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It’s always great to have a fun activity to help learn new names the first week of school, both for you and for your other students. A few years ago my friend Elizabeth Rupert introduced me to a singing and movement game that I use every year. You begin with a steady pattern on the piano that’s based on the I- IV-V chords (easy enough for anybody to play).
Have the students stand and step in place on the low notes, and then snap over their heads on the higher notes.
Continue by adding locomotor movement, having the children step in any direction on the low notes, but continue to freeze and snap the high notes.
Once the kids show some proficiency with hearing the variation in ranges and responding with appropriate movement, add in the name game.

The final variation on this has the teacher choose one child whose name they will say on the high notes, and that child then steps and says another child’s name on the next high notes. Joann Long Benson has taught vocal music K-5 for more than 20 years in the Carroll County (MD) public school system.
If you’re a vocal music teacher, that’s what you’re facing if you’re working in a new school. Even if you and the children have been in the same school for years there are always new kids who need to become part of the music gang.
It’s called the “Popcorn Name Game,” and it’s very easy to learn and use, and easy to customize as well. Vary the pattern as you like to mess with them a little bit—tuning up those hearing skills .

Here, the students step as before on the low notes, and freeze and say a classmate’s name (any classmate) on the higher notes.
In addition to performing for the 476 students in her school, she accompanies the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County, and has in the past enjoyed climbing into the pit to be rehearsal pianist and music director for several local college shows. Benson has worked for her beloved Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, writing curriculum and teacher study packets to accompany the Youth Concert series.

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