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This sector is involved with gathering the raw materials from which everything else is made. Fishing ships and boats use computerised sonar devices to find shoals of fish, and global positioning systems to navigate the seas. Many centuries ago a lot of these types of industry used simple tools, then during the Industrial Revolution mechanical tools were invented to make life easier. Robots are used to do the welding, painting and other processes involved in car manufacture.
The method of choice for determining whether an individual is DUIdriving under the influence or DWI driving while intoxicated is the Breathalyzer, for which a patent was issued to R. I’m often asked about colour mixing and I try to explain a few simple facts about the subject but it’s a topic that is both huge and small at the same time…..
The 3 colours that were the result of mixing two Primary colours are called Secondary colours. During your experiments with colour mixing (as per this document) you will have seen lots of versions of, for example, orange. If we observe the gradual change from colour to colour around a colour wheel we can see almost a “Rainbow” effect. This observation is very important because it highlights one more very important mixing principle and that is how to make your mix darker. You will quickly discover that both red and blue are very “powerful” colours and that yellow is a “weak” colour ie the smallest bit of red into a yellow mix will greatly change the colour from yellow to orange.
For example, when mixing orange, create a puddle of yellow and then add tiny amounts of red.
It’s always been a mixing nightmare to start with the powerful colour (eg red) and then find that you need to add a bucket full of yellow before the correct orange is achieved. This will be a very valuable lesson and will help to not only avoid frustration but will aid in actually achieving the colour that you want.
You’d notice that the colour proceeded to get paler and paler until you were just painting on clear water.

In reality you can create very successful paintings with just one colour if tonal values are correctly used but will meet with little success using a full range of colour if tone isn’t correctly observed. This document should be viewed as a starting point, not comprehensive and will cause raised eyebrows amongst the trained artist fraternity.
Paper records were originally handwritten, then machinery such as the typewriter and calculator made paperwork quicker and more efficient. Of course you can mix all proportions of, for example, yellow and blue resulting in different versions of a green. If you’d mixed more red in you will have created a “Reddish orange” and if there were more yellow the result would have been…….. This colour wheel shows exactly the same information as the previous ones, the inner portions show the primary colours, the next ring out shows the secondary colours and the extreme outer ring shows more gradually changing mixes.
If you start with a pool of red and start adding yellow then you’ll find that you’ll need to add huge amounts to turn the red into orange. Remember that if you don’t add enough red the first time that you can always add another tiny amount until you get the mix that you want. You probably now have enough to paint the Sistine Chapel but you only wanted sufficient to cover a few square centimetres.
The one shown here is a painting that I did of Eilean Donan Castle where only one colour but lots of tone was used. After you’ve gone to all this trouble to mix exactly the correct colour for your needs then make very sure that you have enough of it.
I have no formal training in painting or colour theory but I have lashed together this document to capture my thoughts and observations on the subject.
We cannot create these colours from other colours but if you start with these 3 colours you can mix an almost infinite number of other colours eg Green, Orange & Purple. These subtle changes in colour are the results of ever more fine additions of the adjacent primary colour to the existing colour. In a perfect world, with perfectly created primary colours; the result of mixing all three primary colours together would be to create black.

We can also see the results of mixing the two adjacent primary colours to create 3 secondary colours ie orange, green and purple. The same holds true of orange (made from red & yellow) just add a touch of blue to darken it back.
As a guide only, considering their strength as being a value out of ten, then yellow can be considered as being at power level 3, Blue at power level 7 and red being at power level 8. There may well be people who will take me to task for some of the information in here but this is only meant to be a starting point. A yellowish orange.All this make perfect sense when you see another, slightly more complex colour wheel.
We also know that when we mixed the green we used just two of the primary colours…….so what’s missing from a “dark”? You will notice that this same effect isn’t as easily seen when attempting to darken purple because not only is purple already quite dark, yellow is a “weak” colour…… but it will work if you add enough of it. You also know what that if you play with the proportions of 2 Primary Colours you will create Tertiary Colours. The internet is packed with tutorials on the subject and you will find that “Google” and “YouTube” will be invaluable. You could anticipate that if you mix yellow with red  then you’d need 2 or 3 times as much yellow than the red for it to have an equal impact on the resulting mix.
We have discussed what happens when the third colour is added and how that addition will lead to darkening the mix.

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