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A broadcast pro who has informed and entertained on radio and television for over a decade. The interim directors of LAUSD’s Facilities and Food Services divisions were appointed by the school board Tuesday to the permanent posts.
In line with its previous commitments to balanced nutrition, the Los Angeles school board voted Tuesday to implement one of the largest and most comprehensive food procurement polices of any school district.
California governor, Jerry Brown, motivated Democrats, especially Latino and young voters, behind California’s Proposition 30.
LAUSD PRESS: Statement from School Board Member Bennett Kayser Regarding Budget After Passage of Prop. The Division of Special Education has been reorganized in alignment with the District’s ESC structure. The Due Process, Related Services, Compliance, Charter, and Private School units will continue to provide their services and functions as they have in the past.
After hearing the inspirational talks, the students were treated to two videos, one video was about the Iron Mountain Company and the other one was about Mr. Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE:IRM) helps organizations around the world reduce the costs and risks associated with information protection and storage. The sheet music was covered with musical notes, but the fifth-graders in Linda Mouradian’s advanced violin class saw them as the ingredients for a fruit salad.
California started the anti-tax revolution, but after years of budget cuts and surging deficits, voters reversed course by asking for higher taxes, hoping to help their schools.
Universal Studios Hollywood and Operation School Bell make it a Big Day of Giving for 200 LAUSD Homeless Students!
On Thursday, November 8th, Operation School Bell and Universal Studios Hollywood partnered to provide uniforms and free park admittance to 200 LAUSD Homeless students from 30 schools!
Homeless students get a day to remember thanks to Operation School Bell and Universal Studios Hollywood. After his sophomore year at Banning High in Wilmington, Oscar Natividad pretty much stopped attending, opting to stay home and draw - or do a little tagging, truth be told. Larry Kurzweil scratched his head as he tried to find shoes that fit the 10-year-old boy in the chair. The tax-raising ballot initiative that voters approved on Election Day has just been passed, but some Californians will feel its impact right away. The LAUSD proudly recognizes Veronica Marquez from Harmony Elementary School as a 2013 California Teacher of the Year winner. She was selected as one of five outstanding educators by the state Department of Education.
Marquez has taught multiple subjects, Gifted and Talented Education, Sheltered English Immersion, and bilingual education at Harmony Elementary School since 1999. With a financial catastrophe averted by the passage of Proposition 30, Los Angeles Unified officials said Wednesday they’ll begin looking for ways to restore some of the personnel and programs lost during five years of budget cuts. Franklin High School is hosting its annual food drive, and is looking for both volunteers to donate food and time, and families who are in need. The Miseducation of the California Housing Market: 3 Reasons Why California Housing Still Has 3 Years Before Hitting a Bottom. So assuming that the 4th quarter GDP is negative which all signs point to this, the recession will have officially started in July of 2008.  Meaning, peak unemployment will not hit until the middle to late 2010 assuming the recession is done quickly (which I doubt).  Now given that California is more reliant on housing, how long will it take us to bottom out? How can you even begin thinking there is a bottom when we are entering the slow selling season and the number of sales is less than the number of distress properties coming onto the market? Even if folks start today (good luck with our negative savings rate) they would have enough in maybe 3 years.  At that rate they would need to save $797 a month to have the downpayment. If you enjoyed this post click here to subscribe to a complete feed and stay up to date with today’s challenging market! I am definitely rooting for the bubble to collapse for a while, although unlike a natural bubble collapse this doesn’t fair as well, cause its so tied to how much we save and spend. All I can say growing up in California is that none of that real estate plagued with fires, earthquakes, unrest, and pollution is worth anything near what it is at today. I’m continually wondering why the analyses of where the home market will bottom out always starts with the high point in 2005-06 and estimate down.
The chart would have an x-axis (time) displaying the years 1970 to 2009 (better 2010) at a minimum. Being over 50 and having grown up in California, I’ve observed firsthand how housing got out of hand. Now we see the first signs that a majority of the population, instead of being benefited from increasing values, is in reality being hurt by those unrealistic valuations. The biggest reason California housing is unstable and unaffordable is the undertaxation of real estate. Nationwide, there is a strong correlation between property tax rates and housing affordability. Texas, which has high property taxes and low taxes on productivity, has the most affordable housing in the nation, despite their strong population growth. The day of reckoning for global total debt – total credit market debt up from $28 trillion in 2001 to $53 trillion in 2012. The compression of generations – 25 million adults live at home with parents because they’re unemployed or underemployed. Occidental Dissent is reporting that Whites and Asians are paying the taxes in California whereas African-Americans and Hispanics are committing a disproportionate amount of crime in California.
This also means that White and Asian taxpayer dollars are paying for the massively overcrowded California prison system. Given the commitment of DWLs to Black Run America, Occidental Dissent is urging Asian Americans to lead the revolt against the Hispanicization of California.

Update: In 1967, California spent $839,631,000 on criminal justice expenditures, which includes law enforcement, prosecution, public defense, courts, and corrections.
Just looking at these pie charts, we can see that African-Americans and Hispanics are committing around 65 percent of the crime in California.
If we assume there is racial parity in the total costs to California, that means at least $22,823,998,600 was squandered in 2008 just on the criminal justice sector for African-Americans and Hispanics.
These mandatory cuts in diversity would allow California to lower taxes and attract back the millions of White taxpayers who have fled the state. Can the graphics people who make these charts use a grey background then a white slice for Whites, black slice for Blacks, brown for Hispanics, yellow for Asians and maybe pink for gays?
Don’t forget, it is now common practice to count Hispanic criminals as White whenever possible.
I lived in Southern California, in the San Fernando Valley, and in the 1980s, 80% of the victims of violence, either crime or accident, were Mexican or El Salvadorean. Even then, many people involved in these debates don’t understand the fundamentals of statistics well enough to follow along.
Doesn’t it makes sense, then, to cut those who can’t follow these basic ideas out of the discussion, and out of the decision making process?
A surprising number of whites have trouble understanding any kind of per capita argument; for most blacks, it might as well be quantum theory. Under the mindless diversity catastrophe, California has plummeted from world’s seventh most prosperous economy to something like fifteenth now in a few short years.
This is more empirical evidence that a public demographic diversification policy and the resulting welfare state burden is terrible for long term business prospects in such areas. Investors would be wise to watch for the growth of the diversity complex in prospective regions or cities and avoid making any serious commitments therein. Under the mindless diversity catastrophe, California has plummeted from world’s seventh most prosperous economy to something like fifteenth now in a few short years. California’s average annual growth exceeded that of the USA as a whole over the last decade. Isn’t there a better use of your time than posting patently false or misleading arguments on WN blogs? The simple fact that FBI Most Wanted lists in the worst imminvaded states are overwhelmingly mestizo names makes it as clearcut as anyone could possibly want to make it.
Before you spew, explain how Gaspar Loya, Rene Morales of the Texas Mexican Mafia, Javier Morin, Ricardo Zuniga of the Barrio Azteca gang, Ernesto Alonzo Garcia, and Alfonzo Gomez Quiroz, are White, according to the State of Texas. You made a great start but you should have plotted the crime rate for each race for each type of crime. BTW, you should use skin colors for each race for the pie chart, white for Whites, brown for Hispanics, Yellow for Orientals, black for Negroes etc.
I wonder what the charts would look like if they used other factors instead of race such as income level, level of education, political party, age, etc. California Criminal: The same qualities that lead one to crime, which are stupidity, shortsightedness, and lack of self control, also prevent one from learning an employable skill and earning any money. The white man keepin us down bra, my great-great-great-grandad wus a slave so now I gotsta supplement my gubment handouts any way I can yamean???
White women who marry a black husband increase their chances of being a victim of spousal homicide by 12.4 times. WHEN THE TOTAL POPULATION OF BLACKS IS 5.9% in the entire state while commiting an average of 30% of all crimes, THAT is a very disproportionate number to the total population. If you eliminate the females, males under 15 and the elderly over 55 from the crime stats the ratios of minority crime soar. Thank you Hunter for these stats…I have believed these statistics to be true as a radio news reporter for years. As part of the 2013-14 Budget, the State of California enacted a new system for funding education called the “Local Control Funding Formula”.
While the stated funding formula sounds like an improvement over California’s old system of education funding; it cannot meet its constitutional obligation to provide a basic education for EVERY student if the Base Funding Grant is set so low that it fails to cover the cost of an adequate education for EVERY student, irrespective of an individual students wealth, race or ethnicity. Additional funding that is based on the percentage of students in the District that are English Language Learners, Receiving Free and Reduced Lunch, or are in Foster Care. The Concentration Grant provides additional money for Districts that have “targeted” students that exceed 55% of a Districts student population. Districts with low percentages of English Language Learners and poor are being funding by the Base Grant alone, therefore the Base Grant has to be increased to a level that is sufficient to provide an adequate education for all students as required by the California Constitution and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Under the Local Control Funding Formula, total Per Pupil Funding in the Capistrano Unified School District was $6,773 in 2012-13 and is currently $7,002 per student with the expectation that funding will grow to $8,973 by 2021. To put that number into perspective CUSD is currently receiving $2,499 per student less then California’s current average per pupil spending of $9,501 and $4,224 per student less than the current national average of $11,226. If CUSD were to be funded at the California State Average, CUSD would receive an additional $132 million dollars per year in revenue. If CUSD were funded at the National average, CUSD would receive an additional $224 million dollars per year in revenue. The State of California uses its students to generate tax revenue for education then chooses to spend that money on everything but students. Filed Under: Stephen Frank's California Political News And Views About Stephen FrankStephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views.
This article was written by me on August 13, 2015 and should be appropriately credited as such. 12, 2012) - The financing of the Los Angeles Unified School District is reinvigorated by several recent events, primary among them is the passage of Proposition 30.
All inquiries regarding Special Education from parents and schools should go through the new Call Center at (213) 241-6701.

She also has extensive experience providing staff development, mentorships, and training for other teachers. Marquez has made a remarkable journey as a child from the inner city and then decided to stay in her community to help lift other children out of lives of poverty and despair,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson. Being that I was born and raised in San Francisco the price of homes in SF were never attainable by the average individual.
The higher the property taxes on unmortgaged properties, the more affordable the housing stock. Austin, the least affordable city in Texas, is still more affordable than Bakersfield, the most affordable city in California. An enormous amount of money in California is being stolen from White and Asian taxpayers for it can be squandered on idle African-American and Hispanic prisoners in jail.
These cuts would have a cascading effect across the welfare state as EBT cards, TANF welfare, CHIP, Medicaid, Section 8 housing and access to emergency rooms without health insurance are taken to account.
I well remember a radio debate with a black about crime, in which I pointed out that blacks are more likely than whites to be charged with hate crimes. Each white offense percentage is lower than or equals the total white percentage in the whole state while each black crime percentage is higher than the total percentage of the black population in the entire state.
He is forcing the wealthy and the middle class to subsidize the health care of the poor and illegal aliens.
Better yet, parents should receive vouchers and decide for their children what is the best education opportunity. The formula replaces revenue limits and most categorical programs with a universal “Base Grant”, and then provides significantly more funding for English learners and low-income students. Targeted students are: English Language Learners, receiving Free and Reduced Lunch, or are in Foster Care. The law cannot discriminate against students simply because they happen to live in a wealthy suburban school district.
Parents if you are not a voice for your children at School Board Meeting,s and you are not a voice for your children during elections then expect more tax increases and your child to fail in school.
Jerry Brown has agreed to repeal the so-called maximum family grant policy that prohibits people from receiving increased welfare income if they have more children while receiving public assistance.
She received her Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development Certificate from UCLA Extension, and her Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at Los Angeles Unified School District, District Intern Program. You had to give in to a lifetime of servitude in order to even attempt to own property in San Francisco. Rather, why not look at median home prices in 1999-2000 and simply figure a 4.5-5% annual rate of increase to 2008. It just didn’t make sense that I was not even close to being able to afford a basic home here, despite having a good engineering job and working spouse. Low taxes on real estate are also offset by high taxes on everything else, driving jobs out of the state. He laughed dismissively and, to my surprise, said he had the FBI hate crimes report with him (I was on air by telephone, so could not see the others on the program).
Eastern Ohio river towns, Bellaire, Bridgeport, Martins Ferry, Stubenville, et al, nicely diversified.
Spouse homicide incidence rates were 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages relative to intraracial marriages. In California our confused Guv Brown is using the financing of government schools to do the same.
Otherwise, government education is based on racism, corruption and the lowest common denominator.
That equates to about 45-50% increase over the 2000 price – analogous to starting with the dealer’s cost and negotiating up! And, until home prices equalize with the reality of true income prices will continue to slide. He triumphantly read out that blacks committed only 22 percent of hate crimes, while whites committed more than 60 percent. He is using the State education financing formula to give more money to poor (and incompetently run) school districts.
Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, who spearheaded the four-year effort to repeal maximum family grants.During a wave of welfare crackdowns in the 1990s, California and other states capped benefits for families. After a few minutes of trying to explain that this figure proved my point — that 22 percent is greater than the proportion of blacks in the population — I gave up. That is forcing the wealthy districts to pass parcel taxes and school bonds to pay for the out of control pension systems and hopefully a few bucks left over for education.
And- did anyone tell you we have 200 “New Comers?” These “New Comers are now #1 in the LCAP and tonights Board Agenda is full of contracts to provide one on one tutoring for students. HUMMMM Please write and let me know if your student gets a free tutor at $60 – 80 per hour. She cites research suggesting women who lack economic opportunities see no reason to delay motherhood."Sure, they can keep handing out money for additional children, but it's not really helping children and it isn't helping families," Theroux said. And who's going to wait?" Thorp said.Thorp was subject to the family cap when she had the youngest of her three daughters.

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