specially formulated oral care cat food, can help reduce plaque and prevent gum disease.

In addition to establishing a routine feeding schedule, it's important to always provide clean, fresh water nearby. Because they are family and I care about the health of my family and feed them healthy food, I am very careful about what I feed my pets. Before I purchased a new food for Gabbi I researched it on their website, I found that with Muse you don’t have to choose between natural nutrition and food that tastes great. So this frugal gal grabbed the coupon and headed out. Muse is available exclusively at PetsMart, which was another positive for me!
Before I knew it she had eaten her entire portion and cleaned her plate  ?? She had put Muse to the test and it scored an A+!! These changes require proper nutrition to nourish your cat's needs and help slow the signs of aging, so she can better enjoy her golden years. The fish, poultry or meat found in cat food offers adequate levels of this heart healthy nutrient.
If your senior cat is underweight, consult your veterinarian to rule out any medical conditions and on choosing higher calorie formulas.
Portion-controlled feeding at least twice a day, once in the morning and again at night, can help you keep track of how much she eats.
We have a dog (Joey) and a cat (Gabbi) that are our rescues and part of our little family…see I even give them human names because I really are my fur-babies.
Just look at this kitty condo that Chris built for Gabbi  ?? This thing is a monster, but she loves it!!

I just love shopping at PetsMart for my fur-babies because they have such awesome products!! Our PetsMart has three aisles of cat food and of course it was on the last aisle that I went down!! Remember I also had the coupon for buy three, get three free so after picking up 6 different chicken varieties (Gabbi is picky and only likes chicken), I spent right at $4.
As soon as I opened up the packaging, you could tell that this was a high quality product!!
It was a real treat for her because it tasted so good and for me because I knew it was a natural, quality food product for her.
You would figure that all the Purina cat food products would be together, but they are not! Put Muse to the test with our clean plate guarantee.” I also found the following out about about this high quality cat food which helped me realize that it was an easy choice for me!
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