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The Equality and Diversity toolkit is a free software toolkit to assist Welsh Small and Medium enterprises to develop equality and diversity strategies and action plans. Having an equality and diversity statement and action plan these days is seen as a basic requirement for enterprises, not just for the wellbeing of their staff, but also as an integral part of tendering for grants and funding. Developing an Equality and Diversity policy can be a daunting task, particularly for smaller enterprises who may not have access to an equality and diversity specialist, and who may not understand some of the precise terms used in the field.
The Seren Equality and Diversity (E&D) Toolkit has been developed specifically with smaller organisations, social enterprises and third sector organisations in mind. By developing this easy to use tool, it is hoped that the GRC’s Seren project will be of direct benefit to Welsh SMEs striving to improve or adopt equality and diversity policies and furthermore, will increase the competitive edge of Welsh enterprises through diverse thinking. My name is Sonja Kuch and I work as a Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager in Dusseldorf. I graduated from European Business Studies and hold different positions in International Marketing and Market Research within Henkel. My name is Katrin Springob and I am Head of Talent Management in Asia Pacific as well as Diversity & Inclusion Expert and Social Progress Ambassador for this region. Diversity at work for me is working with people that all have their individual backgrounds, stories, thoughts, wants and needs. Inclusion brings these different people with their special resources together to form ONE team. Kirsten Sanchez Marin – I graduated in International Business Administration and started working life as a Financial Controller. Diversity includes all elements that make each of us unique, our gender, cultural background, age, but also our opinions, experiences, perspectives and life situations.
My name is Beatrix Eigner and I am Junior HR Business Partner Beauty Care CEE as well as Diversity & Inclusion Expert. Diversity means for me having a team with people with different age, gender, cultures, approaches etc.
Inclusion means for me bringing the different people together and to set up a community without any biases or restrictions. All these characteristics make each one unique and consequently can make a difference in creating an innovative competitive environment. For me inclusion is about recognizing and employing these characteristics and differences in a harmonized environment.

Inclusion is create a best environment to really involve, respect and engage all diverse people, recognizing how rich is our differences of ideas and backgrounds. My name is Narjess Ben Amar, I am a Talent, Leadership & Learning Manager for the Maghreb region at Henkel. The mix of different people that we have in our workforce: the variety  of nationality, gender, age, culture, mindset, talent, and language which is the key driver of Henkel’s competitive success. With difference, we create healthy environment where everyone feels valued and their contributions are appreciated.
Henkel Iberica has been again recognized for its commitment in the equal treatment for men and women at work.
Cegos and E&T Awards 2015 honors the best Spanish initiatives in HR in the fields of innovation, best practices, added value and market differentiation. This new recognition awards the successful work carried out by Henkel Equality Commission in Spain and the Equality Plan developed in 2010. Several Spanish institutions such as the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality have recognized the outstanding task achieved by Henkel Equality Commission. These accomplishments are other proof points of Henkel Iberica continuing efforts to promote diversity in its teams and the ability to embed Diversity & Inclusion in our global corporate culture.
Templates available on the internet are not generally tailored for the needs of the specific enterprise.
The toolkit is simple, easy to use and can help an organisation to develop an equality and diversity policy tailored for their requirements in key policy areas. It is to provide equal opportunities to everyone by respecting the different backgrounds and skills. The ever evolving composition of differing perspectives and elements leads to special qualities and resources that make our collaboration and team work great. It does not only mean to be aware of and accept differences without any bias, but to embrace them them as value-adding qualities within a group – as well as to leverage them for the good of the overall team. It is about appreciating our differences, embracing the diversity of our people, of every person and every perspective. Everybody should respect and accept the others as they are and try to learn as much as possible from each other. I’m a psychologist, I took a post graduated in Art Therapy and a specialization in Psychodrama.

For me, inclusion is about focusing on the needs of every individual and ensuring  the right conditions are in place for each person to achieve his or her full potential. Since then, the plan is implementing several actions related to equal treatment for men and women at work. Henkel owns the seal of “Equality in the company” for the strong commitment with its employees since 2010. Main Lecture Theatre 5pm - 6pmThe Revd Canon Mike Williams who has been involved in community and inter-faith work for most of his working life. In this one, my thesis was “The professional role of women: reflection of the adequacy in relation to the social roles” at PUC, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
I am very exited to be responsible for diversity and inclusion, as both of these topics are a part of my life. And diversity means a commitment of the company to recognizing,  respecting and appreciating the variety of all these characteristics that make each individual unique.
He was in Liverpool in the build-up to the Toxteth riots and then set up an Urban Studies Unit in Gateshead. From one side, I have personal experience to live in countries with very different cultures, mind set,  life styles and business styles, like Russia, Japan and now Austria. He set up a number of inter-faith courses and studies both in Durham and also when he was Principal of the Northern Ordination Course.
And from the other side, being myself a working mother of 2 kids, I respect and fully share our Company’s commitment to inclusion on work. He became Vicar of Bolton Parish Church and was instrumental in formally setting up Bolton Interfaith Council.Imam Qari Muhammad Asim is an Imam of a Mosque in Leeds and Senior Associate in a top law firm.
He was awarded an MBE last year for his ground-breaking initiatives in enhancing community relations and for his work in engaging young people. For example, when in London after the bombings he held an open day at his Hyde Park mosque to try to enhance community relations. The session will include case studies and personal accounts from those experiencing mental health conditions.

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