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Seven projects meant to change the face of Calcutta are entangled in a web of land politics and pandering. Cities across India are fast transforming into better places to live in but Calcutta is struggling to get a bridge built here or a Metro running there.
Delhi had built 190km of Metro rail tracks crisscrossing the city in less than 15 years, the first phase of 65km being completed three years ahead of schedule in 2006.
In Calcutta, four Metro projects have been derailed by “local problems” linked to land in some way or the other. On Wednesday, junior rail minister Adhir Chowdhury expressed disappointment that only 27km of Metro tracks had been built in the city since the 1980s. The state government this week held out hope for the obstacle-ridden Metro projects by agreeing to remove encroachments holding up one of them at the earliest.
Land lock: At Duttabad in Salt Lake, settlers have held up work on 12 piers along a 365-metre stretch.
Political pandering: Calcutta High Court has cleared the decks for the acquisition of land in Bowbazar but the state government seems reluctant to do so.
Pullout and compensation claim: Gammon has pulled out of the Duttabad stretch and the invitation for fresh bids has had to be extended by a month after a solitary firm responded to the tender notice. Land lock: The Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority failed to hand over land at several sites to construction company HCC within the deadline. Compensation claim: HCC has asked for Rs 226 crore in compensation for cost escalation caused by the delay in providing land. Land lock: Route alignment between Mominpur and BBD Bag yet to be finalised because land hasn’t been made available at several points along the 9km stretch. Decision delay: At Joka, a 25-hectare plot meant for the proposed maintenance depot and acquired by the Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd still houses 166 families who haven’t been rehabilitated by the state government.
Lack of interest at Writers’: State government bothered little about the need to relocate the settlers.
Also, around 500 families that have encroached on land near Dakshineswar are yet to be removed by the state government. Land lock: The CMC has promised to hand over land on a crucial stretch near the Parama island but permission is awaited from several other agencies on other stretches .

Lack of interest at Writers’: The CMC has yet to give formal clearance to the Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd along EM Bypass near Parama island.
Land lock: Contractors not getting permission to barricade long stretches for construction in the congested stretch near Posta.
Lack of interest at Writers’: Removal of underground utility lines like water, electricity and telephone yet to be done. Untouched for almost seven decades, the tunnel used in the Great Escape has finally been unearthed. Despite huge interest in the subject, encouraged by the film starring Steve McQueen, the tunnel remained undisturbed over the decades because it was behind the Iron Curtain and the Soviet authorities had no interest in its significance. But at last British archaeologists have excavated it, and discovered its remarkable secrets. Many of the bed boards which had been joined together to stop it collapsing were still in position.
Not in any way meant to diminish the great sacrifices of that generation, but as balance that generation also swore undying allegiance to Roosevelt's New Deal which set in motion today's welfare state, gave wholehearted support to the labor movement even in the face of massive corruption, and supported the Democratic party even after the party turned its back on the hallmark characteristic of that generation, personal responsibility.
To this day most of the greatest generation's living yellow dog democrats are still voting democrat. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has convened a multi-agency meeting on July 17 to chart the course of action.
The alignment of the underground tracks from Howrah Maidan to Central hasn’t been finalised because the government won’t acquire land earmarked in the original plan. Afcons, which has been contracted to build tunnels between Howrah Maidan and Central through the Hooghly, has sought Rs 257 crore in compensation from the Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation for the delay. A committee headed by PWD secretary Indevar Pandey will examine HCC’s claim and decide how much the state government should pay or whether a fresh tender should be floated to complete the remaining work.
Stations between Joka and Taratala can’t be built until the Calcutta Municipal Corporation shifts drainage and water pipes.
The CMC was supposed to hand over the old pipeline along BT Road that runs 12.5km from the Dunlop crossing till Barrackpore, by August 2012. A water body near New Garia station where three to four pillars have to be built is yet to be handed over to railways as the case is pending in court.

After sitting on the NOC (no-objection certificate) since December, mayor Sovan Chatterjee assured Metro on Tuesday it would be given “immediately”. And the ventilation shaft, ingeniously crafted from used powdered milk containers known as Klim Tins, remained in working order.
They valued rigid loyalty to the exclusion of flexible adaptation and it resulted in undermining the institutions for which that had sacrificed so much. I see the sacrifices made by the greatest generation and blind loyalty they had for the government that took advantage of them. LBJ is the one who really screwed things up when he was able to gather the sheeple for a second time. Two acres in Bowbazar haven’t been acquired yet and land for the proposed Mahakaran station on Brabourne Road hasn’t been handed over.
All the proposed stations up to Taratala along with the maintenance depot in Joka are stuck for the same reason. The alignment between Mominpur and BBD Bag hasn’t been finalised apparently because the mint in Taratala overlaps that stretch. Almost eight months have passed since the Tallah-Palta pipeline that replaced the old one was inaugurated by chief minister Mamata Banerjee but the railways is still waiting for the handover. The line needs to be diverted at this stretch from the centre of the Bypass because of the Parama island flyover. Scattered throughout the tunnel, which is 30ft below ground, were bits of old metal buckets, hammers and crowbars which were used to hollow out the route. The Calcutta Port Trust hasn’t handed over land and the defence ministry isn’t granting permission to build tracks through the Maidan.

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