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25 centuries after Lao-tsu wrote this poem, a business professor named Jim Collins set out to find what makes a great company.  He and his team of students analyzed over 1,400 firms and selected 11 companies that had gone from performing well to become truly great.
Collins and his team developed a hierarchy of leadership capability and put Level 5 at the top.  Leaders do not need to progress through the levels sequentially, but the model Collin’s team outlined explains that Level 5 Leaders are capable at all four of the other levels, as well as Level 5.
Leaders who find their picture on the cover of magazines and websites like Forbes, Business Week, and Fortune are often Level 4 Leaders.
Know your strengths and limitations.  Level 5 Leaders have a great deal of self-confidence, and are secure enough to share leadership with others who have strengths in areas where they aren’t as strong.

Take time to think about the kind of leader you want to become.  Do you want to be praised?
For 40 years, LRW has been asking so what?® to help our clients use market research to have significant business impact. This provided their organizations with a self-sustaining internal pipeline of leadership that lasted decades. One who knows that when the job is done, his or her followers will feel the pride and ownership of having accomplished something really great, all by themselves.

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